Rosmi & Friends

  • I'm right here! :8

    I just thought that I should really look here more often. Do you check regularly?


  • @anna
    i am thinking I should start check more often
    althought my team sucks and i should hide... :-[

    where are you now?


  • You definetly should look more often! We all should. ;-)

    What's wrong with Leverkusen? They were a lot better last season. I was really hoping they would win the Meisterschaft instead of stupid Dortmund. 8-)

    I'm still studying, just writing my Bachelor thesis. But I'll continue with the Master, so there's no light in the tunnle yet. ;-)
    What about you? Finished universtiy? Planning to leave Greece?


  • we just enjoy being losers i guess... :(

    at the moment i am doing my master thesis, while i am trying to decide which field i am gonna choose for phd
    i am in athens currently, but there is no way i am staying here for phd...

    and you? are you thinking of staying in germany for the master or you want to study abroad?


  • I think losers is too hard. You're not that bad. There's still some hope, Leverkusen will get on the right way.

    Master thesis sounds good, you moved to Athens for that? So you want to stay in Greece or maybe move to Germany? Maybe in Wuppertal? :p

    I'll stay in Germany, because it doesn't make many sense for my studies to go abroad. Since I chose to study german tax laws. But I hope to be able to work abroad some time, I finished university. That'd be awesome.