Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • deisel : Almost completely agree with you.

    Butt is a great keeper but he is far too inconsistent to be named worldclass. Van Buyten is a great defender if we are ahead as he is great at heading and using his physical body to take the ball away from opponents. However, he is very slow and he has been exposed many times by Fiorentina's speedy winger/striker such as Jovetic and Vargas. Demichelis is far off this season from consistency, but he is probably still the most talented central defender in our team. On the left side, just relying on Contento or Alaba just doesnt cut it yet. Van Bommel might be well for another year or so but from looking at his age, he needs a replacement probably by the end of the season. Gomez or Klose or even Toni doesnt cut it as worldclass striker for now. They are too slow and doesnt break through defenders thats why they are unable to score many goals this season if they dont have the cover of Ribery or Robben.

    Personally, I think Torres is worldclass but he could be a bit too expensive for us, but in my mind, Bayern can definitely sign players in the 25-35mil Euros range, so i think players like Mata or even Jovetic can add value up front for us. I think either player will not cost more than 30mil Euros if not only 25mil Euros at max. By selling both Toni and Klose, we should be able to generate about 10mil Euros back. So that could help us to finance the buy of Jovetic

    In goal, I think Buffon is a worldclass keeper but there are fans that believes that he wont sell out Juventus. If that is the case, I suggest we could try Neuer or Alder. Both of them are talented local keeper and can improve throughout practice and time here. Beside, both value will dramatically decrease as Neuer's contract is running out by the end of 2011 and could join here for free as well as Alder.

    For defenders, unforunately, Breno is out for 5 months, so I guess we might have to give him more time to prove himself at Nurnberg before thinking of starting here. Unless we are selling Demichelis, I dont see us buying more than 1 central defender as Van Buyten and Badstuber will be up in the line. I think we should spend 15-20mil Euros on a central defender but a worldclass one. I was thinking of Chillieni or Kjaer etc. And Badstuber can play on the left side where I still believe he pass much better and safer there as well as his crossing and speed can help out offensively.

    For midfielders, I think the only position that we could add here is Van Bommel's departure if he does join other clubs after his season here. Otherwise, we should have enough creative players there such as Ribery, Robben, Kroos, Sosa and Mueller and then in defensive side, we have Schweinstger, Pranjic, Tymoshchuk and even Ottl. So I guess we could wait until the season ends to see if Van Bommel will renew. If yes, then we dont need to add much here.


  • Yep - I agree :D

    I mentioned Torres as an example of the quality we should be looking at. I doubt he would leave Liverpool in any case although my thoughts are that, it depends a lot on the future of the coach which at the moment is precarious due to the lack of success this year. They are similar to us in a lot of way's, they depend largely on two players, Gerard & Torres, without them they struggle.

    We need a super start striker, one that will have a presance on teh field in the top CL games, not just the BL. Gomez will chip in with circa 20 goals in the BL but will always struggle in the CL unless he improves considerably. It's so frustrating watching them lose possesion time & time again and that's not to mention the chances he misses.

    I'm not sure why Van Gaal didn't go for Varmaelen before he left for Arsenal.

    We def need a top class CB & a GK and a striker to lift our chances of CL success.

    I would like to see Neuer join us but I'm not convinced he will leave Schalke.


  • Agree about not winning CL in the next few seasons..if we keep with same transfer policies, not buying players wisely...then...we cant think about it


  • For now, Ribery is opened of either staying at Bayern or leaving us at the end of the summer. I think for now, he will put less weight on Real Madrid's transfer but Barcelona and Chelsea still available and maybe even Man City if they are able to grab the fourth CL spot.

    I read from 4-4-2, Bayern could be considering of swapping Gomez for Eto from Inter. Eto is definitely a worldclass striker when he is on top form and you can see from his days in Barcelona and even Inter occasionally these days.

    We definitely need a quality strikers for next season. Hopefully, we could sign either Dzeko or Eto for Gomez


  • I read that Ribéry needed a pre-match pain-killing injection due to an ankle problem before the Viola match. Worrying!? Maybe Franck is satisfying to stay at Bayern because his physical situation is some what unstable!?


  • Beside, there arent many clubs that could provide financial and sportsman perspective that Bayern can provide. I would say only Chelsea, Man Utd and Barecelona are more consistent than us in Champion League for the past few seasons. Liverpool and AC Milan are already down the rank these few years. Maybe Inter will be on the same level with us as well. So I dont believe Ribery has much choice.

    In addition, if we are able to secure a worldclass striker and central defender in the coming seasons. I think we will have a great team to compete in Champion League with our existing players and talents


  • I dont think Barcelona can afford to lure Ribery away. It will either be Chelsea or Man City, which Bayern might agree to sell Ribery to. But I think the chance of Ribery staying today is much higher than leaving


  • I know Man City have big bucks but they are far from a great team, so far .............
    Man Utd, Chelsea or Barca would probably be the only teams to lure our magician away. Hopefully he will stay


  • its in the news that Ballack still didnt get a deal with chelsea, they want to lower his salaray and give him a one year contract, while he is looking for two years and without lowering his salaray, i think this is the best time to try to get ballack back to bayern, even without waiting the offer chelsea is giving him. he could be our captain now and we can let bommel leave. i hope hoeness and van gal study this issue carefully.


  • masupufos no need to think
    its so obvious and doesnt need thinking
    Toni scored 35 goals for bayern and thats what u call a striker not 10 goals.
    van buyten as a CB could score easily more than Gomez
    but the one who should be better is really Klose. i think next season we should get back Toni, sell klose and gomes and get a player like david silva or any body with his style, and not a player who is only good with headers.


  • why the heck would anyone want a 34 years old player, instead of the one you already have,of 32, and the captain of your team?

    besides, ballack's salary would be too big for his services, probably bigger than bommel's, so why waste money?

    and then it comes the part with: "who wants a traitor?" that some can say it's exagerrated or that has passed, and so on...but the truth is, he left us for money, he should stay there for money...

    and he is no need for us.....with bommel going, u can bring another central midfielder, with experience, and qualities, in his mid 20's....or give others you have a chance, or spend another 30 millions on a player overrated, but surely, bringing back ballack is stupider than any of the other ideas....


  • @ geoldes

    Ballack is 33 not 34 yet!!!
    If Van bommel is replaced with young players such as Khedira from Stuttgart then the team would be lacking in experience eg the midfield would be 26 or younger. You need experience in midfield to win trophies.

    If Van bommel leaves in the summer Ballack would be a good replacement for 1 or 2 years as he would give vital and crucial experience in the bayern midfield and he could be the final piece in the jigsaw to win the cl.

    Also Ballack would be a great experienced captain or it would be Van bommel if he stayed.

    My Question is who would you all have as captain next season?

    I believe it has to been van bommel or Ballack as Lahm and Schweinstiger are too young to be captain of such a great club.


  • butt, lahm, buyten, klose, you pick one......

    as for ballack, he'll be 34 this year :P....
    all i have seen since, he moved to chelsky was mediocre football from him...all i've seen from bommel, was true leadership, intelligence on the field, good defending, good connection between defense and the attacking phase...
    he does exactly what he is supposed to do, he has a role and he fulfills it....ballack on the other hand is just another player in chelsky's team, nothing so special about him.....

    when he left, he said he goes somewhere where he can win trophies(and 40 millions in 4 years)....and what did he succeeded? winning some domestic titles, nothing more....he had another chance for showing he is worth sth, in the UCL final, when again, he was just one from the crowd, and not one to really make a difference......
    see the game against italy, in 2006, the game against spain in 2008....nothing to really help the team.....

    when u pay a player a lot of money, and especially someone like him, you expect sth from him to my eye's he didn't manage to prove a lot.....

    i'm not saying ballack is not a good player, i'm saying he is not needed, there are other options, and if they cannot be found, money can buy other options.....
    and sth to conclude: do a resume on his career, and you'll see his place was always second(or runner up if you want), besides the domestic titles won with bayern and chelsky.Let me remind you some: ucl in 2002,ucl 2008, world cup 2006, european championship 2008....

    at least bommel won ucl with barca :P


  • But Ballack won the german player of the year at bayern 3 of the 4 years he was here. Van bommel has never won this award.

    I just feel Ballack could regain his top form again while at bayern.

    Possibly he could win his first cl title at bayern next year ;-)