Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Again ***** Van Gal Sucks *****

    I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and my english is wery good for me ;), spelling is not my better side but here in Bosnia we speak like that and on our language that is not mistake.

    I support Bayern since 1990, and that I hope to prove that I am a true fan.
    Bayern has already had many coaches but this is the worst.
    Everybody say that he did something, But if anyone here has done something it is Roben.

    Roben is always saved Bayern with his fantastic games.

    Van gal has proved that he dont knew what he was doing, he brought pranjić who can not run, threw a Luca Toni who was the top scorer of Bayern Munich, sent on loan Toni Cross, and ruined Tymoschuk and Altintop

    If there was any other coach everything would be much much better...

    My english is bad but I hope that you understood what I wanted to say.

    If you find any mistake ............... keep it for yourself ;)


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic"> soccermaniac: I think it's about time the club let Van Buyten go.What Milito did to him for the second goal could have NEVER happened to Thomas Linke. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    indeed he's slow, but the main problem is the bad link he has with demichelis. lucio and demichelis seemed to be working much better together than these two, but i guess the defence was the management problem.With breno in the team and maybe with another central defender neither buyten nor demichelis would have felt they are guaranteed the starting place, and ,more important, the coach would have had more options to pick from...
    Buyten's playing days here are probably over, but i do not think we should let demichelis go. With a bit of competitiveness, i'm sure he can pull himself together.And Breno hasn't been given a real chance up till now...


  • Let's see some transfers and fix that awful defense:

    IN: Neuer/Frey (GK), Vidic (CD), Hummels (CD), Rafinha/Srna (RB), Cacau/Saër Sène(bayern2)
    OUT: Rensing, Lell, Gorlitz, Braafheid, van Buyten, Demichelis, Ottl, Sosa, Pranjic, Toni, Klose

    Neuer - Rafinha, Vidic, Hummels, Lahm - Robben, Schweini, Kroos, Ribery - Muller/Cacau, Olic


  • oh my, please excuse me Mr Ingeniosity! Idiot me to have a different oppinion than the winner of stupidity's world cup....


  • yea its fine he has no idea what hes talking about hes always rambling about things..

    we really need to replace van buyten or micho they both are playing sloppy

    then we should start to look for a back up for van bommel because next year is his last year then hes back to eindhoven

    but i think with kroos coming they may not have to look

    Vidic would definatly be the best bet and hopefully hell consider it because we had done so well this season!


  • to those saying no olic!!! did u forget his goal against man utd which made us through? did u forget that he is our top scorer in champions league the best trophy we could win and we reached its final? plz look at the filled part of the cup, not the few empty millileters missing!!! and to those against van gal, i dont like him, but he did what other managers failed to do in the last ten years. calling a manager who won two domestic titles and reached the third final a loser? what would u call him if we were relagated to 2nd bundesliga and we lost in dfb in the first steps and left the CL in january!!!!!!!!!!!!

    every body in bayern is the best. and they desreved the parade.


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Wauw.. the level of arrogance and stupidity in her is just remarkable. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Yeah tell me about it, I deal with it constantly. Some people wish for an extreme change and because Inter won now they want their players and coach, unbelievable if u ask me. I see that as a lack of respect for our team, this obsession with Milito, Sneijder and Mourhino, we dont need them. Then its funny to see all those people blaming Van Gaal and who want extreme changes fighting among themselves :D

    People Bayern palyed a great game, its not Van Gaals fault, dont forget that he has delivered a double and that we have a great squad. Our weakness is our defence, clearly, we need Vidic back there.

    And nark ur right my firend, Olics contributions cannot go unmentioned and Van Gaal did a good job, people just seem to blame the coach when things go wrong, pathetic.....


  • Our main problem is our defence, I hope Bayern does some wise changes back there. In all honest opinion I prefer Contento as our LB than Badstuber (Badstuber i9s a much better CB and should play there) On a goalkeeper I have always been wanting a new goalkeeper and I still do, but I must admit that Butts performance has been great. I have the feeling that he will stay for atleast 2 more seasons and that aback up goalkeeper will be signed and trained to take his place in 2 seasons. My dream choice is Vidic, I understand it wont be easy, but I think he is the man we need to get our act back together in defence.


  • Totally agree with Charilevera that Badstubber is better suited playing as a CB rather than a leftback. Contento is more suited to playing the LB role.

    Would like to see Metrsacker playing as our centerback. A world class centerback is very important to Bayern esp when we have to deal with World class strikers. It would be fantastic if we can get Howedes. Toni Kroos will be back for us.I like this youthful Bayern setup. Next season, we should sell off Klose and Toni and get another striker.

    I would like to see a brazilan striker like Elber. I am sure we can see around 4 to 5 new players next season.


  • almost cry with lucios pic...DANKE LUCIO...

    well..he left...and not in the way i would have wanted him to leave...he had some troubles sometimes..and sometimes wasnt quite spectacular...but... it makes you think when you watch him in inter playign outstanding games...i think most of the faults he may have had here were fault of the group...of the defense as a whole...and not only individual...


  • Whats done is done, thank u Lucio for showing that respect for Bayern. I was against his departure.

    Sivaram, Mertesacker would be a great addition without a doubt. Check out Lukaku, a 17 year old player from Belgium who is top scorer (19 goals in his first professional season). I dont recall who mentioned this talented player, but he was right to mention him. Under Van Gaal this kid could be unbelieveable. We could try to get him on loan, try him out in the Bundesliga and if he does well then sign him.

    Vidic is the man we need on the back in my opinion, hope we can lure him from Manchester.


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Anderlecht Bruxelles

    here is a video :

    ps: let us know what u think </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    It was masupufos who suggested him, I recall now.


  • Lets look at our 2010/2011 transfer list after a brave surprising 2009/2010 season. Yes, we have done well domestically with this squad and have raised some local young talents like Mueller, Badstuber, Contento, Alaba, Kroos and then Schweinstger, Lahm, and Robben have all matured into key players here over the past season. In addition, Van Bommel, Ribery, Van Buyten and Butt have all decided to stay with us for one season or more.

    Now, I think even with this group, we could manage to win another domestic double if we want to, but in Champion League, I think we still lack some depth and quality in order to on eye level with the rest, like Barcelona, Real Madrid (with Mourinho), Chelsea, Man Utd, Inter. My suggestion is that we probably need the following transfers in order to win Champion League with some luck.

    Goalkeeper: Personally, I think Nerlinger and Van Gaal would prefer to stick with Butt for another season or two, and I have to agree with that because he is still on top form especially in the final against Inter. But since Rensing is leaving, we might need to replace him with a 2nd choice keeper.

    Defender: This is where we need the most in terms of reinforcement. Lahm has been fit for the entire season, but with WC and little rest, I think we might be better to get a 2nd choice right defender in the coming season. Central defense- this could be a huge gap here in terms of quality. I think we need at least one worldclass central defender here and maybe even two. On the left side, I would prefer to give Contento more time there as he has proven himself to be one of the brightest spots on the left combining with Ribery

    Midfield: I think we have a pretty good midfield even without Altintop and with the addition of Kroos there, although I agree that we might consider getting a new defensive midfielder if Tymoshchuk decides to leave and sold.

    Striker: Toni is defintely leaving us in the summer and the case might go for Klose as well as he has proven that he is well over his age. There is no plan B for Bayern's attack, even we saw at the end of Inter Milan's last 15mins. So I prefer us getting a high profile striker even with or without swapping Gomez. A high profile striker like Dzeko, Drogba, Torres could add extra dimension to our attack force. Although Olic has performed extremely well this season, we have to consider that he is turning 31 years old next season, so I would prefer to stick with him as a super sub and obviously, with some matches of being a regular

    Finally, has an article that agreed with my view. Quite nice to read:…-like-barcelona-lose-like


  • Cash in? Braafheid only costs us 2mil Euros, after a disappointing season, how much could we ask for? If for 1mil Euros, I would rather give him another chance.

    In terms of selling, I would sell Toni, Tymoshchuk, Demichelis, Klose, and Sosa. All these sell could come up with possibilly 30mil Euros+. With our initial budget of spending 50mil Euros plus the extra 30mil Euros from sale, I would get the following players:

    Vidic (18mil Euros), Kjaer (12mil Euros), Ballack (Free) and Dzeko (40mil Euros)

    I want Ballack to share some of Van Bommel's work as VB would be tired after a WC and a long season with Bayern so I think we need some reinenforcement in central midfield


  • bbjtin:

    On goalkeeper I agree, I think we will stick with Butt for atleast 2 seasons. The question is who could it be? Definitely someone who could eventually become our #1, someone we could train anf forge into a Bayern player.

    Defence is our weakest and ur right, we r lucky Lahm didnt get injured, but it be nice to have a good back up. On central defence I think that with atleast 1 worldclass signing (Vidic for example) would be enougth, but after Demichelis and Van Buyten performance in the CL I would dare to say that 2 wouldnt be a bad idea. Though Badstuber in my opinion is quite good and shoul have played as BC in the final and Contento as LB. On an LB Contento is enough, he plays great and has a lot of chemistry with Ribery.

    In midfield, ur quite right there. That defensive could be Mbia or Diarra.

    And yeah bye bye for Toni indeed. We should invest on the future, Dzeko is a great idea, we could sign him (give Tymo and Klose + cash). And also I think we could try out Lukaku on loan and see if he can do good in the Bundesliga. A 17 year old that can score 19 goals in his first season has a lot of potential, imagine him under Van Gaal guidance.

    Nice article, makes a very good point.