Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Yes, he is a talented player but to me, he is not yet a worldclass player, but he can definitely be Ribery/Robben's backup if needed. Seems like the deal is complete.

    For now, we need 2-3 more players in the summer, beside Shaqiri. Van Persie, Howedes and a right defender.


  • One of the right defenders that we should watch is Tottemham's Walker. He would be a great addition as a right defender who can play as a central defender as well.


  • It is time to bring some more players. There are plenty of substitutions needed
    * replacement for Breno (maybe Howedes)
    * replacement for van Buyten (maybe Dante)
    * replacement for Pranjic (Shquiri)
    * replacement for Usami
    * replacement for Tymo (maybe Sahin)
    * replacement for Olic (maybe van Persie)

    Lets just hope this isn't a lone transfer and the management learned from the 2001 campaign when the team was more homogeneous in terms of quality rather than today's steep dive between the first 11 and the reserves.


  • I really dont think the board will sign so many players this summer and Tymoshchuk is likely to stay for another season, just like Butt. What we really would do:

    Backup winger - now is pretty much confirmed is Shaqiri
    Worldclass striker- ??? Still unknown, but I hope is Van Persie
    Central defender- ??? Howedes, Vertonghen and Chivu are high on the list

    And hopefully, Bayern should invest in another right defender when they have extra capital


  • @ bbjtin - God, please don't say Chivu. He is worst that Micho in his worst days and he's really old.


  • hey guys..long time I havent posted...

    some time ago my local media showed some news with Hoeness saying bayern wont buy any south american players anymore...

    thing is... i was really disappointed on that info.. and embarassed too

    my point in all this is that Bayern has failed in many senses when is about scouting abroad... let me put it to you this way:

    from all the players in the current main formation most of the are from bayern youth (the good and reliable ones: lahm, müller, schweini..) or germans... who participate in the NT...

    when it comes to foreigners the ones that have worked are the already mature ones... not the young ones..

    tell me sth... why such a big team as bayern seems the only one to forget about south americans? is it because the continent product sucks? or the absolutely dumb scouting?

    to be self referent, some time ago when I thought that in the international part we could speak about the international deals too.. not only euro-zone.. i suggested some players... chileans.. nobdy quite payed attention.. but now they are showing up quite well in some other leagues...
    lets say sanchez when he was in river and the when he recently arrived to udinese, vidal when he wasnt that famous in BuLi, medel, who is now an anchor of sevilla's defense... and even mauricio isla once...

    still cant get it...

    why wasnt bayern searching in uruguay or chile? why they kept looking for only argentinians and brazilians??

    to me it seems a mistake, a horrendous one, committed by some people too old fashioned and with no knowledge in local leagues...

    perhaps this post will just go by nobody reading it.. doesnt matter... but I just wanted to state my opinion about something that is totally wrong, neglecting even lame...



  • I cant blame Bayern's S.A approach as I have written about this many years ago. Since a decade ago, Bayern hasnt really made a single one right approach in S.A. like Santa Cruz, Breno, Sosa, etc... Obviously there are plenty more. I dont understand why we are missing when Leverkusen and other Bundesilaga clubs are making the right ones like Ze Roberto, Juan, Lucio, etc.


  • sorry, guess i didnt get you.. u can't blame them.. or you can?

    this is basically a bad scouting problem... SOSA come on!! I guess they just come here looking for bargains and some lately success in newspapers player.. i dont see any responsability any study behind any of those transfers...


  • Obviously, I didnt say S.A. players are poor, but is our scouting system. The like of Sosa and Breno arent cheap - 9mil and 14mil respectively. And even with Kaka transferring to AC Milan, it was around 15mil Euros. So I mean we are at the range already. The players that we didnt get due to price turned out to be great players like Tevez, Aguerro, etc


  • great signing

    look at the other forums of man utd. or liverpool. :D

    I must say, if this deal goes ahead, I will be very disapointed.

    That's disappointing. Well hopefully it means we're going for Hazard or Eriksen (though i'd like Gotze aswell, but i've heard he wants to stop in Germany).

    Shame it that's going through, good player, hard to see how Bayern have managed to get him that cheaply.


  • I would be highly doubtful that Bayern can sign any Dortmund's player because seems like Bundesilga is going to have two strong teams for a while. Therefore, players like Hummels, Gotze, Reus, etc will not be sold to Bayern and only to overseas clubs.


  • Yes, but Gustavo proves to decent as playing as central defender. I hope Van Buyten can recover soon (probably in mid March?). Bayern should have no problem vs Basel or some of the coming Bundesilga opponents, but would find it difficult to cope with versus European giants and Dortmund

    After signing Shaqiri, Bayern will make 2 more signings during the summer. One is striker and the other one is central defender since either Breno or Van Buyten will definitely be leaving us, if both. For now, I would prefer Van Buyten to stay instead of Breno.

    For striker, I hope we could sign Van Persie as he is one of the best strikers in the world right now and rotate to play as striker, attacking midfielder or right midfielder role. For central defender, I hope is Vertonghen instead of Howedes. Chivu would be extra if both Breno and Van Buyten leaves


  • Rumor is saying that Bayern could be signing Man City's youngster- Guidetti. I hope Bayern sticks to its promise by signing a worldclass striker instead of another potential talented youngster because many of them failed here like Breno, Petersen, Usami, etc


  • why not buy Yakubu and Samba from Blackburn... Yakubu has the most succesful scoring rate in EPL and Samba is a really good CB.. that will solve all the prob for fcbayern with minimal budget


  • Playing well in EPL doesnt mean that they will do well in Bundesilga. Beside, Yakubu is already in his final stage of his career. I dont believe Bayern would be interested in an over 30 years old player, until he is a worldclass player


  • After AC Milan trashing Arsenal, I think there is a good sense that Van Persie will likely to move on this summer as he sees no chance of winning a title again in Arsenal in the next few seasons, and not alone that Arsenal might not even get into the top 4 finishes this season.

    I believe he probably wont be joining any EPL clubs as he stays loyal to Arsenal. So there are a potential of Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid or AC Milan that he can go to for the summer if he does want to win a Champion league in his remaining career. So I believe we do have a big chance of signing him as Barcelona could be fincially out of the race for Van Persie.