Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Guardiola has made his mind clear: one central defender and one striker/winger to enhance our squad even if we won the treble. Rumor says Guardiola will have more than 100mil Euros in disposal if needed and I believe Guardiola will have some financial package to enhance the squad as Heynckes had more than 50-70mil Euros per season since he joined us in June 2011.

    Leaving us, only one player is certain- Tymoshchuk. Rafinha, Contento, Van Buyten and Pizzaro had all declared to carry on with Guardiola despite non-regular outings. Since Guardiola declared to Bayern's next coach, many big names are being mentioned- Neymar, Rooney, Suarez, Ibra, Bale, Vidal, Basquets, Cavani, Ozeil, Isco, etc and then recently linked up with Kompany and Savic as well.

    For me, Petersen would be sold to Werder Bremen as he wouldnt stand a chance at this current squad. With his season performance, he could cost up to 5mil Euros. With Weiser coming back as well as Boateng can play as right defender, Guardiola should consider letting Rafinha go as well. With his background and age, he could cost another 3mil Euros. So Guardiola could potentially have 110mil Euros to work with.

    I hope Bayern could sign Bale (60mil Euros), Suarez (40mil Euros) and Kompany (40mil Euros) with the sales of Petersen (5mil Euros), Rafinha (3mil Euros) and Gomez (30mil Euros)


  • I think Gotze will be not be playing as a winger. He will be played as a striker, like Messi, in the centre. Probably to replace Gomez or Pizzaro for the time being. In addition, the agent of Heynckes also suggested that Lewandowski 's contract is confirmed with Bayern. If Lewandowski is able to come to Bayern, I am sure that either Mandzukic or Gomez will be departing.

    If both Lewandowski and Gotze are coming to Bayern, we would have a crazy attacking unit with Mandzukic/Gomez, Kroos, Mueller, Robben, Ribery and Shaqiri with Schweinsteiger, Gustavo and Martinez supporting.


  • After signing Gotze and Kirkshoff, Bayern is rumored to complete Rode's deal either at the end of the season or June 2014. Personally, I wouldnt want Rode to join us yet, although he has proven as a highly potential attacking midfielder in Frankfurt, but his recent performance suggested that he isnt ready for Bayern Munich yet, as we have Gotze, Kroos, Mueller, Robben, Ribery, Shaqiri all competing for 3 positions behind striker and Rode will be the bench for almost an entire season. It is much better for him to gain more match practice in Frankfurt and join us for free in 2014 summer.

    Lewandowski is definitely a worldclass striker and is proven himself against Real Madrid. Yes, we have Gomez, Mandzukic and Pizzaro here now. But I believe Lewandowski will join Bayern either this summer or next and Gomez will go the other way or to Premiership.

    What Bayern should really be buying would be a top central defender as we have been lacking in this area for a while. Dante has proven himself this season as one of the best players for us; however, neither Boateng nor Badstuber is a worldclass central defender although they have the potential to be, but already for a while. Hopefully, we could sign Kompany, Hummels or Ramos.

    If we could sign one of the top central defenders, I think Bayern can be the first team to win the Champion League twice in a row given we won against Barcelona and Dortmund this season


  • Seems like Bayern has agreed to sign Rooney for 30mil pounds this summer. That means Gomez will definitely be leaving us as he will not want to be the third choice striker behind Rooney and Manduzkic


  • Look like Bayern has made a U-turn and acts smart. Signing Rooney for 30mil GBP would be a disaster as his prime is past him. He is not the striker who can score 25-30 goals per season anymore.

    Look like Rooney might be going to Chelsea or Arsenal.


  • Rooney :( ?

    I really don't think he is one for The Bundesliga.

    Looks like Robben may be leaving for man. city as he is not guaranteed a 1st team place under Pep!


  • So far, Bayern has only signed Gotze (37mil Euros), Kirchhoff (Free) and Rode (Free in 2014). Obviously, with Pep coming next season, there are many players which has been linked with Bayern- Neymar, Rooney, Lewandowski, Kompany, Koscielny, etc.

    I believe Bayern board will make more capital available for Pep to sign players although Bayern has swept through Europe this season beating both Juventus and Barcelona comfortably. Since Heynckes has spent more than 70mil Euros each for the past two seasons, I would assume Pep has probably the equal treatment if not more for his first season.

    Looking at the players leaving, only Tymoshchuk has confirmed departure this summer. Other players who might leave Bayern are Van Buyten, Rafinha, Pizzaro, Petersen, Robben and Gomez. Players other than these above players seem unlikely to leave Bayern this coming season.

    With Badstuber out for another 6 months, I would assume Bayern would either extend Van Buyten for another season or sign a new central defender. Personally, I would prefer Bayern signing a new top quality central defender as this is our weakest link if our team is under pressure. Rummeinegge has publicly rejected Robben's departure and he is the best player among both two Barcelona legs, so I would assume that Robben will at least remain for another season. With Rode coming in 2014, Rafinha would probably stay put as well. Petersen and Gomez would probably be sold and cashed in 30-35mil Euros combined. Pizzaro might stay put as a sub player and a translater to this current squad

    If my assumption is right, Tymoshchuk, Gomez, Petersen and Van Buyten would be leaving us. Hopefully, Bayern will sign Neymar (50mil Euros) and Kompany (30mil Euros) in return. So in total, Bayern would spend 117mil Euros- Neymar, Kompany, Gotze and Kirchhoff minus the sales of Gomez and Petersen of 30-35mil Euros. Net-net, Pep will spend 80-85mil Euros in this transfer market.


  • In the past few weeks after winning the Champion League title, Bayern hasnt confirmed any new signings, but I do think Pep will continue to invest in new players although we have a sound team already. Barcelona has already signed Neymar so thats off the list now. In addition, look like both Bale and Rooney are staying up in Premiership.

    I hope we could sign both Lewandowski and Kompany before the close of transfer window. Players like Can and Weiser will hopefully develop further next season in the backline as I doubt Can can knockout either Schweinsteiger or Martinez's starting position or even Gustavo's position. The best try for him is to gain match practice through playing as central defender which Pep loves to put defensive midfielder there and with the injury of Badstuber and the aging of Van Buyten (not yet renewed), Can will gain more match time in that position. If Weiser comes back, he will be likely to depose as Lahm's backup as Rafinha could be sidelined even if he isnt sold, because there will be enormous competition as right winger- Robben, Mueller and Gotze can all play there.

    Let's see which players Pep will sign in the next several weeks before new season starts


  • Bayern are interested in Koscielny of arsenal. Am wondering, is Van Buyten leaving or extending his stay. Should he stay, Bayern will have him (Van Buyten), Dante, Boateng, Kirchoff, Badstuber & maybe Koscielny. Now those are 6 central defenders, don't u guys think that's more than enough ??


  • We definitely need another central defender as Badstuber is first out of the next coming season due to two coming surgeries. In addition, Dante, Van Buyten and Boateng will be extremely tired from 2 long seasons for all three of them. Finally, Kirchoff is still injuried and is unproven at high level late stage Champion League.


  • A month has almost passed since winning the Champion League title, Bayern will need to address the upcoming transfer target(s) within the next 2-3 weeks as the new preparation under Pep will start on July 3/4th.

    After securing both Gotze (37mil Euros) and Kirchoff (free) before season end, Bayern hasnt confirmed any signings. Lewandowski is the closest signing that we are showing interest. However, Dortmund has made it clear that they wouldnt sign him to Bayern this summer. If that will remain the truth, Bayern might reject Gomez's departure to Italy/England/Spain.

    Tymoshchuk and Petersen have confirmed their departure. Rafinha and Pizzaro are possibilly on the way out as well. Sammer has confirmed Robben's staying and Gomez agent has hinted that Gomez would be leaving Bayern this summer in order to secure first team action. With the sale of Petersen, Rafinha and Gomez, we should get at least 35mil Euros from these sales. With more than 70mil Euros transfer budget, Bayern still has over 65mil Euros to spend to improve the almost perfect squad.

    For me, Bayern should sign Lewandowski (20-25mil Euros),Thiago (18mil Euros) and Koscielny (15mil Euros). If Lewandowski cant join Bayern this summer, Bayern should try to sign Suarez


  • does Bayern really need lewamdowski ?, Mandzukic is good enough & oh, Gomez is a potent goal poacher.

    One thing I am not sure of, is Pizarro leaving or .............. ???

    Everything is quiet on Pizarro's issue.