Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • all this news about Toni Kroos heading to man. u, it's a bit unsettling. But then again, Bayern cannot force him to stay & on the other hand Bayern do have a lot of options in midfield.

    On the plus side, David Luiz may be joining this summer!



  • After capturing Lewandowski and Rode at the free transfer market, Bayern is likely to dominate Bundesilga for the years to come even if Kroos decide to leave this summer or next summer. Both Pizzaro and Van Buyten are also due this summer and I assume both players wont be given a contract extension.

    Without spending a dollar in the transfer market so far, Bayern can definitely spend 40-50mil Euros every summer without selling any of our key players. But the question is will they spend any? As Hoeness has stated Bayern is not a selling club, so I would assume that we dont need further re-enforcement in both goalkeeper and striker/forward position.

    in defence, with Badstuber due to back from injury next season, we might need to sign either an experienced worldclass central defender or a young talented one for backup. Or, we might need someone to cover up for Rafinha if Lahm remains playing as sole defensive midfielder.

    In midfield, with aging and injury pron Ribery and Robben, we might need one young classy winger to back them up as Muller isnt the same type of player; Gotze's favor position is behind the striker; and Shaqiri showed lots of talent but unable to match either Ribery or Robben in terms of goals and assists .

    What I would do is to try to extend Kroos' contract and let go of both Pizzaro and Van Buyten. Sign Ginter (10mil Euros) and Draxler (45mil Euros).


  • Kroos is going to Spain. I won't say that shows any sign of being a traitor. If we look at it positively, I would say it's a good opportunity for his carrier as well as the German national squad.

    For Bayern aspect, ofcourse it is a loss but we still have a strong midfield plus Lewandowski is gonna join us.

    As Jogi said during the WC tournament that German footballers should play in major foreign football leagues like La Liga, Premiership or Serie A apart from Bundesliga in order to get used to the different patterns of playing styles and cope up with them.

    Anyways, looking so forward to the upcoming Bayern season. All the best. :D ;-)


  • Dudes and ladies season almost over so lets talk about transfers!!
    I won't beat around the bush...Vidal and Di Maria to Bayern. Why you ask?
    ---->Di Maria has got a green light from United that he can leave this summer if he wants too.He is a great player we saw this many many times and he would be a great fit for Bayern.I would recommend Hazzard as well but Mou won't let him go that easy...ehhh...
    ----->Gonna be harder to get him then Di Maria but he is very strong,explosive and one of the best box to box midfielders today.Considering the aging Bastian Vidal would be a great fit

    I would also bring a new defender...still not sure who but someone consistent;-).
    What do you think guys?


  • Lahm should be taken back to right-back since Rafinha is the weakest point in defence. Rafinha should be benched or even soled as the team looks for a better back-up to Lahm. The prob is Pep likes Rafinha, why ? I am really not sure.