Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • good point again chrisco if i was taking 6M a year i would do my best to learn the language he should be a professional i don't say that bayern should not buy another italian but if that doesn't happen Toni must learn the german language


  • I mean I dont think bringing an Italian players just for the good sake of Toni, although it will help him in personal terms apart from football. But the most important is that in Italian national team, there are plenty of great players - Gattuso, Pirlo, De Rossi, Barzagli, etc... All of them can enhance Bayern Munich in one way or the other.

    For summer transfer, I want Bayern to sign Schwarzer, Barzagli, Flamini and Quaresma/Bentley. And sell Dos Santos, Van Buyten, Ottl (loan), Gortilz, Schalaudraff.

    Beside, would be an interesting thought, selling Lucio and Lahm to Barcelona for 15mil Euro each to retain Ronaldino.Why not?


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">about toni s language someone above said that he should be professional to concentrate on his job. personally i think toni is the most good striker in the world and the most one which is really a quite person. i think a person which does his job really well and loves football like him should at least have someone to talk with in the dressing room. it was really sad to sse toni in last match agianst zenit here on tv they sometimes showed him when bayern fail to score a goal. he would have killed to enter playing.

    about someone saying that vidal at leverkusen talks with signs , i think at bayern they use this system too i see toni and klose talking like that or toni & ribery or ze roberto. but its like talking with monkeys , i think if bayern manage to bring an italian player toni would play even better</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Yeah, vidal talked by signs..i mean for football its universal you dont need to speak the language to understand, as for the dressing room, for me toni always seems to have a goos relation with his teamates


  • Toni is a good friend of Ribery. They always joke around on camera. And I also saw him chatting with Klose and Podolski. Anyways, I think Klose is really having a bad season after the first 10 games. He hardly scored any goal for the team after that and almost seemed invisible in plenty of matches.

    I think Hoeness really needs to think hard for next season if he wants to grab hold of the stars here. Lahm is leaving us here and who else will follow? We have a great team at the moment, but we would to keep them and not let them go freely after their contracts.

    We must invest on an annual basis in order to keep the stars knowing that they have a chance to win CL here. We invested massively and wisely in the past season. Thats why we are awarded with trophies this season. But we cant stop thinking over the current squad without furthur enhancement.

    So far, only Borowski is confirmed coming in and Schwarzer on a high possibility. But as confirmed leaving us are Kahn, Schlaudraff and Lahm (possibilly another season around).

    Schwarzer is definitely not at the same level of Kahn. Borowski can be used more often than Schlaudraff. But again, the overall quality of the team didnt improve but might decline since this season, Kahn did save us a number of occasions, especially in 2nd of the season.

    I think we need to a right winger and possibilly a central defender/defensive midfielder. I dont know the effectiveness of Lahm staying, although he is probably one of the worldclass stars in the team now. If we are able to sell him to either club at 15mil Euro, we should do it. We can easily retain Gortilz and play him on the right as Lell on the side with Jansen. Sagnol will get back in shape hopefully. Beside, Altintop can also find himself more on the defensive side next season if we are signing a right winger. From the selling of Lahm, Dos Santos, Schlaudraff, we can surely get around 20 mil Euro. Use that amount plus the average transfer fee of 25mil Euro per season, we can get two nice players. Quaresma for 20-25mil Euro. De Rossi/Gattuso/Pirlo for 25mil Euro, plus or minus.

    What do you think of a new formation and team like this:
    ------------De Rossi---------Ze Roberto-------

    We can play really good football with this team.


  • ------------------------Rensing---------------------

    this is a more realistic one


  • i wish he doenst go he will be missed surely and bayern s defence wont be the same without him. for the attack i have been watching juventus - lazio right now and pandev was one of bayern s targets thissummer. is he still or they dont want him anymore ??


  • Barzagli comes, Lucio will still stay, but Van Buyten will surely be sold to a Premiership club or somewhere unforunately.

    I am sure that Bayern will spend the right amount to retain the German standings in Europe. With only Toni and Ribery on top form, we wont be able to get into the semi-final. Klose, Podolski, Schweinstger, Sosa are all playing under expectations here.

    We need another midfield generator to create spark up front to both Klose and Toni. We need a proper right winger.


  • I do hope Bayern can grab a midfield dynamo the likes of de Rossi or Diego (Werder) but it would also be interesting to see more sparkle coming from transferring players like Mutu (Fiorentina) who can play both as winger and striker and Gomez (VfB) or Pandev (Lazio) while grabbing a world class keeper like Frey (Fiorentina).


  • Bayern will not sign Frey. Bayern will put Rensing as No.1 next season.

    I think Mutu will suit us good, but I am not sure if Fiorentina will sell another asset to Bayern if they can play in CL next season. Pandev can help out our right wing as well, but I am not sure if he is a worldclass winger yet.



    absolute shit as always from chelsea... and that miser of abramovich..

    he think he can attract bayern with 10 milion and a patchwick. knowing he posess all that money he would at least be a real man and ofer a noticable sum of money like 80 milion since he s so rich to buy all worldclass players. and malouda he can keep him we dont need malouda when we ve got ribery.

    he doenst know that utd had to wait 4 years for owwen hargreaves which went to utd just because of his poor performance last season and his desire to play for utd


  • yeah, sure he have economic power to buy players, but not thier interests..relax, bayern wont lethim go even if it was for 200 gold elephants and malouda


  • Ribery is going no where any time soon, and everyone knows that, Chelsea can just keep dreaming. Why would we let another one of our players go to them, when we plan on kicking there a**** next season in the Champions League and maybe even in the Super Cup. So Chelsea look else where. Oh and if we where to give up Ribery it wouldnt be for Malouda, it would be for Lampard. Ribery is them man and will be a future footballer of the year, I just hope its with him still at Bayern.


  • There is the information in British press that Roman Abramovich's club is going to swap Ribery for Malouda

    I think it will be fair If Chelsea want to swap Malouda for Ribery then we will swap van Bommel for Lampard and Drogba together :8


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Barzagli comes, Lucio will still stay, but Van Buyten will surely be sold to a Premiership club or somewhere unforunately. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Rumour or reality? Is this just your personal opinion?
    I think van Buyten will stay. He had a decent number of matches this season and is a great backup for our defense. Why should we sell him? A new central defender of a certain class will cost a lot of money, money that could better be spent for midfielders, were we really need new players (central defensive, central offensive, right offensive midfield).