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  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">About Podolski: Look against which teams he scored, this is not what we call quite impressive</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Not a fact! Remember his goal against Inter in the last CL capmaign for bayern in San Siro? For Poldi it doesn't metter against whom to play he will either score or not but that will depend on his own form, but not on a rival team and this is his strength. Another matter that he can not find his form now...


  • guys cristiano zaccardo have officially became a wolfsburg player. i dono whats goin on to bundesliga...theyre buyin italian players which is not bad but im worried about our german players.. i hope that none of our german players go to the serie A 8-) like theres a rumour about shweinsteiger goin to juve or inter


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">About Podolski: Look against which teams he scored, this is not what we call quite impressive</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Not a fact! Remember his goal against Inter in the last CL capmaign for bayern in San Siro? For Poldi it doesn't metter against whom to play he will either score or not but that will depend on his own form, but not on a rival team and this is his strength. Another matter that he can not find his form now...</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------
    Oh yes, I forgot his only goal he scored against a great team 8-)

    Let's take a look at the FACTS:

    He scored against Nurnberg, Dortmund, Bielefeld and Duisburg. In Europe he scored against Bolton Wanderers, Aberdeen and Anderlecht. In the DFB Pokal he didn't score.

    If I look at this afterwards, you're right: He only score against great teams, teams full of footballgods, rockdefences and dribblewizards 8-)


  • We should get defenders. What about Cannavaro or is it possible to get Carvahlo from Chelsea. We need a soild Centerback, who does his job well. Lucio goes too upfront and leaves gaps behind. Need another striker. Although Gomez seems the answer, i feel need to get Shevchenko given his pedigree in the Champions Leauge. I feel there is plenty left in him to deliver.


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">@kevin and mike:

    Why do you keep denying toni's talent?
    Yeah sure klose assited toni at first, but half of the season klose didnt even had assist precission!!
    For what else do you want a striker if is not to win games scoring?
    Yo dance, to help a bit in defense (toni did went to midfield when ribey was injured, i also watched all games live mr. mike)

    Not because he recieves assists it means he will score, kmiro also recieved, but he wasn't capable of scoring, but toni did.
    Not beacuse you recognise toni's talent you will deny klose's if thats your problem, because i dont see any other explanation, unless yoi can explain from real arguments (non emotional or about preferences) why is toni mr 50% as you call him (i disagree with you mike in that)

    Luca means no harm for the team, in fact he means only good numbers, just as miro at the beggining of the season, if you love the team, every single player that makes positive stuff for the team, should be praised!

    :( its a pitty you aren't able to praise sb leaving a side prefernces or emotional matters or any other prejudgment.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    i dont deny toni s talent he one of the best strikers bayern ever got . but we cant just prasie toni and let all other strikers go away. before klose joined bayern im sure all bayern fans wanted him at bayern when he scored some great goals agaisnt us.

    in toni s case , i ve been watchig him since he was at palermo in italy. he was one of my favoriteitlaina players but i never tought bayer nwould get him. in my opinion players like him and klose are the best attackers to have always wanting to score and never angry with others .


  • Well so theres no problem with you ;-) maybe i misunderstood your opinion...but i still keep my comment for mike.
    And i agree we can praise of both or whoever if he does sth good for the team.

    I see no problem on italians coming to BuLi, if it raise's it popularity for players then FANTASTIC and if german players are good, they will have space to play, BuLi has its own style, escence, not beacuse foreigners come it will be bad for germans, i belive the league will remain the same but with more popularity. Like in older times

    Any advance in rumours?..not proposals, but rumous from good links


  • I will say that I would like to see Shev come to Bayern, but that will never happen. If we do get Gattuso, I will be very happy, but I think we need another Ribery, to give us the much needed pace outside. I say we need to splash out the big cash on a winger, bring in a back up GK, a CB, and another ST, to go along with Gattuso. I will say though that I dont see a new deffender unless we let some one go.


  • kgballackusa13 I think Mutu would be a great counterpart for Ribery on the other side if the bayern bosses decide to roll out the cash and bring him. He also speaks italian and played before with Toni so he'd do great.


  • For now, we are quite certain that Gattuso and Barzagli would be joining us next season along with Borowski. Beside that, Bayern hopefully would join a winger or a supporting striker to help out Toni next season as we have focus too much on Ribery this season, as our tactic becomes too predictable. Pandev had been the choice on the right for us in 1st half this season, but media attention becomes faded away in the 2nd.

    I think Podolski is getting better and better. We shouldnt look at which teams that Podolski scored against. We should look at how the goal was scored. Some of the recent goals that Podolski scored. Any major European wouldnt have stopped it either.

    Shevchenko was an excellent worldclass striker at AC Milan and I think he can recover his form at Bayern if we target CL next season, since we have plenty of Italian stars to guide him, Toni and the upcoming Gattuso and Barzagli. On the other hand, Mutu wont be a bad choice either, actually a better choice than Shevchenko, but Mutu would be more expensive and Forentina had qualified for Europe next season and I am sure that they would want to keep all their star players including captain Mutu


  • That's why he scored against Schalke, Bremen, St. Petersburgh, Hamburg,... I guess?

    He can only score and play good matches against weak teams. But that's good, because Schweinsteiger doesn't even play well against weak teams ;-)

    And why are you certain that Barzagli will come? because we already have 4 CD's en we need a fifth one? 8-)


  • Guys, what you think If Gattuso comes it is better for us to sign right attacking midfielder or a player like Deco? By the way today there were news in Russia that Bayern is interested in Timoscshuk!!!

    As for Barzagli, we really don't need spend money for CDs this season...


  • 12/05/2008 17:23
    Bayern München: Strengthening This Summer?
    Despite their recent domestic double, a long series of shaky UEFA Cup performances this year have indicated that Bayern will have a long way to go if they are to challenge for next year's UEFA Champions' League title. Although they are on pace to set a record for fewest goals allowed in a Bundesliga campaign with 20 in 33 matches, the Bavarians allowed a surprising 18 goals in just 14 UEFA Cup ties. With current coach Ottmar Hitzfeld set to make way for Jürgen Klinsmann at the end of this year, all eyes will be on the newcomer to lead his team to success in Europe.

    Once reunited with several members of his Germany side that took 3rd place at the 2006 World Cup, Klinsmann will most likely adopt his tried and true 4-1-2-1-2 formation - a significant change from Hitzfeld's conservative 4-2-2-2. This formation change will make Bayern more versatile on the attack, providing central attacking options and allowing them to link the two wings through a central attacking midfielder. In increasing his midfield's versatility Klinsmann will hope to relieve the pressure on French left-winger Franck Ribéry while also making the Bayern attack less predictable. On the other hand, the single man in the defensive midfield will have a great deal of pressure on his shoulders. In order to avoid the woes they suffered in Europe this year, Bayern may need to make a few transfers, particularly in the midfield.

    Central Concerns

    While many attribute Bayern's lack of European success to poor defending, the reality is that the Bavarian back four (and 3-4 of their substitutes) are as good a defense as any in the world. The real problem has been in Bayern's central line. The Bavarians have had problems maintaining possession in the attacking half, mostly because they have left Ribéry isolated on the left without a central attacking partner for him to work with, and their right wingers have tended to lose the ball easily.

    In the UEFA Cup matches in which Bayern allowed more than 1 goal: Ribéry was completely neutralized by a being doubled up upon, or even sandwiched by three defenders, often resulting in a counterattack for the other side that holding combination Zé Roberto and Mark van Bommel were often unable to stop. Thus, the two major positions that Bayern needs to improve are the holding midfield and the right wing, and perhaps the centre attacking midfield.

    Although Marseille midfield anchor Lorik Cana was linked with Bayern earlier this year, the Bavarians have seemed to prefer the more experienced Gennaro Gattuso. The latter, often called the "Snarling Dog," is a tenacious, defensive-minded and has expressed interest in leaving AC Milan. According to recent reports, Bayern have offered him a 33% pay increase and are in the final stages of negotiating a transfer fee with Milan.

    On the right wing, there may and may not be any changes. Current right-winger Bastian Schweinsteiger lost his favored left side role with the coming of Ribéry, and has faced heavy competition from Turkish international Hamit Altintop. Although Schweinsteiger has been a shadow of the figure he was at the 2006 World Cup, many hope that Klinsmann will once again bring the best out of him as well as out-of-favor striker Lukas Podolski. Still, Klinsmann may opt to move Schweinsteiger to the central attacking role he played during his youth, where he'll receive stiff competition from 18-year-old wonderkid Toni Kroos. From the lack of right wing transfer rumors, it's probable that Klinsmann will be content with his current options of Schweinsteiger, Altintop, and José Ernesto Sosa.

    Looking Ahead

    When all is said and done, we can expect Bayern to have a new defensive midfielder and possibly another right-winger. If the latter comes, we can expect to see the departure of Sosa or Altintop. The rumored departures of Schweinsteiger, Podolski, and defenders Lúcio, Philipp Lahm, and Willy Sagnol are unlikely to occur, as general manager Uli Hoeneß has repeatedly stated his commitment to keeping Bayern's stars at the Allianz Arena.

    Therefore we can expect to see Klinsmann at the helm of a Bayern team with both quality and depth. The main questions are whether he will be able to bring the best out of Bayern's youth and struggling stars, and whether his tactics will make Bayern a consistent and dynamic threat not only in the Bundesliga, but also the UEFA Champions' League. Another exciting season at Bayern awaits this autumn!