Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • i also saw on that barca will choose either ribery or tevez to play for them, but i dont believe tribalfootball s articles sometimes they r not true


  • im sure ribery will stay for one more year, as he contract still runs till 2011 i guess, but after another season, he may force his way out to a bigger sure he knows the team cannot pose a serious threat for the ucl winner this season, and that he will choose to bide his time for another year.....


  • On Ribery, I think there is always a possiblity that a major European clubs would keen to sign him. Thats not strange to me. He is definitely one of the best wingers in the world today, if not the best. And if I were a player, I would like to join a club where they can win the best trophy, Champion League. So I am also not surprised that if Ribery would like to Barcelona.

    Personally, I hope that Ribery will stay with us and also we could strengthen our squad in order to keep Ribery and Lahm within our squad.


  • well a big problem, with these big teams, is that, they represent an attraction for ambitious players, but not all of them can succeed at that club.....for example henry: he was an idol at arsenal, a legend, but he chose barca, hoping he could win a trophy for which he would have felt he had contributed....but that hadn't happen so far, and it might not happen this season exchange, he hasn't showed the same skills, tehnique, power and accuracy of shot, that he showed at the fact, that he isn't the a leader of the team, as he used to be at can take ballack case for another example....he left bayern, for more money and a bigger chance to lift up trophies but he didn't manege that at chelsea neither....but ribery still has a point: it doesn't matter how much u fight on the field, of how much hard work u put into, if u play in a team with average players, ur chances to can compete for big trophies are still small.....

    and there is another factor that adds to the equation: let's face it, we aren't a lucky team....luck hasn't appear on our street often the past years....(except the getafe match....)


  • But also, when you look across Bayern's squad, there isnt much quality on the bench except Borowski and Altintop. Otherwise, we made up of very medicore players, although I agree that luck means a lot in Champion League especially in the knockout stage.


  • Podolski has confirmed his departure this summer to Koln for 10mil Euros on a 4 year deal. If I have to sum up transfer for Bayern so far, we have signed Olic from the free market and then sell Podolski to Koln for 10mil Euros. In addition to the fees that we got from Jansen and Schlaudraff, we have already had around 22-23mil Euros surplus. Even if we are expected to sign Tymoschuk for 15mil Euros, we probably still have around 7-8mil Euros in surplus.

    In recent interview, Hoeness also hinted that Bayern is interested in Baumjohann. Again, I would put him as a highly regarded talent player, but not an established worldclass player. Hopefully, Klinsman and Hoeness fulfilled their promises of bringing worldclass players in Bayern this summer to convince Ribery to extend his contract with us. Furthurmore, Bayern is also hinted that they might sell Lucio to AC Milan. I think the deal would be around 8-10mil Euros. If thats the case, Bayern might take back Hummels as potential backup with Breno, Demichelis and Van Buyten all challeneging for 2 central defender spots.

    With all these money raised from selling key players, I think Hoeness can easily put on a 30-35mil Euros bid on Benzema. I hope that Bayern can bring in both Benzema and Gourcuff this summer. I think both will cost us around 50mil Euros. With the additional 8mil Euros in transfer surplus plus the 8-10mil Euros raised from sale of Lucio to AC Milan, we just need to put in an extra 30mil Euros to secure these deals.

    As a result, my take is that in order to keep Lahm, Ribery and stars, we need to stay competitive on sports front. But Bayern isnt like Premiership clubs and Barcelona which all of them are running into huge amount of debts. Therefore, my suggestions are as follow:

    In: Olic (Free); Benzema (35mil Euros); Gourcuff (15mil Euros); Tymoschuk (15mil Euros); Hummels (Free); Oddo (3-5mil Euros)
    Out: Jansen and Schlaudraff (13mil Euros); Podolski (10mil Euros); Lucio (8-10mil Euros); Sosa and Kroos (out on loan); Sagnol (retirement)

    Squad will be:
    Keeper: Rensing, Butt and Kraft
    Defender: Oddo, Lell, Lahm, Demichelis, Van Buyten, Breno and Hummels
    Midfielder: Schweinstger, Borowski, Ribery, Gourcuff, Tymoschuk, Altintop, Van Bommel and Ze Roberto
    Striker: Toni, Klose, Benzema and Olic

    I think this squad will make us quite competitive in Champion League, although backline looks a bit weak to midfield and forward. What do you think?


  • its good that podolski is going because he never played in bayern he barely played few games! i hope he'll be the next captain of koln!


  • I really hope that this summer we'll see a long list of players leaving Bayern and allowing room in the starting lineup for plenty of proven young and mostly German talent:

    OUT: Sagnol, Lucio, Ze, van Bommel, Sosa and Pold
    IN: Hummels, Breno, Kroos and maybe someone like Baumjohann or Marin


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">From your 5 players there are only 2 players who have proven something (Hummels and Marin) the others haven't</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    I think Breno did a good enough job and we have no chance of seeing someone like Helmes any time soon in the bayern lineup.


  • some good and experienced player would be inter `s mancini, affordable and great skills, i think if we manage to get some class players ribery will know whos amongst the best teams in the world, defensively i think if lucio leaves we should try getting chelsea s unused alex or if breno is trained good enough we should introduce him to starting line ups


  • Of course, thats what Hoeness and Klinsman had been saying throughout the entire season. Sign quality player to convince existing star players to stay. But unforunately, this doesnt seem like the case now.


  • I dont know how Bayern hasn't shown interest yet
    in the Super talent at Ajax Luis Suarez.
    He is the type of forward that can blend in perfectrly in
    the Klinsmann system...

    Barcelona has already shown interest in Suarez.

    Either Bayern don't have enough funds OR
    the scouts have been doing a horrible job !
    I think the second option is the real problem here.
    Cheers !


  • I think Bayern's scouts network is nearly worldclass. We have plenty of scounts throughout Europe and Southern America. Unforunately, we cant able to get hold of some of our talent discoveries, such as Tevez and Aguerro


  • Dear Fans,

    I have a different kind of suggestion today !!! :8

    Because we love FC Bayern we always try to find suggestions on how things can be better for the team...

    But in our haste, sometimes, we forget to appreciate
    the talent that we have at the club and the efforts
    that the administration had put to build this team.

    Bayern invested 70 million in the summer of 2007 !

    On a different note, we are loosing Willy Sagnol, whose value is around 9 million,
    and Lucas Podolski whose value is approximately 13 millions.
    This team has real expensive talent that continues to grow. We have as valuable of a team as any big club.

    Therefore, my suggestion of the day IS:
    * Let's appreciate the talent that we have on the team
    for the rest of the second part of the season.
    And support them with full heart the best way we can !

    On this occasion I would like to dedicate this great song
    to everyone on the forum:

    Hoping that we will be celebrating more Successes at the end of the season in May !

    Regards to all,
    - Sari

    PS : Cisco I really like your "Coexist" banner mon ami !
    I think it is splendid and is remenisent of group and team
    spirit :)


  • well reading the posts before me, i can't help from saying that some of us like to dream with eyes wide open: sagnol isn't worth 9 milions anymore, poldy its a done deal to koln, from the summer, and i saw that there were suggestions of benzema, or gourcouff for around 50 both.....well mates, if anyone thinks that we have a chance to buy gourcouff for only 15 millions, is*******not being milan will never let gourcouff out for only 15 millions, and where benzema stands, he will be keen on moving to barca/real/manchester/chealsea/milan before picking us, unless ribery can do wonders and persuade him....but if that will be the case, i doubt that greedy hoeness will dare to spend more than 30 millions for a player after spending those 70 2 years for lucio, why the hell sell him for 10 millions?either we should receive much more, or loan out, breno or hummels again, and sell buyten...if we want to be realistic, i think our only great signing this summer may be tymoschuck....

    and if suggestions are open try this:
    sell the schwein for no matter how much and buy tiago neves as a right winger....he will need some time to adjust but he's far better than schweiny....his shots are more accurate and powerfull, his dribblings are more better, his passing more precise and the most important thing: HE IS MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE QUICK THAN der schwein.....


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">
    PS : Chrisco I really like your "Coexist" banner mon ami !
    I think it is splendid and is remenisent of group and team
    spirit :)</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------
    Thanks ;-)


  • I think in a global meltdown like today, we can get players a lot cheaper than we think. Some of the clubs might even go bankcrupt as they have loads of debt. And there is no way that they could re-finance their debt. Anyhow, I think we could get quality players for cheaper value than the press said.