Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • isaw so too on goal .com but i think he wont leave as he recently said he wants to stay, sometimes media r just inventing stories after some great performances from players


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">I think we should sign Diego from Werder Bremen. He will help us to grow stronger in midfield. With Diego, Schweinstger and Ribery in midfield, Tymoschuk as defensive midfielder. I think we would have a worldclass midfield to challenege Barcelona and Man Utd. Ze Roberto, Van Bommel, Borowski and Altintop as subsitute. Loan Ottl, Kroos and Sosa out.

    In central defence, we have Lucio, Demichelis, Van Buyten and Breno. Get Andreas Beck as right defender. He is the newly German International. He completely isolated Ribery when we played against Hoffenheim at home. Beside, he wont be too expensive either - probably only around 5-7mil Euros. Move Lell to left side to cover Lahm if necessary.

    Up front, we should sign Ibisevic from Hoffenheim. He is definitely a chance grabber. I think he would be less expensive than Gomez but with very similar quality.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    the only problem with these players is that they are reaching their full potention this season, and in that team....they won't be showing off half the performance they put in, in any other team than hoffenheim....they are a unity, and don't really rely on individuals,with some exceptions( demba ba, carlos eduardo) for beck....the kid can defend, but can he move forward? can he help the attacking phase?
    as for ibisevic......there were a lots of strikers at average teams in Buli, that showed they had what it takes in front of the goal....but they rarely confirmed in a bigger team, and were hardly given the chance to move to a top team....except pizzaro, when was brought from werder to bayern, in 2001 i guess......


  • geoldes : Agree with you on part of ibisevic's comment, but I see ibisevic differently than the other strikers. When you look at the goals that he scored over the past year in Bundesilga, some of them are quite quality goals. He single handly puts the ball inside the net, where previous strikers were lucky enough to score 10+ goals per season.

    On Ribery, so far, Barcelona and Juventus have been linked with him, but I really dont see Ribery leaving us until his contract over. But I hope he can stay beyond 2011. I wish Hoeness understands the urgency of keep Ribery for Bayern, so I hope that he can quickly negotiate a contract extension with Ribery by the end of the season and keep him for an extra 2 seasons until 2013.

    For Bayern, I think they need to think bigger than we think today. We need to sign at least another worldclass player. I hope that we should sign Diego for 15-20mil Euros and possibilly a right defender for 10mil Euros. Spending 30-40mil Euros isnt a lot to ask for when we have already pocketed more than 25mil Euros from sales of Schlaudraff, Jansen, Podolski and Hummels.


  • the thing with diego, is that he can play great up front, but still, he is able to come back, when he has too, and thats sth great for a midfielder....he can play both CM and attacking midfielder, and thats why he's really great....not to mention his skills.....besides that, his crossings and free kicks......


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">

    diego doesn't fit in our system, I can't imagine anyone who will run for him, is he
    accepted enough in a team of class players to let him be the playmaker of Bayern?
    That's psychologically not handable.

    Dario Srna, yet captain of Shachtjor Donezk in Ukraine, he can play right defender and midfielder, as well as central. Interesting man.

    Hoeness has denied the feasibility of a Zhirkov move blaming the financial crisis which
    could also very well be a bluff in my eye. (Remember he haggled about Tymoschuk before, and saved 4m €)

    Goalie Rumors:
    There is still the notion of a possible Enke move after the season , that was in the papers months ago and seems to boil up again, he would be cheap in comparision to his reputation (small club, one year left, Bosman exit clause when Hannover would be relegated)
    Still the name Artur Boruc won't disappear either, but yet nobody can tell if that's just vague creation of the papers, and both goalie rumors could bear on Rensing's insecure and calamity figure so far.

    So there are a lot of names in the pot, unfortunately no mentioning of a fourth striker who is needed when having a long, endeavoring season ahead.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    of Srna, i must say, he is indeed a quality player, one that would be and is needed in our squad....but i doubt that an english team won't buy him in the summer....

    of diego: a team with 2 play makers its not sth long as they can work up ribery in the same squad with diego, its a good idea, only if we have a proper defensive midfielder, which we have with tymoschuck....besides that, diego can, play as well the center midfielder role, if its needed, and he does fall back to grab balls, and create attacking opportunities....
    Enke: sounds good, because of the experience he have, and of course, he is a good keeper...the problem lies wether the board and the coach wants him or not....but swamping keepers isn't sth bad either...meaning getting adler or neuer, and dropping rensing...the problem is the money we would get for rensing.....


  • Very interesting post friend :))

    I agree with you on 2 things;
    - Hoeness is playing his expert poker hand in regards to Zhirkov... this makes me think that the transfer is more than possible.
    Bild is the most reliable source, they were the ones who predicted Klinsmann's arrival first.... (Moreover moving Lahm to RB will benefit the German national team, as there are many candidates for the left flank but few for the right)

    - Diego will be surplus, especially if the playmaking duties are offered only to Ribery (which is the right choice by the way!) Klinsmann has finally made up his mind in not sharing playmaker duties (first rational step in ages) that's why we saw Ribery having more touches on the ball in Lisbon and he played the ball more than any other player....

    As for the goalkeeper role, Enke is definitely not the solution.... He is a one dimentional keeper and is towards the twilight of his career.... The possibility of Cameroon keeper Kameni comming to Bavaria is more than real according to the player's agent... his team will probably get relegated and he is a free agent...
    A little reminder, when Bayern were looking for a replacement for Kahn in case he was gonna retire back in 2006... The club was following Sebastian Frey very closely as he has a closer style to Khan than many others. The only problem, he has prolonged his contract at Fiorentina and this may be a tactic to get more money for him.... I wonder if Hoeness will be generous enough and splash the cash.... We will have to see... !

    - Sari


  • enke would be great i think lot of experience in german football and also some callups with national team, kameni is great too i ve seen him play soem time, if he come for free its always OK ,

    about some other players i would suggest kuyt for attack as he just said his future s uncertain with liverpool & apart from that as for middifeld i would suggest milan s ambrosini , great pace, determination, and also he doesnt play very much at milan which would make it a bit more possible for a transfer


  • I saw that Klinsman is invested in getting Zhirkov. But I dont want Klinsman to buy Zhirkov to replace Ribery. I hope that we could have both in our team and thats will make us stronger


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">…ear-barcelona-deal-report</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Don't know what to say about that article's validity.
    I need found a same article in German on that topic, among the mentioned BILD AM SONNTAG website.

    It would prove my beliefs in the theory that Barcelona takes Ribery for swap deal with Hleb and maybe some other player plus a proud sum of money.
    And the sum could be invested in Zhirkov to replace him.

    It's the best thing to sell him now, if he won't expand his contract.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    please when you have news about it post it... u never know the trustworthyness of these sites...

    but i hope he stays..even if some declarations of him that fit more to a club owner r president piss me, he's by far the best player we have..the only one i think,that its able to change the course of a game


  • Bayern seriously needs to sign some quality players. I mean we have lost 3 games and tied 1 for the past five matches in Bundesilga. I dont know if we will win Bundesigla again, but I wish we could be in the top three so that we could challenege Champion League again.


  • if that's the case, and ribery will go, i for one, can't blame the player....with these bunch of unprofessionals in charge of the team, it's hard to motivate a player like him, and even more, to seem serious when your stating that " our goal is to go far in the Champions League"....this season already seems to be a catastrophy, but losing our best player will be even worse...
    hopefully the summer will bring a new breeze at the club, and things and people will change to the better.....


  • thats true , also also how can we afford to make ribery stay if we put in an attacker which is better if he s not on the pitch :( im really disgusted by donovan s performances he showed nothing at all AND if klinsi & co says they want him as an attacker for next season i think they would be sent out haha

    luckily they wernt included in CL


  • i read in spanish media that the whole ribery thing is tricky cuz in BILD too in another interview not so long ago he declared he was staying and that money wasnt the thing that interested him, and thta fans could be sure he will stay and that it was about bayern winning....

    we will see


  • Everybody understands that. But then Hoeness will be the next president of Bayern Munich, so his way of managing the club will still be imposed. I wish Bayern can have a new management team to work along with Klinsman.

    I think we need a few more players in order to be competitve in international level as well as domestically. We dont have enough quality in backups in order to compete in three fronts. I hope Bayern can sign a right defender for next season and also an attacking midfielder/winger. Zhirkov is the latest player who is linked with Bayern. I hope that we could sign someone like him and then we will have a competitive midfield.


  • I would sell Ribery, I'm tired of him being all: i may go or i may stay, then I'll stay for the fans, then maybe i will go....
    I'm starting to get annoyed by him, be loyal or not, but don't play games....
    I say let him go and with the money buy Zhirkov and Marin, and do NOT take Hleb as part of the barcelona deal!

    then : Rensing-Lahm,Lucio, Demichelis,Zhirkov-Marin,Tymoschuck,Baumjohann,Schweini-Toni, Klose( Olic)


  • what will be will be....its not the end.....hopefully, letting ribery go, will also mean, big changes in the board and management also.....