Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • and now in spain they say bayern would offer 15million for Sneijder... i don't think madrid will let him go, but it would be a great signing


  • Personally, I dont think Sneijder will be too useful for us as we have already plenty of covers for his position. In fact, I would prefer Bayern signing a quality winger instead. More importantly, we need to fix up our defence ahead of next season as we are already too many balls at the back now.


  • sneijder was originally a bayern target some time ago before getting ribery if he comes it would be great ALSO hleb was one of these targets


  • well....i can't help it to mention but, i'm quite jealous on arsenal....
    why? because they have many young and talented players, and it's already a tradition for them to keep their squad young, and be successful....
    last game, the young striker Nicklas Bendtner scored two goals, and looks, if there's a young striker to be brought, i must say he's the one.....
    or the brazilian striker Marquinhos, currently with Palmeiras....both can become great strikers if signed, and given the chance....


  • yes its true arsenal youn squad is very very good , BUT in my opinion we should bring young players for bayern especially attackers as they will end up in the bench , unless we dont get some player like milan s pato


  • both Bendtner and Marquinhos, especially the last one, show that they got more than what it takes in becoming " world class" the brazilian player can play equal as a right winger too, position where we severely lack....he's turning 20 this year, so he has all the time in the world to grow, both as skill, and phisical part, and especially on the mental one as we already have breno and lucio.....

    As for Bendtner, he's 21, and will be the ideal replacement for toni....he got both phisical and techniqal qualities to become a great he plays(and he does it very good) for Arsenal which says currently enough.....


  • bro is a gunner, and he says that ususally brendtner is self thinker when hes going to do sth, hes not mucha colective player..that is whart fits to bayern..and to any team...i think having a system and a plan is what we miss this season, so is fundamental to have players that may adapt and create sth coelctive

    as for the brazilina guy, yeah agree that south american "discoveries" have been quite a disaster..excepting demichelis, ze and lucio...but young guys...CUAK anyway..i hope we are lucky and maybe find a good one..but thing is... it seems they have to be like "experienced" in other euro team cuz it looks we are not a good school

    anyway..Arsenal is full of young talented players..french ones and all..and they work..but..arsene is the one that makes the difference there.a.nd..i dont think arsenal is letting go wny of the players he thinks are important for his squad


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">wow - did you actually see him play ever besides his goals on quick TV coverages?
    He was overrated. Extremely overrated.

    1. Why?
    2. Again why and especially how?
    3. He was never that much of a leader like Matthäus, Effenberg or Kahn.
    4. Why is it Bayern's best formation? We disqualified from the Champions League's first playoff round for more than 3 years in a row with that formation.
    There is a lot for Bayern to change but it's not solved signing Ballack and go back to old-fashioned times.
    5. That is all what he ever was, someone without a true position in a system, he wasn't a playmaker, he can't dribble or play quick one-touch football, he was like a forward who isn't a forward. A third attacker, as we lacked good forwards. Egocentric, egomaniac
    seaking approval and fame. Not worth changing and setting the system on him.
    And I am not a "Bommel" sympathizer at all, but unlike him he is a defensive-oriented central midfielder, so the comparison is misleading!

    Again, summing up: Nobody needs Ballack. ANYMORE
    Old, SLOW, overpaid, PAST HIS CAREER SUMMIT, evil exit in the past (grudges) --------> dubious character.

    And further: Rumors were absolutely denied by his agent/lawyer yesterday. They are looking to extend his contract, and he has an option to extend it himself for a year.
    In 2007 Balack said in the big German newspaper, the "Express" from Cologne,
    he would "never return to Bundesliga, it is out of question": So doesn't that say anything about his character, now that Chelsea wants to get rid off his old, overpaid players he'd be willingly to join?
    I wouldn't even think Ballack to be so phony. Nor our management (by all its faults) to be so dilettante.
    Sad enough for some to cry for his return.

    Please, keep his picture underneath your pillow, but get it out of your head he would even want to return, he didn't even enjoy his time here nor does he seem to know that he'd ever had his adidas contracts without US, BAYERN MUNICH. No gratitude comes across.

    What we need is young players with a future, which is already hard enough to find in our price </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------


    Couldn't stop laughing at this post there is so many things wrong with it, that I would have to quote every part of it and try and explain it to you.

    I will try,

    1. If Ballack is overrated then why was Ballack the vice captain of Bayern?
    2. If Ballack wasn't a playmaker then ho he German player of the year 3 times in 4 years beating the likes of Kahn, Vandervaart,Makaay and Koller.
    3. Ballack is not old :D He is much fiiter than van bommel and the rest of the Bayern team, eg he always covers the most ground for both Germany and Chelsea and he has a six pack. :)


  • On transfer, I think no one here would argue that we need more quality players especially worldclass players in order for Bayern to compete in all three competitions next season.

    There are a few updated interested player for Bayern:

    Bayern is interested in Gökhan Gönül from Fenerbahçe

    Bayern is also interested in Michael Bastos from Lille

    Obviously, no one knows how accurate these transfer rumors are, but the fact is that they are keen on bringing a right defender or a left defender. This is the key. At least Hoeness is able to see that we are lack of back up in both areas.


  • I think Bayern can sign a lot of quality players this summer if they want.
    A lot of clubs in Premiership and Spainese league are aiming to sell some of their players to pay down the debt like Valencia, Chelsea, and Arsenal (if they cant get into the top 4 at the end of season). I think we have plenty of opportunities to sign quality players. I hope that Hoeness takes advantage of current situation, just like the Italian scandal two seasons ago, which we didnt take any advantage of the teams like lurging players away from Juventus and AC Milan.


  • I think we could definitely sign some big name players if we want to, but again, we should consider quality players instead. When you look at the statistic and scoring ability of Michael Bastos who can play as left midfielder/ left defender/ right midfielder, he is definitely playing better than Van Der Varrt at Real Madrid or even Malouda at Chelsea.

    For me, after signing three new players Bayern needs to sign 2-3 more players given if Ribery remains and Oddo goes back to AC Milan. The first position would be a right defender or left defender if we could move Lahm to the right. The second position would be a right winger/ attacking midfielder. The third position could be a central defender.

    My suggestion for right/left defender is Michael Bastos; for right winger/attacking midfielder is Zhirkov; for central defender is Alex/Carvalho from Chelsea


  • Alex will be a good leader for our defence. Lucio and Demichelis should remain and Breno will be our up and coming defender.


  • Unforunately, if Alex does come, one of our existing central defenders might force to leave unless Klinsman change our system to 3-5-2 formation. Otherwise, it would be pretty obvious that at least 2 central defenders wont get regular playing time