Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • I watched the game against Barcelona, and I noticed a few things.
    First, Ribery... Bayern should never sell him, on the contrary, Bayern should buy a worldclass midfielder, I prefer a right winger, to put off all the pressure on Ribery.
    Second, Sosa had a good game tonight, and the past few were good too. I think Bayern should give him more chances, more than Schweinsteiger, who shouldn't be playing as a right winger, he should be moved to the center or the left side.
    Third, buy a right back, someone like Lahm, who is good on the defense as well as on the offense. Maybe a left back, but Lahm is playing on the left for Bayern the whole time, so let him play there, and buy a right back, and never let Lell to play, he is ridiculous.
    Fourth, sell Ottl, no need of explanation.
    Fifth, Toni is a player that needs support by another striker by his side, and Klose is the perfect match, Toni did well against Barsa, but he obviously needed Klose!!!

    That's the two transfers Bayern really needs. Goalkeeper and an additional striker would be a BONUS :-) And it's getting crowded in the midfield (especially if Ze stays for another season or two) with mediocre players, someone besides Ottl should leave too.

    Right back
    Worldclass midfielder
    Striker (Bonus)
    Goalkeeper (Bonus)

    Lell (maybe leave him to play backup, never first team)
    Rensing (if a keeper comes)


  • --

    @ davud87,

    It is unfair to keep Ribery in a team that is gonna be going into a rebuilding
    and reshaping process....

    It is Bayern's responsibility to let him go,
    and it is Bayern's righteous right to cash in on maximum value...
    maybe 40-50 million euros at least.

    He is leaps and bounds beyond his teammates, as much as I love my team,
    and Ribery in particular.... It is unfair to keep a supernatural 26 year old talent
    with us at this particular moment in time....
    He is simply 10 times more gifted than his teammates and he cannot keep on
    carrying the team on his shoulders... He needs help.....!
    And since no world class players will come in next season.
    It doesn't make sense to keep Ribery along with far less talented players...!

    Moreover, with very regular/unexceptional signings like Olic and Timoshuk,
    the team will hardly change.... In fact I predict those 2 signings to be flops like
    many others in the past.... (the list is too long)

    The squad is aging, Toni is past his prime. So is Klose.
    With the sale of Ribery the money can be used to get 4 good players
    including a GK, RB, LM and ST.

    This is if you are looking at the picture in a very objective way,
    putting emotions aside and forgetting that I am a lifetime Bayern fan :)

    - Sari 11

    ps: in fact i am replaying his goal in my mind and the tune
    "oooh champs elysee" keeps playing in my head... the one they played
    right after he scored....! He is just a wonderful man and has been a great
    servant for FC Bayern.... He gave his all on the pitch today.


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">But is hard they understand..u have 2 groups of players:

    In-fashion players: the ones everybody mentions from average clubs, that are usually "blowed-up" by press with specutlation of good transfers, but that yet havent proved anything in any big club. This guys usually end up as avergae players in the big leagues (its way different that a complete average team bases all their plays in the player, than being in a big team with others that are better or as good as u, with whom u have to share the bal, and adapt to a real system)

    Worldclass: guys that simply fit in any team, that do their job perfectly and wisely, that are gifted, but that were never "starlets" in a little club..and if they where, they didnt belive they were in the top of the world...until THEY PROVE THEMSELVES in a big team ----> success!</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Very mature thinking and perspective.
    Always amazed by very good female knowledge of football.
    You Must and should coach younger female players Wisita,
    for your vision of the game is a very good and clear one.....
    And don't forget to call the team Bayern and get them Red shirts...

    I wish my other fellow male fans in this forum will revert to posting smart,
    and more mature posts..... instead of bickering and fighting (never discussing!)
    "whether Pele is better than Maradona"....!!! This is an old dance
    and song fellows ! Hitting out at each other and bickering doesn't bring in a fruitful discussion!
    This is not a fighting arena.... The funny thing is that you are all Bayern fans,
    I wonder what you would write if it was a Dortmund vs Bayern Forum !!!!

    Cheers to All and I respect your opinions :)
    just wanted to pass in a comment being the senior citizen between you all !

    Red and White wishes to all, We are gonna win this weekend.
    - Old - Sari 11 ;-)


  • thanks.... :-[

    but...its just what i see...anyone that watches carefully what happens..will say the are guys that really know bout just an spectator ;-)


  • in my opinion there are players out there for us to catch that realy can blooster squad.
    let us also be realestic no C.ronaldo or Messi will want to land in Munich so i suggest:

    Deco can be very usefull signing
    Diego alongside Deco!! we will have very creative center midfield
    and if Ribery stays.... we will have one have real line of creativity with Sosa or altintop at right side

    i think Saviola could be great as 3rd or 4rth choice striker

    as for CB i realy have aproblem finding a Class CB that couls be persuaded to join


  • snd combination between Ribery--Deco--Diego--Sosa/Altintop would be great creative possible realistic midfield that could raise the quality of play times ,ore than it is now with uncreative unsmart midfield with van bommel!!!


  • If I were JK. I would use the same tactical scheme used in the Champ League on Tue 4-4-1-1.
    Play only one stricker. Replace the injured Ze Roberto with Borowski.

    The reason for the formation is that Bielefeld will be playing for a draw.
    You would want to prevent them from having ball possession and would want to
    mark their midfielders.... Also for this particular match. Using crosses from
    the wings could be useful against a shaky defense that has shown
    vulnerability in arial play.

    Maybe Luca Toni can score a goal this way.
    I am praying for that :)

    - Sari


  • What we really need is:

    1. a Right-Back or a Left-Back who is good enough for the starting line-up. If we buy a RB, Lahm will stay left (but then we really need a Back-up LB). If we get a LB, Lahm playes right and is at the same time LB Back-up. Lell is not good enough for the first 11, but as a Back-up in right, good enough (and also cheap, so we would have more money left for the more important reinforcements = trasfer-fees + salaries).
    -> Zhirkov, Rafinha, Dabo, Srna etc.

    2. a RM (or in case of emergency, central OM) who is good enough to take some load of Ribéry and who is more of a play-maker and a team-player (plus does enough defensiv-work).
    -> Hleb (the best option for me and one of the few we could actually get), Van der Vaart

    3. sadly, as it seems Rensing might not after all be good enough as No. 1, a goalie
    -> Enke (good enough and one we really could get), Boruc, Kameni (would be a free trasfer, but he's not really that constant)

    4. a fourth striker (in case of emergency we might survive with Müller as the No. 4)
    -> Gomez (too expensive, but as Toni is getting no younger, he would be a good replacement for the seasons to come), Llorente

    So, if my dream could somehow come true:

    Rafinha/Dabo/etc.--Lucio--Demichelis---Lahm__(or Van Buyten for Demi (or Lucio))
    -------------Tymotschuck--------Ze------------------__(or Schweini for Ze)
    ---------------Klose------Toni---------------------------__(or Olic/Gomez for Klose/Toni)


    Lahm----------Lucio--Demichelis---------Zhirkov__(or Van Buyten for Demi (or Lucio)
    -------------Tymotschuck--------Ze------------------__(or Schweini for Ze)
    ---------------Klose------Toni---------------------------__(or Olic/Gomez for Klose/Toni)

    The Back-ups (not mentioned in the Line-ups):
    Lell (or a new, young LB)
    Van Bommel

    Podolski will be sold anyways and I see no reason for keeping Borowski and definitely not Oddo or Görlitz, who is no better than Lell. The money we got from Jansen is already invested in Tymo, Poldi is going to bring around 10 millions and Görlizt with some luck 2 millions (which would cover getting Hleb), so the ones we would have to pay "extra" are RB/LB (Zhirkov around 14, Rafinha around 12 millions, the rest is a bit cheaper), GK (Enke and Boruc around 8 millions, Kameni would cost nothing) and possibly the 4. Striker (Gomez way to much = at least 25 millions, Llorente less than half of that).

    It would still mean a minus around (15)25 to 50 millions, but because we got the 50 millions from this years CL, we just might survive that.


  • Silva would be too expensive for us. In fact, i prefer us playing someone like Llorente or the Napoli double, because they are more skillful players. We have already had both Klose and Toni who have strong physicals and powerful headers.

    We definitely need a right/left defender for starter and definitely a goalkeeper too. I think Frey would be a good choice as he has plenty of experience and Forentina will be likely to sell him for some cash.


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">thanks.... :-[

    but...its just what i see...anyone that watches carefully what happens..will say the are guys that really know bout just an spectator ;-)</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------


    This is very modest of you. Most fans think with their hearts not with brain.

    Where is chrisco!! He has really give some good players options from the French league.


  • Rafinha is cheap, familiar with Bundesilga and talented but his defensive skill is as bad as Lell. Can we really improve our defence with another crappy defensive winger here? Bastos and Zhirkov are much better