Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • It would be asking a lot of Badstubber at his tender age to play in a big CL game. I feel we do need to add some quality in that area & GK.

    I'm sure Badstuber will come good through experience & game time if given the chance which will be great having another home grown player. :8


  • Van Gaal is trying to convince Hoeness to sign another player- a right defender. I think he is right this time as Lahm is not made for right defender as he loves to cut inside and score from the left hand side. He is more productive on the left than the right. I would say. Gortilz and Lell are really just backup players. I would see if Bayern can sign a right defender before the end of the transfer window. Bosingwa and Srna all ruled out now by Hoeness.

    I would rather us signing a right defender and then put Demichelis and Braafheid as first choice central defender and move Lahm to the left to support Ribery, b/c they have tons of experience playing together anyways.


  • Bayern have just sold Borowski back to bremen :-O

    Why was Borowski alowed to leave knowing bayern will only have tymoschuk and van bommel left who can play in the centre of the pitch. Bayern need to sign a new midfielder- Ballack(although he is injured and wouldn't be able to play for about another 2 or 3 weeks)
    Frings- I think bayern should try and resign Frings as with Tymoschuk they would cover the defence well.

    What other options are out there for Bayern to fill a central/attacking midfield void :-S

    I can only think of Ballack or Frings :)


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Hi cutecarol, i cannot understand why you love the players who have passed their best like Frings & Ballack.

    Yes... Ballack is still good now.... but he is too old for us.... He can play good for 2 or 3 year only. We just can sign him for short term.

    About Frings.... although he is a german, i just don't like him. I think he is just an average player... not more than that.

    I think it would be great if we buy Piotr Trowchoski (HSV), Simon Rolfes (Leverkusen) & Mesut Ozil (Bremen)

    Ballack is not too old and he is miles better than Schweinsteiger and Rolfes. Ballack can play at least another 3 years at the top level. He is extremely fit for 32 years of age unlike Nesta and schevchenko.

    I believe bayern will not challenge for the cl or win the league again until Ballack is brought back to Munich and Hoeness possibly signs a good right back.


  • I think with the sales of Lucio and Borowski we should get Phillip Senderos from Arsenal. They are looking to sell him having plenty of depth in the CB spot. I think he would be a great pick up with a lot of experience. I think Seneros and Demechelis would work well together and he could be a key figure in getting this team far in Europe. Plus the best part is he is still young and could have him for a few years.


  • Senderos isn't the answer buddy - if you remember back to when we smashed Arsenal 4-0 in Munich, most of the goals came through him. It continued in the Premiership, that's Arsenal wouldn't mind off-loading him. :8


  • The only solution to that problem with our defenders is getting young players who develop slowly but surely. (Braafheid) Young players can learn a lot from Demichelis and van Buyten.

    We don't need no Benzema, no Senderos. We'll develop our own team. And in 3-5 years they might count amongst the world elite.


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">The only solution to that problem with our defenders is getting young players who develop slowly but surely. (Braafheid) Young players can learn a lot from Demichelis and van Buyten.

    We don't need no Benzema, no Senderos. We'll develop our own team. And in 3-5 years they might count amongst the world elite.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    I'm hoping so mate :8

    It's teh start of a new era under Van Gaal, let's hope he can bring us the title & a reasonable amount of success & no embaresments in the CL like in Barca last year ;-)


  • After selling Borowski, Lucio, Podolski and Jansen, Bayern has already pocketed of more than 35mil Euros. I hope that we could spend some of those money back in the market, although we did sign Gomez(30mil Euros), Pranjic (12mil Euros), Tymoshchuk (11mil Euros), Braafheid (2mil Euros), Olic(Free), Baumjohann(Free), Gortilz(Return) and Badstuber (Promotion).

    I think we need a right defender as both Gortilz and Lell are not up to standard. Seriously, I think we have a worldclass front line with Gomez, Toni, Klose, Olic and up and coming Mueller. In midfield, Schweinstger, Ribery, Pranjic and Sosa will be the creativity sparks whereas Van Bommel, Tymoshchuk, Baumjohann, Altintop and Ottl will be more of a central midfielder with some going attacking and some going defending. In defence, we have the weakest. In fact, defence used to be our strength back in the days. We have no worldclass player there except Lahm. Demichelis is very inconsistent even though he is very experience defender. Van Buyten was never a worldclass defender even when he was at his best in Hamburg and now obviously, he is not even there even in Bundesilga. Breno was talented but he has shown his lack of match practice and depth when played against Barcelona and Wolfsburg. Therefore, our hope is all lied on Badstuber's shoulder. In addition, we also have a very weak goalkeeper department as Butt, Rensing and Kraft are incapable of challeneging worldclass status.


  • Before the end of the season, many of our players will be out of contract. Here are the lists:

    -Van Buyten
    -Van Bommel

    And obviously it would be nice to extend Ribery's contract too if possible. I think out of the list, there are only a few players who deserves to be extended. Demichelis is deserved if he regains his form in 07/08 season. Altintop could offer some alternative if he is able to be injury-free this season. Other players should be let go.

    Personally, I think we should sign a right defender before the end of the summer and sell Lell for a decent price to a Bundesilga club. For next summer, Toni Kroos will be back for us again. Even if Demichelis extends his contract, we might need to sign another central defender- J. Boateng would be my top pick. For goalkeeper, we could keep Kraft as backup and sign either Alder or Neuer to be our first choice keeper. On top of that, we can also sign a right winger to balance our team out. Move Schweinstger into the middle and play with Tymoschuk.