Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • As I have said a thousand times that Bayern actually did spend quite a bit of money throughout the past few summers. But they didnt spend it wisely. We have wasted many dollars on medicore players like Van Buyten, Ismael, Podolski, Dos Santos, Gortilz, Braafheid, Breno, Sosa, etc. The list actually goes very long, but again, all these players have already cost us more than 50-60mil Euros. We could spend wisely on 2-3 worldclass defenders, like Bosingwa (18mil Euros); Neuer (15mil Euros) and possibilly Howedes (15mil Euros).


  • aalnaeb wrote

    You know this is the problem, you expect us to always win.

    Life is not always about winning, you cannot run a major club by follow your own spending policy.

    I'd love to see what would Real Madrid administration's reaction if they don't win the CL.

    besides hoeness made it so clear that the teams objective is to get the bundesliga and the pokal.

    the CL isn't a priority as much as reaching the elite 8. This is the objective for this term.

    You need to get serious and back to the reality if you want to be a winner.

    I, for example support west ham and FCB. you may think to yourself "who the fuck is west ham, they are a-nothing-club." well to me, both West ham and FCB they mean the world.

    and westham are building up a team to reach their objectives, but there are "in-the-process."

    bayern are in the process too. you should be patient and be always your team's no.12 all the time, whether you win or lose.

    I remember last year, when FCB lost against barcelona, i was in a pub, and I swear to god that I was the only FCB supporter in there, but I stayed 'til the final whistle, and I never left, because I am not a quitter, while everyone was mugging me off about my team's performance.

    i'm not saying you should be like me, but what I am saying is, you should have faith! </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    defeat is part of the game mate but hands down thrashings like the 4-0 5-1
    4-0 to barcelona wolfsbourg zenit are in contrary to what bayern stands for .if you gonna go down go down with a fight and that is enough for me.reality check is good mate but on the other hand think big and you will achieve great things think small and you will be small.
    :-Oi'm not saying you should be like me<span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic"> :-O
    holly molly!
    i cannot be like you mate because for me bayern is uber alles.which team would you quit if bayern was ever to face west ham?</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------


  • If we manage to sign Robben he will take the rigth flank, Ribery the left. I would be really keen to see Schweini play behind the forwards & Bommell sitting in front of the defense :8

    We can then alternate the strikers depending on tactics for each opponent, exploiting weaknesses. We even have alternatives for the AM role with Baumhojan :8

    This signing really does give us a lot of options going forward. :D

    I just wish we had signed a couple of defenders & a GK. :(


  • @Yohanes: my friend, you should be happy for this is the first time you
    and the administration are on song :)) for it seems as if they
    were "listening" to you this time :D:P Glad for you that your prediction
    came correct..... but you must stay humble and not let that get into your
    mind ;) good luck on your next prediction !

    @ All Bayern Fans:
    Congratulations for the arrival of Robben !
    It is a step in the right direction.

    - SARI 11


  • Well Bayern is the only club i support. Of course i want them to win the CL. But to do it at the Allainz Arena will be even sweeter cause us fans will be supporting them. I will always be the 12th man along with the rest of Bayern Munich fans. We will support this club no matter what but we would like to set some high standards and acheiving them. West Ham is a decent club but never EPL contenters. Just make up the nos. Bayern is a top 8 Champions league team. It will be fantastic if we can fine tune it, to be CL winners by buying a couple more players. Rafina and Neuer should be enough. If we can get Westerman or Metersacker it will be even better. Honestly i wish we can buy a player like Hitzerperger and make him captain instead of Van Bommel.


  • @ babyschimmerlos

    :-[ :-[ dont make me blush!


    well...Uli..he bought ROBBEN now...thats great news!

    its really really good ...
    and now..lets hope Uli...reflexes a bit more..and brings a nice member for our defense..RB..GK..dont know..


  • i saw it too for riise, i would prefer vargas tough i think, riise wasnt doing so well for roma these days even tough he scored in their last europa league match, but as a defender he s slow a bit less than van buyten


  • thansk for the info babyschimmerlos :) it would be great if rafinhia signs, it would be much more better than riise & better than vargas too


  • I've always been an admirer of Rafinha.

    Finally we've got lahm back on track!


    How hot is that?


  • much of the people here get their info from, i don't trust this website as it's rumors website.

    but hopefully Rafinha will sign!


  • I am pro rafina but not really motivated for neuer.

    even though he's a magnificent youngman but butt showed class today!


  • i think rafinhia is more likely to come than neuer, some time ago i saw that magath had some 'fight' with rafinhia so he might be able le let him leave even tough he was a starter this weekend against freiburg,

    about neuer i dont think that a club which coems in second place in german football in finances (without seeing babyschimmerlos ` s comment on schalke`s debt) i dont think they will just let leave a huge future talent keeper like neuer when he s still under contract


  • I agree those who says that Butt was magnificent today, and he showed real professionality. i think he is fair enough as number one, if rensing wants to go, we can find another GK. and again, PLEASE MR. HOENESS GO FOR THE RESERVE KEEPER OF ARSENAL IF AM NOT WRONG HIS NAME IS LUKAS FABIANSKI.


  • this is getting red hot...

    but tell me.. im not big fan of gomez i think hes..really nice and all...dont get me wrong..but.yet...wasnt it too much to spend 35 mill on him?

    when we just got robben for 25 and we maybe can get rafinha an neuer .. dont know how much they will cost... its like..too much spending

    i like hoeness to spend but the point we need..not. over flowing a spot until u dont know who to pick and have to get rid also of overrated players as podolski ...

    well..this is getting interesting..perhaps some people will leave us too..who knows?