Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • In fact, I agree that Bayern should bring in right defender instead of left, as Lahm's natural position is on the left. Beside, this will prove that both Pranjic and Braafheid are failure purchase and a waste of another 12mil Euros


  • I see Tonu has been linked with a move to Napoli as well. Think the tiem is right for him to move on, he's not as potent and certainly not playing well enough to get his place ahead of Gomez or Klose.


  • I think Bayern needs to stop buying those useless players like Braafheid and Pranjic. Stop wasting money on players who will never improve our squad as a whole. Now we are after another two left defenders- Joan Capdevila of Villarreal and Fernando Navarro of Sevilla. Both players are experienced national player but they are neither too spectcular. I am afraid that it could be another waste money movement.


  • Beside, there is also rumor saying that Bayern is interested in Alder after his performance against Russia. As Kahn said, the German national keeper always play for Bayern Munich. I think is a matter of time before Alder joining us


  • I'm sure he would do well. Butt is plugging the gap well enough just now. Rensing will never be the answer so we do need to get a GK. Butt isn't exactly young.


  • bring neuer or adler in fcb!!! that's demand of fans, after kahn, its unusual to see foreigner as a goalkeeper!!!

    maybe van gaal decide to make new van der saar from hans-jorg butt:))


  • In order not to get into a financial problems....
    I very truly believe that Bayern has to ONLY sell.... ! I am very serious :)
    During the next transfer window.....

    We are currently number 5 in Europe in the Top 10 Most Expenditure on Transfers 09/10 :

    1. Real Madrid 257.400.000 €
    2. Manchester City 139.300.000 €
    3. FC Barcelona 113.500.000 €
    4. Inter Milan 90.500.000 €
    5. Bayern Munich 74.700.000 €

    The difference between us and Inter is that they are the Top Revenue
    earners from Transfers with 106.000.000 € !!!
    Which gives them a profit of (106.000.000 - 90.500.000) = + 15.500.000 €

    While Bayern have a current deficit of (21.390.000 - 74.700.00) = - 53.310.000 € !!!!!

    At -Minus- Fifty Three million Euros for the season..... I honestly believe
    that this is more than enough and it is time to stop.
    The board has to think of the future and not only of current success !
    Adding a right back or a left back will not make a huge difference....
    The coach has to work with what he has for the season.

    Bayern have always been careful and examplary in handling their budget.
    It is not the time to get carried away and spend, especially that it is not
    clear whether this team can win the Champions League in 2 years or 3 years or not at all !!!!!!

    - SARI :)


  • Bayern were wasting their money since the year they won the champions league.They went out and bought guys like Thiam, Nico Kovac, Karimi,Gorlitz, Hashemian etc. It really hurts to see what management have done .


  • As I have stated earlier that management spent too much money on incapable players, even recently, we have spent too much money on Podolski, Sosa, Gomez, Breno, Pranjic and not counting of signing Braffheid, Schlaudraff, Borowski, etc.

    I agree that Alex will be staying at Chelsea so we will have no chance whatsoever of signing any Chelsea players as Chelsea cant make any transfer in the next few window and they will try the hardest to keep the current squad.

    In the next transfer windows, Bayern must buy a quality keeper of either Alder or Neuer, a right or left defender to balance either side, and possibilly a winger in case of Ribery or Robben getting injuried.


  • Here is the cheapest and most efficient fix for RB.

    Buy Arne Friedrich from Herta Berlin :)

    Herta are going down to the second division no doubt.

    They will be needing money for the tip ! LOL !

    - SARI :D


  • Yes Fedrich is a good buy from Hertha Berlin. So is Adler and if possible get Westerman and Rafilna from Schalke. And play Lahm on the Leftback postion pls!!! It's true, they have been wasting funds since winning the champions leauge throphy, buying players that became flops.

    So far, it is Muller who is doing well and keeping up his scoring rate. when he got sent off, Bayern just collasped. We just need to stengthen our defence. Everyone knows this, besides the management. There are so many quality players who are not playing in the champions leauge esp Adler. If we make it to the next round of the Champions leauge. We have to buy and don't forget folks. Van Gaal must be sacked if the does not win the Bundesliga.


  • I think after recent collaspes in Champion League, I think the first thing is to change the coach eventually as his method is not really working here no matter he is a football teacher or not. Basically, he doesnt work well with Bayern Munich. Klinsman actually gets better results than him in general.

    I think we at least need to sign Alder, Boateng and Mertsacker for next season. And at the same time, we can sell Rensing, Lell, Gortilz, and Breno and possibilly Pranjic.


  • Yes,bbjtin. They need to sign those 3 players you just mentioned.Can you manage FC Bayern pls??? As fans we want success for the club and to do that we must have the right squad.

    Plz we are going to be hosting the Champions leauge final next season. Get these defensive players and the line up is complete although i feel we must get Rafina as well. All these players are not Playing Champions League and this is a factor that can interest them when making a transfer come January.

    We are lucky to win agaisnt Frankfurt.I saw the match and our fellow fans at the stadium are booing the team which i can't blame them for.

    We have to win the champions leauge next season esp with the players we have already. So invest and get those players esp our defence is weak. Once our defence is solid, we can bulid up attacks and get back to the force we were in Europe.