Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • You say you need experience to win trophies. That's correct. But you don't need Ballack to win something, Ballack never won something and won't win anything. A born loser, an eternal nr 2


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic"> You say you need experience to win trophies. That's correct. But you don't need Ballack to win something, Ballack never won something and won't win anything. A born loser, an eternal nr 2</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    mate, don't be so harsh on her, you're crashing her baby dreams ;-)


  • ballacks days are finished.... he was 1 or 2 years tops to play at this level, we need a playmaker, i dont think silva will come at bayern, we cannot compete with real or barca spending sprees.


  • Look and lets get things staight here:

    Assuming Ribery is staying, Bayern should spend their transfer budget on a goalkeeper, a right defender and a central defender. Even if Van Bommel leaves, we have enough coverage within our team like Tymoshchuk, Ottl, Pranjic (even though he played poorly against Freiburg) and possibilly Kroos (although he plays a different role in Leverkusen). We should aim to sign a worldclass striker instead if we are able to fix our defensive line.

    lets do the math here:

    Goalkeeper: Neuer, Buffon, and Frey (Transfer price range would be around $12-20mil Euros as Frey will be a bit cheaper)
    Right defender: Boateng, Srna, Bosingwa (Around $10-20mil Euros)
    Central defender: Alex, Kjaer, Subotic (Around $10-15mil Euros)
    Striker: Mata, Dzeko (Around 25-35mil Euros)

    Rensing, Altintop, Lell, and Gortilz (Free)
    Sosa (5mil Euros)
    Toni (6mil Euros)
    Klose (4mil Euros)
    Pranjic (6mil Euros)

    The max spending that we can endure is around 65-70mil Euros if we do minus the sales of the above players. For next season, we can have a squad of

    Goalkeeper: Neuer, Butt and Kraft
    Right defender: Bosingwa
    Central defender: Van Buyten, Demichelis, Kjaer, Badstuber, Breno (loan)
    Left defender: Lahm, Braafheid, Contento, Alaba (loan)
    Right midfielder: Robben, Mueller
    Central midfielder: Schweinstger, Van Bommel, Tymoshchuk, Ottl, Ekici
    Left midfielder: Ribery, Kroos
    Striker: Gomez, Dzeko, Olic

    This team will compose of 22 top quality individuals. The number of players are just right


  • the options given by bbjtin are quite good, there are a lot of quality players out there that we can buy and complete our squad. Though the options given for goalkeepers I must say that Neur will probaly not want to leave considering Schalkes performance and also that he said that if his team reaches European competitions he will definitely stay and Buffon also confirmed that he would stay at Juve. Our best option is Frey, he is a good goalkeeper, not that expensive and is considering leaving Fiorentina. If Ribery stays and we buy Frey this will have a positive influence on him and he will feel more confortable.


  • Lahm is defensively horrible on the left, you could see that against Argentina and Gutierrez. Offensively he's better on the left, but he's in the first place a defender so let him play on the right .And Van Gaal wants a left footed player on the left side, so stop thinking about Bosingwa or Rafinha because we won't get them.


  • dream on...........mata in germany ? be serious........ neuer will be more than 20 mil for sure........ schalke wont sell him for less than that.........bosingwa? come on


  • I think Neuer will be sold for cheaper than 20mil Euros for sure as he has only 1 year left in his contract. First, he is not even Germany's No.1 keeper. Secondly, for players like Robben and Diego, even at last season's inflated transfer price mainly due to Ronaldo and Kaka's transfer, they are only selling for 24-25mil Euros for a winger or attacking midfielder. So for a goalkeeper, I think the realistic value would probably be $12-15mil Euros at the max with one year contract left if Neuer wants to Schalke.

    Bosingwa- I think we do have a go for him since Chelsea is planning to lure Alves away from Barcelona. But the other thing is that Bosingwa has been injuried for most of the past season so I am not sure if he is ever able to fully recover to his norm eventually. So we need to pay attention to his performance with Chelsea and Portugal


  • I think that Lahm belongs on the right side!
    His left foot is no danger whatsoever, so defenders can ignore him as long as he doesn't cut inside to shoot with his right foot.
    This is something that top-defenders manage easily and are easily able to steal the ball in those situations, when Lahm tries to go past them.

    This often results in a dangerous situation, since then Lahm has to run after his opponent and he is not one of the quickest players when it comes to long-distance runs!

    On the right side he is much more dangerous since he can either make a cross or go past the defender and into the penalty area, where even his weak left foot has to be respected.

    Also he is a much better defender on the right side (which is shouldn't be too surprising)

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  • Today I feel more than sure Ribery will leave... as he didn't initiate contract
    talks as he had previously promissed....

    The next "crunch" 3 weeks that we have are not a determinant whether
    he initiates talks or not... the man wants to control his free movement.
    Therefore, I believe we MUST sell Ribery......
    Use the money for reinforcements.

    With Kroos comming back, we have an additional great winger....
    Unless the coach wants to keep him on the bench !!!

    Concentrating on the defense and the keeper is priority,
    given that we have more players in the offensive sector....

    Goes without saying sell Toni too.... to retrieve some money.
    This way the Ribery Toni adventure will arrive to a happy end.
    A final one without any more guessing work.

    - Sari


  • I think Van Gaal has decided to sell Toni for 6mil Euros to Roma but Roma thinks is a bit too expensive and offer Doni as part of the deal.

    Hoeness still thinks that Ribery has a possibility of staying, so will see. Beside, it is even not 100% sure if Kroos will return or not next season, although Nerlinger hinted that he would like to see Kroos return.

    Personally, I still think that Bayern needs to focus on our defence.


  • I totally agree, our defense is in desperate need of attention. we need to concentrate in our defense and buy quality players for our back. about Toni, I say lets sell him and use the money to buy defenders (with the money raised after selling other players). and the Doni deal is ridicolous, if Roma doesnt want him why should we? I say our best option and the cheapest is Frey. lets see about Ribery, hopefully Madrids poor performance has made him realize that he can achieve much more with Bayern. Hopefully Barca and Chealsea will be knocked off the CL and this desiuade him from leaving us. Kroos must come back, he is a quality player and bayern material.


  • Unless Ribery is leaving, there is no need to buy Navas. I think Bayern needs to sign the following players:
    -Dzeko or Tevez

    Then we will have a complete squad to challenege three competition


  • Navas is a great winger, but again, if Ribery is staying, we dont need Navas. Unless Ribery declares that he doesnt want to renew his contract with us, then Navas would be a great addition. But otherwise, we should focus our capital in defence