Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Forget the srikers. Lets see a goalkeeper, a right back, another full back and a real defensive midfielder, not Timo.... maybe even see someone like Vidic and Buffon and say goodbye to Rensing, Lell, Gorlitz, Ottl and Sosa since Toni won't return.


  • 3 would be fine. A CB like Vidic, a Goalkeeper like Frey and possibly a RB or a striker. No major changes needed, just the priorities.


  • thoth THANK YOU hahahah u absolutely expressed what i think we actully NEED...what urges us to make us better

    forget about strikers


  • @ Charlie: Hope Dembele doesn't come, don't need him. Only Belgian who may come is Lukaku, our 17 year old wonderkid. But Dembele needs 5 chances to score a goal, and as Toth already said: there are more important gaps to fill


  • @ Chrisco, I never said I wanted him to join us. Im just posting the news, this is the transfers and rumours topic after all. I would prefer to sign Lukaku, loan him and if he adapts quickly and show potential then sign him.

    The gaps or priorities as I call them are our defence. A worldclass CB, like Vidic would be ideal. Then a goalkeeper, in my opinion, like Frey, but I doubt this will happen considering Nerlingers faith on Butt. So I recomend sign Akinfeev as our back up, Butt probably has 2 more years of good performance, and then he can take Butts place. Now those two are our main priorities, in my opinion. Secondary we have an RB or a sriker.


  • I think we should focus our resource on a worldclass CB and striker before goalkeeper as Butt is likely to be remained as No.1. If we do sign a top quality goalkeeper, he wont be satisfied of not starting every single game, so i prefer someone young and potential to take over the ring here. But a worldclass CB and striker is needed as those two areas are our weakest for this season


  • As I said,

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Then a goalkeeper, in my opinion, like Frey, but I doubt this will happen considering Nerlingers faith on Butt. So I recomend sign Akinfeev as our back up, Butt probably has 2 more years of good performance, and then he can take Butts place. Now those two are our main priorities, in my opinion. Secondary we have an RB or a sriker. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Butt will probably remain considering that he is somewhat of a fan favorite and Nerlingers faith on him. So that second goalkeeper can be Akinfeev, he will learn in 2 seasons and then take Butts place. The CB has to be Vidic, we can lure him and offer Manchester a deal they cant refuse.


  • I dont believe Akinfeev will come to Bayern as a 2nd choice, as he is the No.1 keeper in both Russia national team and CSKA Moscow. Why will he join us a 2nd keeper? Beside, Akinfeev will probably cost around 12-15mil Euros. I think if we do spend over 10mil Euros on a keeper, he should be the No.1 keeper at least in the beginning of the season


  • At least we can afford to buy in players. Man U due to increased debts are said to be stabalising matters, Liverpool, Arsenal are in the same boat depending on how much they get for Fabregas in the Barca deal. The only teams with seriouys money to play with seems to be Man City (noty in the CL though), Chelsea, Inter, Barca & Real Madrid with us in there amongst them but without any of the debt associated so I have to say I am happy with our current policy & the leaders continuing to stick to our philosophy. If we off load some of the fringe players and Toni we should have sufficient capital to buy in a few good players.

    Butt has improved a lot but I still think a new GK, at least one new CB would make a world of a difference and wouldn't break the bank :D


  • I don't know, i think Demichelis has improved a lot since his blackouts. He is getting more and more stable again, but i think he wants to leave us this summer. So a new CB is indeed needed. Other than that i only see a new backup for Lahm as Görlitz and Lell will leave us. Contento can play as LB next season with Braafheid as backup. If Tymo and Ottl are sold this summer then we need a new DM. If Klose is sold this summer we maybe need a new striker..


  • A CB like Vidic is the main priority. We need worldclass, experienmce and leadership on the back. And we will have to figure out this goalkeeper situatuion eventually, then who do u suggest as 2nd goalkeeper bbjtin??? Butt will probably play for at the least 2 more seasons, what are our options then?


  • Lets look at who we are against this summer for transfer:
    -Man City
    -Real Madrid

    Man Utd has declared to make only 1 major purchase this summer; Liverpool and Arsenal are unlikely to spend big (except Fabregas sales); Barcelona (already purchased Villa and if they buy Fabregas also, then they have little room to spend more); Italian teams (AC Milan, Inter, Roma all wont spend big)

    For us, this is a record year for us in terms of "merchandising turnover, new sponsors and new revenue" said by Hoeness. So I reckon we will spend relatively big this season with or without Champion League title.

    First, I think we should renew both Ribery and Altintop's contract. For Ribery, it is pretty obvious. For Altintop, although he has missed most of our season, his contribution to the team at the end is valuable. Instead of signing a new player who needs to adopt Bayern system, I would rather extend Altintop's contract.

    After being said, Rensing, Lell and Gortilz will leave us on a free transfer. Toni, Ottl, Sosa, Klose, Tymoshchuk and Braafheid should all be sold. With the receipt of 25mil+ Euros for the sold above and 50mil Euros new transfer capital, I think we have a nice 75mil Euros to spend on new players if not more.

    Goalkeeper: Handanovic (8mil Euros)
    Central defender: Vidic (18mil Euros)
    Central midfielder: Khedira (10mil Euros)
    Striker: Dzeko (40mil Euros)

    I think if we have a team like will be on the same level as any team in the world:
    Goalkeeper: Butt, Handanovic, Kraft
    Right defender: Lahm
    Central defender: Vidic, Van Buyten, Demichelis, Breno
    Left defender: Badstuber, Contento
    Right midfielder: Robben, Altintop
    Central midfielder: Van Bommel, Schweinstger, Pranjic, Khedira
    Left midfielder: Ribery, Kroos
    Striker: Olic, Mueller, Gomez, Dzeko


  • "I want to make it clear that I am not planning to leave the club this summer. I will still play at Stuttgart next season," Khedira was quoted as saying by Sport Bild.

    "The club has promised me that we will have a team good enough to play for a place in the top five next term. I am confident that the club will make the necessary signings and that we'll fight for European football again next season."…-this-summer-sami-khedira

    Khedira will probably stay in Stuttgart. On the rest I completely agree, though Handanovic Im not that sure, any other candidates?


  • instead of khedira, i would like zdravko kuzmanovici, though with bommel tymo, schweini, kroos, i don't see a place for another center midfielder...

    as for lukaku, he seems to be the kind of player gomez is; don't forget he's still very young, and playing in a lower competitive league than buli. Besides, we already have muller, that is also young and promising, and probably another 2 strikers, if klose will go; remember how bad it was for podolsky with klose and toni as the starters and him the eternal sub...
    but the most impressive thing about this player is his youth and his playing up till now at one of belgium's top clubs...His main problem is that he may not get a chance at a bigger club, and a flop is almost likely when making such a move(even at older ages, like gomez's case)

    i would like srna and maybe adler as a keeper in...Vidic sounds great as a center defender, but i'm afraid it sounds too good....mertesacker or naldo doesn't sound so bad after all but we'll see...
    maybe some of chelsky's players will be available....