Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • the chance to sign Mbia is a slim chance, since bayern didn't show to be that open to african players in our transfer policies, with the great exception of kuffour of course....


  • These are my recommendations based on this year's performences...
    I am not saying buy them all !!!! lol no ! But they could fit well and contribute at FCB...... Finally, Yohaness I need your assistance and vote
    to market those to Hoeness and the public !!!! Cheers !

    I recommend:

    - Dzeko (Wolfsburg)
    - M. Diarra (Real Madrid)
    - Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow)
    - Shovkovskiy (Dynamo Kiev)
    - Betão (Dynamo Kiev)
    - Milevskiy (Dynamo Kiev)
    - Toulalan (Lyon)
    - A. Friedrich (Herta Berlin)
    - J. Vargas (Fiorentina)
    - A. Domingez (Valencia)
    - L. Suarez (Ajax)

    If I had to choose only 3 from the list I would only pick
    Suarez, Diarra and Akinfeev .....

    This is a matter of taste and it is always subjective ;)
    Cheers for Bayern :)
    - Sari :8


  • Nice options Sari.

    Geoldes that not the right thinking, Bayern can give a chnace to a African player, there are many links to Mbia and who knows. Though Diarra would be a better choice.


  • First of all Van Gaal is a great coach, so what we lost to Inter in the CL final, dont lose hope on our team so soon. We cant be carried away by our feelings, Van Gaal has had a great season so far.

    Too many transfers, we need Vidic without a doubt. And honestly too much Inter apreciation with the Mourhino, Sneijder and Milito comments.......


  • Put ur feelings aside mate, its a horrible lost, but ur just too extreme. Van Gaal has done a great job, tell me do u dislike our football, because honestly I dont, I think it has a lot of potential. Thats over pesimistic attitude wont get us far at all.

    I agree on the old ages, but not all of them are over. We must control our feelings and see things clearly, Van Gaal is the right choice for Bayern.


  • Benedikt Howedes, Arne Friedrich,? Come on worldclass? Too much Inter and Mourhino admitation wouldnt u say? We have a great squad, we dont need Sneijder and Milito. We need worldclass and we will get it somewhre else.


  • Cool !

    Then market - Suarez- for me from my list of "losers" will you friend :))
    Cause that is the Key element missing in a game like tonight
    whereby Bayern would have won the CL ;)


  • Thanks Masupufos.

    We must be realistic and we ccant start wanting all the players of Inter and Mourhino himself. We have a great squad, we played great football and what we need is too improve our defence and a striker. So come one, lets be serious here....

    And yeah Im serious and Im no kid, ur list is a dream list that is just not realistic at all. We have to focus and be realistic here not fall and start wanting Inters players and coach.


  • come on yohanespaschalis. We are all disapointed that Bayern did not win as well.

    Chill dude, we need some steel in defence and we need a world class finisher. Can we try to get Tevez, haha. Anyway the season is over. Let's enjoy the world cup and after that we can decide whom Bayern should get.

    I am sure next season, Chelsea, Barcelona and esp Real Madrid will buy big to win the Champions league. Remember we have done so well to come so far. We played at a arena where their team spent so much on 2 world class players and yet could not even go past the 2nd round.

    I beleive this match has given us new targets. Ribery signed a new contract. We can win the champions league with this manager. Just give him more time.


  • I think we just need to add 1-2 quality central defenders and possibilly sell Demichelis and get a high profile striker like Dzeko. Then, we should be able to challenge Champion League next season


  • Its pretty clear now that bayern needs to improve their defence for next season....

    Daniel Van Buyten to me is just a mediocre defender, who could play at defense ocassionally in domestic matches, not at world's elite level!!

    is not because tonight's that i started to think so....if you watch all bayern's matches you will see of what im talking about...

    I think that the fans, directives and coaches know that... and probably thats why everybody is asking for a world class defender to come...

    In the other hand I want to congratulate all the bayern team...great season!!! despite a slow start, injury blows, media pressure, and a not so good transfer policy (just robben and olic were good), the team won 2 titles, almost won a third one, and definitly set the foundation for a winning cycle for the years to come!

    Great Job Guys!!!


  • I think it's about time the club let Van Buyten go.What Milito did to him for the second goal could have NEVER happened to Thomas Linke.


  • For those who are asking to sack van gal, just remember van gal made what other managers failed to do in the last nine years. we are known to be the best in germany and he achieved that easily, with dfb cup and liga titles, but be realistic, we are hardly between the best 6 in europe. considering inter, real, barca, man utd, and chelsea. so it was amazing and out standing to be in the final while all the mentioned teams (except inter) had finished their european season a month or two ago. thank you bayern, thank you van gal. ok we are disappointed that we didnt win last nite, but lets not be selfish, lets not be dreamers for ever, its nice to dream, but at a certain moment, u have to wake up and start working again. i hope and see that if we stay with van gal and some modifications esp in the CB, we can easily win the CL at home in the arena in 2012. but we have to work, coz no body will give us the trophie for free, just coz its in our arena.

    again, thank you van gal, thanks to each single player and co trainer and doctor and adminstrative employee who made this season better. and above all, thanks to all the loyal fans. nothing could have been so easy without your endless support and love to the best team in the world.


  • van gal made nothing.

    Roben made what other players failed to do in the last nine years.

    Bayern must buy only one men------> Ottmar Hitzfeld

    Muller on the bench, pranjic out, demichelis out, klose out, gomez out.

    Roben, Schweini, Lahm, Olić, But, Buyten, Altintop, Bomel, Badstuber are the best.

    Bayern need only new manager and new defenders and maybe one good attacker to play with olić, muller is good but from the bench, and he is not for big games.

    ...VAN GAL SUCKS...


  • digi
    When you learn to spell our players names correct, then please come back. Morron..

    In his first season with a new game style, a new philosophy, new players and integrating young players he achieved to win the Bundesliga, DFB-Cup and become 2nd in the ChL with a team like this. And you want to sack him? Go support Chel$ea, Man. Shity or Real Madrid! Your NOT a Bayern fan..

    I am so proud of what the team has achieved this season! And the best part is that this is only the beginning because of the potential and talent the team has and that van Gaals philosophy is only just beginning to show.

    And now that Ribéry has signed a new contract, the return of Kroos and 1-2 worldclass signings i see us in the ChL final again very soon!