Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Or do you think Van Gaal might want to switch Van der Wiel to the left? just like Boateng did during WC period?

    Beside, if Bayern is interested in A.Pereira, he will be occuppied on the left side, so maybe considering Van der Wiel in the middle with Lahm on the right?


  • Van der Wiel and Pereira r similar in the way that they r both talented offensively, but somewhat poor defensively. Besides that Pereiras buy out clause is 20 million, personally I dont think its worth it.

    Moving Van der Wiel to the left, to be honest Im not sure if that would work, but then again Wiel is young and could probably adapt. I doubt Pereira will join, I would love to see another Latin in the squad, but I dont see it happening (Pereira joining).

    Oh and by the way Maximilian Haas has been promoted (Im sure u all r aware of this), which means Bayern has 5 CBs, Van Gaal wants 2 men for each position so someone will probably have to go. Lets see Van Buytens contract was extended, Badstuber is very talented and Bayern youth, Nerlinger has a lot of faith on Breno (who is still not fully recovered from his knee injury) or the recently promoted Haas. So bye bye DEMICHELIS :) This also means that no new CB will be signed.


  • Haas has been with our 2nd team for a long time. In fact, it is much older than many expected. He is already 24 years old and is turning 25 later on this year. I am not sure if he would be a nice catch for us or not. I think Demichelis still has his class although his concentration problem still remains. At the same time, Rouven Sattelmaier (goalkeeper) is being promoted.

    Van der Wiel's deal will probably be announced right after the WC. I havent really seen him played throughout the entire WC. For his age, he is very talented, but I am not sure if he is worth 20mil Euros. Nerlinger initally promised to spend 50mil Euros on star players on our way to Champion League Championship, but now, he is saying that we might not need star players. As Robben says, we need depth in our squad especially after an exhausting WC.


  • Nothing has decided yet and I guess transfer market will be active again right after WC is finished.

    To me, I think we need to extend Schweinsteiger and Lahm's contract till 2014 or 2015. With addition to that, we need to sign Neuer, Khedira, Van der Wiel and Dzeko for the coming season


  • Now this is just silly... a whole summer and Nerlinger can't get a top center back and a goalkeeper >:-|


  • Latest news:

    "Sosa set to join Parma, according to Italian media."

    "According to "Le Parisien", Bayern are interested in André Ayew (20) as a replacement for outgoing Jose Sosa.

    Bayern are said to have contacted Olympique Marseille for the services of Ghanian attacking allrounder.'…sa-andre-ayew-837686.html

    Glad Sosa is leaving, but not sure about Ayew. Personally I think Van Gaal will prefer to promote some youth.

    "FC Bayern are reportedly interested in Xabi Alonso (28) and are said to be seeking talks with Real Madrid.

    Another option is supposedly Juve's Felipe Melo (26)."…10/07/12/12463000000.html

    Its just a rumor, but its nice to mess with Real Madrid. They say they want our players then we will do the same with theirs :D

    "According to "Kicker", Barcelona are also interested in Van Der Wiel as a back-up for Dani Alves, although Bayern have reportedly agreed a 17 million euros transfer fee with Ajax for the player. However, Van Der Wiel himself has not decided yet. A decision is expected in the next few days."

    Hope Barcelona buys this guy, I dont want to see him at Bayern. What a waste of money, its quite clear at this point and he hasnt even joined yet. I dont want Lahm going back to the left, I mean the man is switches sides every season, that aint right. Coentrao as new LB sounds like a better option to me and Im sure to many other fans.


  • In an interview with Bild, Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has confirmed that the German champions have given up their interest in Portuguese left back Fabio Coentrao.

    "Coentrao is a great player, but we are not even close to paying Benfica the money they are looking for," said the former Germany international. "They've got exorbitant demands, this deal is off."

    I guess Vander Wiel will join and its Lahm back to the left is looking more likely now.......


  • Neuer wont come just yet, its will take atleast 1 more season. Haas was promoted recently ruling out any chance of Bayern buying any other CB, its more likely that Demichelis will be sold. Personally I would have preffered Bayern to sign Vidic, but oh well, hope Van Gaals faith on youth pays off once again.


  • charlievarela : I think we will be signing Van der Wiel in the next few days and I also hope that Bayern could sign someone which media hasnt suggested yet.

    André Ayew isnt a bad idea for the backup option as he is young and talented and could challenege Ribery and Robben's position in 2-3 years time. For Sosa, I think the only option for him is to leave Bayern at the end of the day as he wouldnt have much future here as well as Ottl and Braafheid.

    For me, I hope Bayern can sign a talented defensive winger (Van der Wiel); a quality central defender, a backup winger and a striker.


  • As highly as you guys think about Wiel, i am not so keen on his pricetag. It just seems as if anyone who plays a good season and a good WC their pricetag just launches like a rocket.

    Then you might say: "What about Müller?". Well there's a BIG difference between the Dutch, Portugues and the German league. Müller has kept his level in the domestic, ChL and even raised his level at the WC. His pricetag is where it belongs!

    How can a hyped up player like Di Maria, who has played a few constant seasons both domestic and european be sold to Real Madrid for €25mio and Coentrao who just played 1 good season be worth €30mio? I smell BS and im happy that our board isn't playing that game!

    Please sign Corchia as Lahm backup and keep Contento as a starter, he is 2 years younger than Coentrao and has at least the same amount of talent, i even think if he gets the chance he will become better at the age 22 than Coentrao!

    Btw i was shocked at seeing this video of Braafheid, what happend to him? :-S


  • Very well noted ksparx
    about Di Maria.... he is a hyped player so far and a fabrication of the media.
    Don't worry our management will never fall for a farce like the one Benfica
    was tending... In fact Kalle Rummenigge took a degree in Business Management (if i recall correctly)
    before tacking the reins at Bayern.... This is how serious this person is.

    I personally liked Van der Wiel at the World Cup.... his passing accuracy
    and his many runs down the right flank....
    Yet I agree with you ! There is no problem of playing Diego Contento
    at LB :)) In fact I have confidence in him and Bayern would be doing
    the German national team a favor by regularly playing a top prospect
    that could be very useful at the next World Cup :))

    - Sari 11



  • Hey BBJ :)

    You pointed the correct positions needed:

    - A target man (a similar type of player like a Dzeko, Toni, Koller, Crouch)
    Tall and good in the air, that can put some weight on defenses.

    - A Wing Back and a Central Defender.
    Keeping in mind the return of Breno if he fits in the plans,
    and the importance of giving Contento playing time.
    If Van der Wiel comes for the right price.... I think the shirt number 2
    will look good on him !

    * On a different note I wish Thomas Muller will change his shirt number
    to 13 as it fits with his image as World Cup top scorer....

    I don't know if the fans in the German section are asking for something
    similar..... But it is a sure hot fire way of selling millions of T-shirts that way !
    (instead of shirt twenty five!) (the same applies to the Schweinsteiger !)

    - Sari 11



  • @ All:

    As much as I agree with the need of a worldclass CB and an ST, Im positive it wont happen.

    With the promotion of Haas there r currently 5 CBs, one who is still not fully fit from his knee injury (Breno). So as much as I would like a player like Vidic, at this moment it wont happen.

    Klose is staying and after this WC Bayern wont sell him, Olic still has a lot to offer, Mueller is great (has a lot of potential) and Gomez will be given a second chance, no doubt.

    On Van der Wiel, my real problem is that Lahm will have to go back to the left and personally I dont think thats good. Also, I think that Van der Wiel doesnt have a good chemistry with Robben in the Dutch NT, his performance in the final was far from great. And his price tag is quite exagerated, it be great to stay with Contento as an LB (I think e has great chemistry with Ribery in the left flank), but management doesnt seem to have much faith in him.


  • "SportBild": During the World Cup, the Bayern board asked Lahm if he was fine with moving back to LB as they couldn't find a LB. Lahm said yes. They have reached an agreement with Van der Wiel, but not yet with Ajax Amsterdam over the transfer fee.

    Personally I dont like the idea, but looks very likely to happen.

    ¨Bayern have reportedly joined a number of clubs in the race for Edinson Cavani (23).

    Wolfsburg are said to have offered 22 million Euros to Palermo for the Uruguayan attacker.¨…10/07/13/12470100000.html

    No real need for him, we have Klose, Olic, Gomez and Mueller.

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    Not the best source, but seems that Bayern r quite keen on signing him. Personally I think Ayew needs playing time and in Bayern he will be a sub.


  • charlievarela : Bayern definitely needs to reinforce in order to win Champion League. Otherwise, we would be close in winning the title again, like in the semi's or being a runner up.

    On Van der Wiel, I think Bayern will sign him within days.

    There is also an rumor saying that Ozil is Bayern bounded thats why Chelsea is stepping away. To me, Ozil is a great player but not as worldclass as media has suggested. His consistency is still lacking as well as his finishing in front of goal. But since he would be transfer free, Ozil would be a bargain for us even though we have already had plenty of players in his position.

    For striker, I think Bayern should sell Klose away too as Marseille is keen on him for 5-7mil. Yes, he has a great tournament in S.Africa, but he is not suitable for Van Gaal's playing style here as you can see that Klose hasnt been performing for club level for the past 2 seasons already. Gomez is also another player who is not suitable to play here because he is lacking running and poor passing. Therefore, a striker is definitely needed esp one in a more dribbling type