Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">For striker, I think Bayern should sell Klose away too as Marseille is keen on him for 5-7mil. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    If bayern are to sell him away, now is the time....if he stays probably he will be benched most of the season and his market value will go down again...

    Klose is now 33 years old, he just showed us that he still has some gasoline left in his tank, and the fair thing for him and the best thing for the club is to sell him, and may be with that money bayern could afford coentrao, wich is definitly the best option for bayern's LB...


  • And I agree, Bayern does in fact need to reinfoce, the problem is that management doesnt see it that way, they rather continue their passive transfer policy than to take neccessary action.

    Klose doesnt want to leave and management doesnt seem to want to let him go. He will probably stay one more season and play as a super sub.

    Gomez cost Bayern 30 million, so they wont try to sell him just yet. After just one season selling him doesnt make much sense, he will be given a second chance.

    Oezil is a great player, but there is no way he will join Bayern anytime soon. He might later on when Riberys contract is close to expire, but not before. Sitting in the bench would do no good for him and besides that signing him would be a slap in the face to returning Kroos. By the way Oezil has pledged he will stay at Bremen until his contract expires 2011.

    Van der Wiel would not have been my choice, but it looks very likely that he will join, hope he does well. Guess we will be seeing Lahm back in the left. Coentrao is old history, Bayern has already given up on signing him.


  • charlievarela : On Oezil, he has pledged to stay at Bremen until 2011 and he is bounded to join Bayern after that. So he wont join us this summer but the next one.…n-geruecht-tz-840826.html

    The one mistake that Bayern has been making in transfer market is that whenever we are doing not so well, the following season, Bayern will invest 50-70mil Euros in new players and then we will have a much better season following that (07/08) and (09/10).

    But if we do want to win Champion League again, we will need to invest continually 2-3 seasons and then we will win 1-2 Champion League within that period of time. I still think Bayern needs more than just a defensive player. In fact, our striker forces arent as strong as many expected. Olic is aging with his style of playing, he cant keep on battling for yet another season. Gomez and Klose are basically not suitable for Van Gaal's style of playing.

    I hope Nerlinger and Rummenigge are lying about the transfer as they have always. I think we have a chance on Van der Wiel and we should be looking to sign a quality striker as well.


  • Oezil joining Bayern the next summer? I dont think he will join us, he is most likely to go to Barcelona and maybe later on consider Bayern, probably when Riberys contract is about to expire. There is no need for him at the moment and there would be no place to fit him in the starting XI. Personally I prefer using Mueller and Kroos, we cant have all youth talents.

    Investment is neccessary, but management doesnt see it that way, we cant force things sadly even if they have to happen. For the time being, dont expect many changes.......


  • charlievarela : I do see Oezil joining us next summer when Van Bommel retires or leaves. Van Gaal will probably switch Kroos into Van Bommel's role as Loew did with him in the national team.


    By next season, Klose will probably leave (if not this season), Olic will be a backup for Ribery's role, and Gomez will probably remain as a super sub or if we want to play with two strikers.


  • Dont know if Schweinsteiger would leave... but there is a possibility... wouldnt like it much...since this season he can be a huge help in midfield...

    about Özil...the guy was being tempter by Barcelona as I can recall, and he said he likes that team...

    we will see


  • I would personally be very sad if Schweinsteiger left.....
    .... Because I believed in him since he was promoted from the youth team
    although he had rough patches here and there.... But he was always reliable.....

    But how can Madrid buy all these players and none of them gets benched!
    hummm ;) I Wonder where the wisdom is in leaving ?!!

    Could be a bargaining chip for a raise in salary ?!!!! who knows.....!


  • Hey folks, i am back after taking a small break since the World cup has ended. Nice to see the possible players being linked to Bayern. Can i throw 1 more hat to the ring??

    What about trying to purchase Luis Suarez?? I know he caused the "Hand of God" in that match with Ghana, but this striker pumped in 35 goals at the Dutch league last season and was voted the Dutch Player of the yr.

    He is only 23 and i am sure this could be good purchase for Bayern. I am sure under the guidance of Louis Van Gaal, he can become much better. I am surprised that he is not linked with any clubs. He did play very well for Uruguay at the world cup besides the Handball Incident.


  • Seems Schweini is now the key actor of this summer's soap-opera and this is probably just the beging of it. However, I wouldn't worry much, at least not yet, especially considering Bayern, who were firm on not letting Ribery go, said they won't sell Schweini.

    bbjtin : I have thought about that, Kroos is not a CM and is not a player that you can give defensive responsabilities to. He is offensive, Kroos hardly has done any good for the NT at that position. Then again he could learn, but I guess we will see with time.


  • charlievarela : For Kroos, I think he is just only 20 years old. I remembered back in the days, Schweinsteiger was playing on the left winger position and cant defend as well. I think Van Gaal and Loew want to transform Kroos into a more of a central midfielder than an attacking midfielder.

    For Schweinsteiger, I think he will stay with us for the coming season for sure. Management wont let him go yet. But I doubt he will extend contract with us as he is more of a flashy guy than Lahm (highly likely will extend his contract with us) by 2012. He will probably want to experience Madrid if we do win CL before 2012.


  • Last year the top 8 teams in terms of transfers were mostly the same as the last 8 in UCL.

    Vidic wants to leave ManU, Dzeko wants to leave Wolfsburg yet Bayern is sticking with Micho and Gomez.

    So, another summer with no major transfers and keeping weak players such as Micho, Braafheid, Pranjic, Tymoshchuk, Ottl, Sosa, Gomez,... sad

    Lahm---van Buyten---Badstuber---Contento


  • thoth : I think you are right. Transfers is very important in modern football. Unforunately, Bayern was unable to learn from their mistake in 06/07 and 08/09 season when we have little transfer.

    I hope that we could be able to sign 1-2 top quality players and a few backup players in the coming weeks. Otherwise, we will be seeing Barcelona reclaiming Champion League again


  • Its Bayerns passive transfer policy all over, this is the time for change. The way I see it is that its either VAn der Wiel or Coentrao joining, thats pretty much it. Perhaps also a back up RB if Van der Wiel isnt signed (Corchia) and a replacement for Sosa (Ayew or other). Im sure we all agree that changes need to be made if Bayern want to win the CL.


  • Lahm is going nowhere, the rumor says that Manu r ready to give us berbatov and Park, 2 players we dont need. Lets not take every rumor seriously.

    Squad news:

    Van Gaal says Contento is a better leftback than Badstuber, he will try to move the latter to LCB.

    Van Gaal says Kroos is a number 10, he has to battle with Müller for that spot.

    Van Gaal says Breno is a fast player that can improve our build-up from the back.…r-sind-wunderbar-1.976605

    Looks like we wont see both Mueller and Kroos play together this season, hope Van Gaal reconsiders this. Glad to hear that Badstuber will probably be CB, Contento is the rea LB. Hope Breno recovers quickly, it is said he will be ready by December, we need a fast CB.

    Van Gaal:
    - Bayern needs a back-up for Lahm; Van der Wiel would not be happy as a back-up
    - "I think we have the best right flank in the world with Lahm and Robben"
    - If they buy a leftback, he has to be better than Contento and Braafheid, and they aren't paying 30 or 15 million Euros.…der-wiel-meta-845932.html

    Glad to hear this from Van Gaal, Corchia should be signed as Lahms backup and Coentrao for our new LB, if not then lets give Contento a chance.

    "I want to be a national team coach," he revealed to Kicker magazine.

    "Therefore, maybe I will extend my contract here by one year until 2012 and then take over a country (after Euro 2012).…g-bayern-exit-465995.html

    I hope he stays beyond 2012.

    According to Croatian newspaper "Sportskenovosti", Wolfsburg are interested in swapping Dzeko for Gomez + 18 million Euros.

    "TZ" claims Dzeko's preferred destination is Bayern.…-wolfsburg-tz-845289.html

    This offer is not new, it first appeared May 10th, but I doubt Bayern wil go for it. Gomez will be given a second chance.

    Hoeness cancels bid for German league presidency

    "I would get myself into too many conflicts of interest," Hoeness said. "There were three main reasons that led me not to hand in my application.",,5813988,00.html

    Good, now he can solely focus on Bayern :)

    Alaba was impressive against Enlgand U-19. Heres a video, enjoy:

    This kid is great, a very versatile player. Possible replacement for Van Bommel.


  • Van Gaal on possible new additions: "I'm always looking at players. I'm looking at van der Wiel, at Coentrao, at Caceres. If we can reinforce ourselves, we will buy. But I am not a coach who simply buys. I am a coach who wants to and who can improve the players."…-ribery-and-hitzfeld.html

    His primary position is centre back, but he can also play at right-back and left-back. I think that he is a much better option than Van der Wiel. A talented and veersatile young player, I would like to see another Latin in the squad. He is currently loaned to Juventus from Barcelona, with the option of permanent stay for 11 million.


  • Tuttosport claims Bayern are the latest in a long line of clubs to make enquiries for the stopper, who is hoping for bigger wages from Juventus.

    Bayern are ready to table an appealing €22million bid for 'King Kong' - an offer that could sway Juve's stance, as well as offer the wages Chiellini wants.

    And his agent has confirmed Bayern are interested, as are Real Madrid who appear to have reignited the bundle of kindling, but no concrete dialogue has been opened thus far.

    "I have not received official offers, but the interest from Bayern and Real Madrid is nice and we are proud of this.…juventus-defender-giorgio

    Great defender, but the problem is that he is left footed and so is Badstuber, hence only one of them can start. I dont think this transfer will go through.

    "A Bola" reports that Bayern have offered Benfica 20 million Euros, plus another 5 million depending on performances, for Coentrao.

    Braafheid has also been included in the deal.…10/07/20/12523700000.html

    Fantastic deal, I hope that Benfica agrees. Coentrao would be a fine addition to Bayern. He is my first choice as Bayerns new LB if not him then I prefer Contento to start

    Real Madrid are reportedly ready to tempt Bayern Munich into parting with star midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger by including Rafael van der Vaart in a possible deal. Bayern coach Louis Van Gaal is a known admirer of his compatriot who has found playing time hard to come by in the Spanish capital, particularly after the arrival of Brazilian superstar Kaka last summer. Madrid-based daily 'AS' reported that any deal for Schweini could shelve coach Jose Mourinho's plans to bring in his Stuttgart-based international colleague Sami Khedira.…,rendertext=13363894.html

    They can try, but Bayern wont sell Schweinsteiger. Even if they tried to swap Kaka or C. Ronaldo, I would still not sell.


  • Apparently, Bayern is also interested in the talented Sakho from PSG as our central defender…ve-for-psgs-mamadou-sakho

    Personally, I think if Bayern wants to win in Europe, this coming two years is the moment because when Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Ribery and Robben all on top form and physical condition with the upcoming Mueller, Contento, Badstuber etc.

    I hope we could grab Coentrao as he is much better option right now. Secondly, I hope Bayern can sign a quality central defender to partner up with either Badstuber or Van Buyten or Breno. Thirdly, I hope Bayern can realize the urgency of winning in Europe. Therefore, we will need to hold onto the time and not let this opportunity passed away like we did before. So we should do a swoop with Dzeko by using Gomez as Gomez clearly not a striker for Bayern or Germany national team. When he was playing at Stuggart, he played as a different type of striker more or less than like what Mourinho would want than what Van Gaal would want