Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Bayern already has 5 CBs, though for what I know Sakho can also play as an LB. Interesting player no doubt, very talented, but is he what Bayern needs at the moment?

    Atleast Im glad Bayern have options, personally I would reconsider both Demichelis and Van Buyten. Some fresh blood would do good in center defence.

    Coentrao would be a fantastic addition, imagine Lahm-Robben and Coentrao-Ribery, quite a force indeed.

    On Gomez I think he will go nowhere, Bayern will give him more chance, he did cost 30 million after all.


  • True that Bayern has 5 central defenders, but I guess if we do sign a quality or worldclass central defender, Demichelis will probably be sold and his worth is probably around 8-10mil Euros. So even if we decide to sign Chiellini for 22mil Euros, it will only be 12-14mil Euros in addition, or might even be a swoop.

    Haas wont be one of the central defenders that we would rely on, but he would be a backup as Breno is currently injuried and will be out for most part of 1st of the season. Badstuber is talented but he needed experience guidance in order to grow better- mostly gaining consistency and confidence.

    On the left side, I seriously think we should sign Coentrao and we would have a balance side


  • yes but i think Schweini won't extend his contract he told Bayern to listen to the incoming bids from Real..Schweinsteiger said he was fed up with the Bayern fans but we will see! I'd hate for him to leave and seeing what happened to Metzelder i hope it wouldnt happen to him then it would damage world cup chances for Germany


  • I actually also have a feeling that Schweinsteiger would like to experience football aboard. He might want to stay here until 2012 which Munich will host the Champion League final. But I doubt he will stay beyond whereas, Lahm, I have faith that he will stick around for another 2-3 years or even retire here.

    Therefore, we definitely need reinforcement in order to stay a chance in Champion League against the like of Barcelona and Real Madrid. I urge the management to pick up Coentrao, Chiellini and Dzeko in the expense of Braafheid, Demichelis and Gomez. Then, we will have a more probe team to challenege Champion League


  • I wouldnt worry about Schweinsteiger for now, he still has a contract until 2012, besides that a person can change. Maybe Schweinsteiger will finally understand how loved he is at Bayern.

    The problem with signing Chiellini is that Badstuber couldnt start, they r both left footed. I think Bayern favors their youth, but Vidic is a great option as well. He could partner up with Badstuber.

    Hope Coentrao joins, he would be an excellent addition, hope Benfica agree to the latest offer (20 million, plus another 5 million depending on performances + Braafheid).

    I doubt Gomez will be sold so soon, he will be given 2nd chance. If he fails then sure lets go for Dzeko.


  • badstuber is still young. and i think that if we sign a star or 2 in defence it will make him improve himself and battle for a startling place. sakho, i`m not so sure about, i played him at football manager :D and it wasnt so great. young prospect yes but we need a player that comes and makes an immediate impact on the squad.


  • I completely agree that I think that if you put Badstuber as a semi-regular starter for central defender, nobody would mind. I really think a top class central defender, like Chiellini, will help both Breno and Badstuber to improve. Beside, I think having Coentrao within the team can also increase competition b/w Coentrao and Contento.

    Beside, seems like both parties have ended the purchase of Van Der Wiel. I completely agree with that move because we dont need another right defender here if Lahm decides to stay.

    In fact, Khedira might join us earlier even if Van Bommel is the captain now. I think thats a great idea as both Ottl and Tymo arent exactly the same type that Van Gaal wants. In addition, Dzeko would be a great addition. I dont believe Gomez fits into our system. In fact, I think we should sign Dzeko and sell Gomez to either Wolfsburg or Real Madrid


  • Andreas Ottl wants to convince Louis van Gaal that he's future in Bayern Munich is not over.…-durchbeissen-850512.html

    Sorry Ottl, but I dont see u starting.

    Bayern Munich boss Louis van Gaal has told midfielder Anatoliy Tymoschuk he should leave the club.

    Tymoschuk, 31, has struggled to break into the Bayern team since his arrival from Zenit St Petersburg last summer and, with Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mark van Bommel both having impressed of late, Van Gaal has suggested he should look for another club.

    "Tymoschuk's prospects are not very bright," he told Kicker. "Schweinsteiger is in the form of his life, Van Bommel is the captain. It looks tough.

    "If a player doesn't play or doesn't have bright prospects then I would leave if I were them. I will not say to anybody who wants to leave that he is not allowed to, apart from my captain and three or four other players."…y?id=809761&sec=transfers

    He was bound to leave sooner or later.

    Pranjic wants to play alongside Schweinsteiger in midfield.…ningslager-tz-850798.html

    I cant say he plays bad in that position, its something interesting to consider.

    Bayern won't go higher than €20 million for Coentrao. If they fail to agree a deal, they'll go into the season with Contento on the left.


    I think Contento can be great as well, if Benfica rejects our offer then atleast we have or youth talent.

    I am Now in Germany today i got an appointment with the chairman of bayern munich

    Its amazing how usefull twitter is. Maybe we will have a new player soon :)

    Braafheid, Ottl and Sosa want to stay, although they have been told they are no longer a part of the club's plans.

    Bayern will now look to sell other players like Tymoshchuk.


    Lets get what we need!


  • Pretty awesome that Ayew wrote that on his twitter, atleast we now know our board isn't sleeping! :D

    Ayew is an interesting player for the future and could become a good sub for Ribéry or Robben! But i don't see any transfers before Braafheid, Ottl/Tymo or Sosa are sold.

    Rummenigge points out that neither Wiel or Coentrao are coming and that Contento will play as LB:…artid=393574&set_id=13361


  • I was just reading that ksparx, so I guess we will stick with Contento. I have said this once and will say it gain, he is a great talented young player who has fantastic chemistry with Ribery in the left flank.

    Rummenigge on a LB:

    "We were ready to make a transfer on that position. We had two players who would have been ready to sign a contract, but the coach viewed this differently and wants to play Diego Contento as left back."

    ----Lahm - Van Buyten - Badstuber - Contento----
    Robben - Van Bommel - Schweinsteiger - Ribery


    ----Lahm - Van Buyten - Badstuber - Contento----
    Robben - Van Bommel - Schweinsteiger - Ribery


  • Both lineups are very good if the team plays like last year or even better! Bundesliga and German Cup shouldn't be a problem with the squad we have now, ChL is another level wich you need some luck(like we had last year).

    I think right now we have a decent squad, if Braafheid stays he is the backup for LB. I don't see any transfers other than a young and talented backup player for RB. Maybe if Ayew decides to join us i could see that transfer happening also, but Sosa needs to be sold before an Ayew transfer.


  • Corchia would be a great back up for Lahm and Ayew would be a great addition to the squad, lets hope management signs them both. Considering Bayerns passive attitude I think there will be little changes in the squad.

    In: Corchia, Ayew

    Out: Sosa, Tymoschuk

    *Personally I would want Demichelis out (he is needed until Breno is fully fit, after that I hope he is sold) and a worldclass CB in to partner up with Badstuber, but its more likely he will partner up with Van Buyten.

    Back up team:

    ----Corchia - Hass - Demichelis - Braafheid----
    -------Altintop- Ottl - Alaba/Pranjic - Ayew------
    -----------------------Gomez - Klose--------------------

    *Breno will be fit in December, until then I doubt he will play.

    Theres still time so lets wait and see what happens.


  • Personally, I think Nerlinger and Rummeniegge are over excited about Bayern's last season success and didnt pay too much attention to the up and coming problems that we will face this coming season.

    Last season, some of the matches are won by individuals and luck- mostly from Robben's strike. I predict it will be much harder for Robben to score similar as last season as opponents already spent time to study his move.

    Beside, if Bayern decides not to invest when we do have the capital, then we will never be able to battle against the great's in Europe because when they have the capital to invest, they will have more capital than us. Therefore, we should invest when others arent


  • As Rummenigge said in an interview with "AZ", we could have bought either Coentrao or Wiel but van Gaal didn't want neither because Coentrao had an unrealistic pricetag and Wiel would send Lahm over to LB again. van Gaal probably knows what he is doing.


  • I think this new season will be different, its true that last we won many matches due toindividuls or just luck, but with a fit Ribery ad Kroos I think this will be a great season.

    I do think that possiby 2 new players will be signed (Corchia and Ayew), they be great back ups. And Contento will d great, the games that he has played his performance has been quite good. Imagine him as a starter, by december he will be fantastic.

    I will keep my faith in the squad and Van Gaal, hopefully this season we will win the CL. In my opinion its between Bayern and Barcelona (Real Madrid is also a strong contender).

    Personaly I would change center defence, sell Demichelis and sign a worldclass CB to partner with Badstuber. Keep Van Buyten as a sub untilBreno is fully fit.


  • Well July is almost over and we are still not linked to a major transfer purchase. Really feel that Bayern needs to get a world class centerback and a up coming striker for our team. The rest of the positions are well covered, maybe we need to get a goalkeeper as well.

    Hope Bayern has to make these purchases. We all knew what happened when Klinsmann, only bought in Tim Browoski on a free transfer and used the team that won the double in 2007/2008. We must always look forward in adding quality in our team every season. Take Barcelona for example, 2 seasons ago they bought Ibramohvic and now they bought Villa.

    I would like to see a Brazilian striker playing for Bayern, just like Elber in the past. At the moment, it will be nice to see Bayern trying to buy Carlos Eduraro. Although Butt has played very well for us, we need to look for the future and must sign either Adler or Neuer.

    I always wanted to see Petr Metersacker sign for Bayern. He is the kind of Centerback we need. He did have a decent world cup for Germany as well. We have to spend if we are going to win the Champions Leauge. Look at Inter Milan last season, they invested big and won a historic treble. We too bought Gomez and Robben for huge sums. Although Gomez is fully yet to justify his price tag, we played well and got another double and came touching distance of winning the treble.

    Bayern needs to buy, even now i am seeing players like Van der Vaart linked towards Chelsea. Van Gaal is a fantastic coach and likes to invest in youth. We do have plenty of that in Bayern. We need a couple of high profile signings. That will also boost the morale of the team, which shows that Bayern is a serious contenter for the Champions League


  • I think we are among the best five squads in Europe right now in terms of players' quality- Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter, us and Man utd. However, I do think that we are quite a level below Barcelona and Madrid and probably Inter.

    Beside, I think bayern do needs some depth in the back, especially the right defender, central defender and left defender position. We probably need a new goalkeeper at the end of this season as well. In addition, a high profile striker is needed, although Olic, Klose and Gomez are great in it sense


  • No Ibra please, the guy is a bigger flop than Gomez, seriously. If we sign someone let it be a p layer who knowsthe Bundesliga well nad has had a good season, scoring more than 20 goals.

    Dont expect to see a new ST, I dont think it will happen.