Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • No, I never said Badstuber is not going to make it, but I think Van Gaal or Nerlinger should invest in at least one quality central defender, so that our youngsters, like Badstuber and Breno, have the opportunity to learn from the best.

    Just like Alaba and Mueller learning from Robben and Ribery.

    Beside, since a number of our sernior members are departing this summer or at least considering taking a lesser role- Butt, Van Bommel and Klose. We should pay attention to our top talents like Neuer from Schalke, who will be much cheaper than this season as his contract will be ending by 2012 June, so that Neuer will most likely to cost around 10-12mil Euro at the most. For Van Bommel, my best choice would be Essien who is completely worldclass. He can pass, enormous amount of energy and can score from distance as well and is quite an experience leader on the field. He is at his peak of his career. Although his contract will not be running out until 2013, I think we could try to sign him for 25mil Euros


  • Trust me, Bayern will proven to be wrong again this season. I am sure Bayern can win at least one title but I doubt that it will be Champion League. Beside, we will have enormous amount of pressure in Bundesilga- not from Schalke or Werder Bremen since both have a thin squad, but from Hamburg and Wolfsburg (both 100% focus in the domestic title)

    Especially Wolfsburg, they are able to retain most of their talents, including Dzeko, Misimovic, but they have signed the inpressive Freidrich, the up and coming Kjaer at the back. In addition, they are closing on Diego and Elia


  • Now is the time to get some new world class faces........... we are the champions we are the champions league finale, and these great players would want to play for ur. Frankly i dont want braafheid, ottl, sosa and breno to start...............


  • Exactly. We arent in the worst economic crisis right now. Beside, economic starts picking up in most of the world. With no debt, what are we worrying about? If Barcelona, Madrid, and all the others are hugely debted, we should invest the cash and buy up players so that will force the others to go into bankcrupty quicker.


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummels would jump at a second chance to succeed at Bayern Munich.

    "I played at the club for over 12 years. I want to prove myself again," the 21-year old defender told Sport Bild.

    The towering centre-back went on to clarify that he isn't looking for a change this summer or even next year, but "If Bayern inquires in the future, anyone would have to consider an offer".

    Hummels had a breakthrough season in 2009-10, and was arguably the Bundesliga's best centre half alongside Sami Hyypia. Bayern have announced that they will not make any signings this year, but depending on the development of Breno, the defending champions may step up interest in Hummels as early as next summer.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Nice to hear this, obviously nothing will happen this season, but maybe the next.

    On the current situation with Bayern, ack of worldclass signings, I think its quite clear that nothing will happen. Its a real shame, but lets hope for the best. Maybe by the winter transfer window management will realize the importance of depth.


  • What we could do is to swoop Demichelis with Hummels plus 5mil Euros. I think that will satisfy Dortmund's wants and maybe we can add Ottl or Sosa into the deal since they are already surplus here


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">What we could do is to swoop Demichelis with Hummels plus 5mil Euros. I think that will satisfy Dortmund's wants and maybe we can add Ottl or Sosa into the deal since they are already surplus here.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Thats a great idea seriously, one to be considered without a doubt. Lets hope management sees this opportunnity.


  • hahhahahahaah nope he doesnt..he even looked funny :P

    all in all... luchito van gaal was trying new youngsters today, was playing i guess, not as he would play any offcial game and still made it hard of real madrid...quite cool

    As for defense...SAME OLD SAME...messy... contento though did quite fine..and theres this other new boy.. Jüllich...looked better than braafheid (more in the game...understood the team)... that doesnt know how to kick penalties ( where those penalties picks??? :-S)

    hmm..if it wasnt for Casillas...ooow how i detest him :P, it would have been a good result for us...
    Müller solid...

    Sosa not precise at all..didnt understand Ribery and the 2 touches max. football of van Gaal...

    Klose..too bad that goal was offside

    Schweinsteiger.. was sooooo cool watching him passing C.Ronaldo with no effort at all.. :D i loved it...

    van Bommel: did his job

    Altintop..still shaky..other one that doesnt know how to kick a penalty it seems...

    Butt...played nice when he played

    Kraft: too bad it was solved by penalties...if not..he would have had any job
    and would have been a nice experience game

    van buyten: okay...really i do have "affection" for him..but ufff...a better central wouldnt hurt!!! way slow!

    Badstuber: this guy...hahah at first sight looks like my older brother hahaha so...i do put attention on what he does...and ... okay..i need to see more...but he was better than braafheid... looks more confident...but i still think hes shaky yet

    Pranjic: boring...kept passing the ball backwards more than forward..and when he was lost...

    Haas: dont know...i think he touched the ball 3 times?? cant tell..

    Ottl: he kicks penalties...:P and plays nice music :D all in all..was fine

    If you see non official game "evaluation" oue main problem is still defense... and we do have to make a clean up in midfield...more than players...its is going to play which role etc...looked a bit messy yet to me...but i guess its just becuz of the circumstances with recent friendlies and recent comeback..

    with olic and kroos and then robben..would look different...but still defense!! Lahm was missed :P


  • I think Pranjic did a good job, he can be a greta sub for Schweinsteiger and that missed chance he had was so close. If it werent for Casillas Bayern would have won without a doubt.

    Youngsters were tried out today and personally I think it was a success, Jullich can seriously be considered as Lahms back up and Kraft keeps on impressing me.


  • Totally agree charlie. Pranjic was one of the best players yesterday, seems like he's the winner of the pre season. Good to have him in the team, those are the players that in a long season make the difference. With a team you win matches, but with the squad you win prices. And players such as Pranjic, Tymoschuk, Klose (will be on the bench normally when everybody is fit again) make the strength of the squad

    About Jullich: not bad for his first game, and certainly not bad for someon who never played on that position before. But don't praise him too much, was just 1 game. And Kraft did well, keeps impressing me too. But let's hope he won't be a new Rensing, still something that scares me

    wisita : Did you see how he outplayed Ronaldo on 1 occasion? That really made my game :D


  • Couldnt have said it any better chrisco :)

    Atleast we have some depth in the squad, players like Pranjic r very usefull and it seems like he has found his place in center midfield. And our youth is just impressive, Bayern has the best youth system!


  • Dont praise the youths yet. At the end of the day, they havent won anything yet, even though I agree that Jullich has a very good first impressive as Lahm's backup.

    However, as I said many times, our central defense is still very weak where our youth's arent concentrated there. Overall, Kraft and Jullich had a very stable performance for the past several matches.


  • well..dont sth of tastes...i dont like pranjic :P

    hahahaha yeah...wehn Jüllich outclasses Ronaldo was cool...but you know u may say thats kind of luck, as we still havent seen him...but watching a proved player like Schweinsteiger moving that...p*ssy from the middle effortless..ooow that made my day! :D

    bbjtin: i agree with u about not praising the youngsters yet..they still have loooots to prove

    and about Kraft, Butt its still way better than him...and yes..lets hope hes not another rensing...


  • Give them time and the chance to prove themselves. Its clear that Van Gaal trust our youth and we should do too. Its a matter of time, Mueller proved to be incredible in just one season, lets see how well the others develop. Personally I have faith in them and Im sure they wil make us all proud.