Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • I dont think Bayern will sign a LB, according to Van Gaals latest comments that would go against his wishes and I dont think the board will sign a player Van Gaal doesnt want in the squad.

    As bbjtin said a CB would be ideal, personally I think Demichelis rant has come in the best moment because the transfer window is still open. Demichelis himsef has stated he is not happy and that the best would be for both sides to move on. Hopefully management will sign a worldcass CB and sell Demichelis, theres no point in trying to convince a player to stay when this one wants to leave and is nothing more than a spoiled little bitch. Demichelis attitude reminds me of Toni, we dont need that kind of s**t in Bayern.

    On a goalkeeper I think Butts biggest problem is his lack of communication with his defenders, yesterday there was a confution between him and Van Buyten which almost cost a goal. And bbjtin ppint is also very true. I think Bayern should consider trying Kraft more, I think he has a lot of potential. Maybe againbst Kaiserlautern this friday Van Gaal could play Kraft.


  • For me, Bayern needs to buy a worldclass central defender who can enhance our defence as well as able to use some long balls to spread out extremely defensive teams.

    Butt's problem is that his clearence has been second class whereas his reflex and his 1on1 skill are actually still at very high level


  • I agree with bbjtin, nevertheless we do need a worldclass defender to guide our future defence Badstuber/Breno. If Breno doesn't become what we hope from him we can always buy Hummels back as he has stated that he wants to return some day. On LB there isn't gonna happen anything, i'll think Contento will make his way this season, him and Ribéry look like a very promising left side for our future, BUT he also needs someone to guide him. And with a defence like Contento, Badstuber, Breno, Lahm you would think it's a kindergarden. Our midfield and attack is very good, we only have trouble in the defence and GK.


  • I think even for Hummels who is one of the best central defenders last season in Bundesilga, he is still a youngster. Thats why is always better for Bayern to buy a worldclass central defender and have a few talented central defenders to compete for the other spot.


  • Maybe this sponsor issue with Lufthansa and Demichelis wanting to leave will force management to sign a worldclass CB. I think that would be the solution dor it all, Lufthansas sponsoship is worth 50 million so its simple math.

    No worldclass CB = -50 million

    Worldclass CB + sell Demichelis = -25million + 9 million + 50 million = 36 million and a worldclass CB which is what we need.


  • * In my view, it could be an orchestrated move by (Hoeness!) to force the coach to buy a Left Back !!!

    My ideas for Left back are:

    1. Aogo (permanent and great solution)
    2. Pander (excellent shooter, solid defender)
    3. Clichy (experienced international)

    Let's see what magic will come under the wings of Lufthansa :8 :D


  • Breno not playing before December? You got something wrong, after the Wolfsburg game Rummenigge said he is starting training with the rest of the team in about 3 weeks and is back on the field 3-4 weeks after that. So in 6-8 weeks from now Breno is fit and able to play. That's like start-mid October not December..


  • He'll have to train some more weeks. Van Gaal is our coach, he won't take risks with injuries (see Robben, Ribery, Olic and others).

    About the LB's: Aogo not good enough, Pander is just a joke I hope and Clichy is defensively a disaster (in almost every top game last year he made errors which led to goals)


  • As chrisco said Van Gaal doesnt take risks with injured players, after waiting so long for Breno to risk him would be foolish. He will play when he is 100% fit, if that is before december then I welcome it. We cant count on him for now and when he is in fact ready to play we still dont know how well he will do. I have faith on him, but some extra depth wouldnt be bad for the team.

    Anyhow my point was that Bayern will not sign an LB. Its quite clear that Bayern is trusting its youth and that Contento will be our LB.

    Sell Demichelis and sign a worldclass CB, that way Lufthansa is happy, the fans r happy and the team will have a more solid defence.


  • No not really..

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Holen die Bayern noch einen Neuen? Nerlinger: „Nein! Wir werden definitiv nicht mehr auf dem Transfermarkt tätig werden, sondern mit Badstuber, van Buyten und Breno in die Saison gehen. Außerdem kann auch Timoschtschuk ohne Anpassungsprobleme dort spielen.“ Und dann gibt es ja noch Amateur Haas.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------


  • Well if u think that Haas and Tymo r reliable then sure, but any reasonable person knows that both these players r not good enough for CL matches (playing as CB). Management is taking a huge risk, imagine if Badstuber and Van Buyten both get injured, then what? Breno is not fit yet so what do we do? We play Tymo and Haas :-S

    All I can say is good luck, as a fan I will pray so that it doesnt come to that becuase seriously speaking can we really rely on Tymo and Haas, maybe they r ok for domestic matches, but definitely not for the CL.

    Oh and what about Lufthansa? They want a worldclass signing if not they will withold their 50 million sponsorship. Selling Demichelis and signing a worldclass CB would be the ideal and logical solution considering that Contento is our LB.


  • Did i say that? No! Nerlinger and van Gaal who are responsible for the team say they don't want any more players, but rather want to sell players.

    Just like the rest of you i would love a worldclass CB to come.

    And on the Lufthansa sponsorship, there is absolutly nothing about it in the German press (as far as i know about). So to me it's pure bs until someone shows me some real facts! Uli Hoeness will make damn sure that no sponsor tells Bayern who og what to buy, i can tell you that much!!!


  • Actually u just said no not really.......

    No reason to get all rattled up about it, then I guess u think that what they have said is nonsens, right? Becuase depending on Haas and Tymo will not get us very far.

    And obviously management wont let a sponsor dictate whats going on in the club, but the thing is that there is an agreement between both parties that stars would promote the airline. Its logical for them to feel disapointed with the lack of transfers, just like all of us.

    With Demichelis leaving the best option would be to sell him and sign a worldclass CB, maybe thats wont be the decision that will be taken, but its certainly the best.


  • Well my bad, that not really wasnt that clear.

    I think that its too much of a risk to really depend on Haas and Tymo, maybe it was more of an acceptable risk with Micho as a sub, but he clearly wants to leave. I rather not have a player like him in the team, management should sign a CB just in case.

    At the end if we sell Micho we will get like 8-9 million (i think) and sign a worldclass CB for 20-25 million. I just dont understand, if theres money then why the hell not spend it? Why take these risks?


  • I think everyone saw the news about Lufthansa so I am not going to repeat that and will discuss that in the next comment.

    Here are some positive news (at least):
    1). Bayern could be buying some cover for Robben- a young Valbuena who had an excellent season with Marseille and could come cheap…marseille-winger-matthieu

    2). Lahm and Schweinsteiger announcing long term contracts with Bayern at least until 2015?

    3). Sosa sold to Napoli for 2mil Euros. To me, Sosa is an extra for us anyways. In a way, it is nice to get 2mil Euros back and save some monthly salary for an useless player. On the other hand, we have lost 7 mil Euros on Sosa on transfer who hasnt been playing much for us for the past 3 seasons…from-bayern-munich-report


  • Valbuena is not coming, he said it himself earlier today as i recall.

    If Lahm and Schweinsteiger would sign new contracts until 2015 it would be great news, then we only need Robben and Kroos to do the same thing and we would have Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Kroos, Ribéry and Müller until 2015. And Badstuber until 2014. That's a pretty good foundation for the future!

    I think wrote something about €3mil. for Sosa, but anyways i'm glad he is sold.

    What i don't like is what tz wrote today:…or-wechsel-tz-892611.html

    If Demichelis AND Tymo are going to leave us in this transfer window and we don't buy any new players i see our defence tear into pieces if we get an injurie!


  • On Lufthansa concerns of signing worldclass stars this summer, this also concerns me and a lot of knowledgable fans. Here is the case: Basically, Bayern has worldclass players in right defender, left central midfielder, left winger, right winger and attacking midfielder position (Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Ribery and Mueller)

    Lets discuss the following positions missing:

    1). Goalkeeper- Butt is still a reliable keeper in a sense, but he is definitely not worldclass. His reflex is reliable and good as always but his clearance has been poor. Many teams have captured his powerless kicks or throws and turn into counter attack opportunities. That will hurt us in major games. Kraft is a talented keeper but he is unproven at worldclass stage

    Solution: I think Neuer would be possible for us to sign, but not this season! To me, I would not suggest us to do anything here this season even though there is a slight possibility of Butt's poor clearance happening again

    2). Central defender(s)- Assume Demichelis will be sold before the end of the transfer window. We have Badstuber, Van Buyten, Breno and Haas and possibilliy a stand-in Tymoshchuk. None of them is worldclass as far as I am concerned.

    Solution: Without enhancement, we are bounded to lose out in knockout competition especially at the highest level, which is Champion League. The winner of Champion League has always been the hardest to crack for their defence. I strongly urge management to consider buying a worldclass central defender to strengthen our defence but also has a chance to guide both Breno and Badstuber into a better defender

    3). Left defender- Contento is a great youngster here but he isnt worldclass yet. Alaba and Braafheid arent that reliable as a cover-up especially in big stage

    Solution: To me, I am comfortable with Contento here. But if you want to buy someone, I wouldnt mind buying a reliable worldclass player like A.Cole on the left. In the mean time, Contento can learn from him and also A.Cole can step aside in 3-4 years time and Contento will still only be only 24/25 years old

    4). Right central midfielder- Van Bommel has proven himself to be a good Bundesilga central midfielder with very dirty and aggressive tackles. But in worldclass stage, he is really lacking the pace. You can tell from Spain vs Holland game. Tymoshchuk and Ottl arent someone who can take over this position either.

    Solution: Unforunately, he is our captain and thats why he always demands a place in the startup. To me, I might not want to change this now this season, but we definitely someone special for next season here.

    5). Striker- Neither Klose, Gomez and Olic are high profile striker. Klose and Olic are definitely aging and their injuries are catching up with them especially both are very hard working type of strikers. They will provide to be a good striker for any team in the world but they are no starters in worldclass team. Gomez is a mistery. He was basically the star at Stuggart and has proven himself for a number of years there.

    Solution: I still think that we might want to keep until winter to see if Gomez can recover his old form. If not, there is always plenty of high profile strikers around at decent price.