Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Its great to hear that Lahm and Schweinsteiger are considering staying, personally I want them to end their careers here. As ksparx pointed out, a great foundation for the future. Looking forward for it to happen :)

    Sosa will continue his career elsewhere, it was the best for both parties. Atleast we got some good cash for him.

    If Micho refused to be a sub in the first match, Im sure he will do it again in the future. Seriously what the hell is management thinking? Sell him and buy a worldclass CB. Im also very concerned about injuries.


  • Goalkeeper: Well this season nothing will happen, I like Neuer as well, but I think Van Gaal and management might try out Kraft.
    If this doesnt work then definitely Neuer or Adler.

    Central Defender: I thinks its extremely necessary to sign worldclass, I reckon that the board is probably waiting on Breno, but there is no garantee he will be what we all expect him to be. Some more depth is needed and with Demichelis wanting to leave, I think this is the perfect chance to get the much needed reinforcement. Who wants a player that doesnt want to play and prefers leaving? We cant seriously rely on Van Buyten or Haas if Van Buyten or Badstuber get injured.

    Left Defender: I dont see much point of discussing this because Contento is doing a decent job and its quite clear that he will be our LB.

    Right Central Midfielder: Van Gaal has already stated that he will try Alaba in that position and that its most likely that he will replace Van Bommel. We have to come to terms with the fact that Van Gaal prefers using youth and he does in fact have a keen eye for spotting talent. I say lets take the risk with Alaba and if it doesnt work then consider other options.

    Striker: I agree, Gomez will be given his second chance and if he fails then sell him. Klose will is likely to leave Bayern next season and we cant solely depend on Olic.


  • i dont think bayern will sell demichelis, he s one of the best CBs around, it wouldbe a huge mistake AGAIN like selling lucio, im not saying van buyten is bad cos i like him BUT he s a bit slow...

    for sosa im glad he`s sold, cos its not fair to leave a player always on the bench if we dont need him.

    as for defenders i would like to get a decent CB & LB, not worldclass which would cost us MUCH more money, im sure there are many decent players which can come at fair price,

    as midfield id wouldn`t mind if we get some decent replacement for robben/ ribery... Kroos is surely one of these talents i want.. also if we get a young winger it would be fine : )

    finally for attacking i think ours is one of the best, we have olic which in my opinion is our best attacker, he s always on the run, then we have gomez which if he s on his best form he s deadly... then klose which all of us knows his potentioal.

    then muller which is getting on quite well, in 2-4 yr time he ll be a worldclass striker for sure ...


  • Demcihelis is acting like a little bitch again and refuses to be part of the squad this fridays game against Kaiserlautern. Do we seriously want a player who we cant count with? We cant force a player to stay, if he wants to leave then so be it. Lucio was a completely different thing, he didnt want to go, selling him was a mistake, but Demichelis well he wants to leave.

    I think we might see this in the future (depending on the development of our youth of course):



  • I like the idea so far that Bayern have Kroos as the only "recruit" this year !
    BUT..... things have shifted in the last 24 hours :)) Direct rivals got good reinforcements ! (Wolfsburg and Schalke)

    It is also great that the club is going in the direction of selling players that the coach sees as excess and not fitting in his plans; like Demichelis and Tymo.....

    BUT Rewind back with me to a year ago..... Remember the catastrophies that happened to a team called Herta Berlin, and another called Stuttgart in the CL!
    The reason for their flops was that none of them strenghtened their squad properly !!!! This surely doesn't apply to Bayern .... But extremes are not good in life.

    Buying too much is as bad as not buying at all......!!!!

    Lufthansa was right in asking for some sort of reinforcement :)

    I don't know what Hoeness and Nerlinger can pull off on a last minute.

    But you cannot keep on relying on Ribery and Robben to take you to the eldorado especially with the injury history of both....

    I believe the scouts were there at the World Cup 2010 ! And had a list of
    100 names that they offered back...... as the clip on the site suggested !!
    Is it a case of a rigid coach not listening....? It must be !! Because Bayern have
    all the spending power in the world after another record season ;)

    I just hope that Bayern doesn't become too predictable.... this way any team
    that keeps possession of the ball will beat us at our own game.....
    think Barcelona for example...... Think what happened to the German team against Spain ;) ;)

    These are just random thoughts that come to me as a ... thinker !

    Other than that, I have Every confidence in the team. And the defense showed
    lots of progress during the first game of the season, compared to last year.....
    ((in my opinion))

    - Sari 11



  • Do you all here really think Lufthansa has something to say? If Lufthansa wants something for their payment, Bayern will certainly listen. They'll listen to what a sponsor says, a sponsor that knows nothing of football 8-)

    Bayern is the club with the most football knowledge in Europe, go to hell with Lufthansa. And if they want to pull them back, we'll find an other sponsor, no problem.

    Lufthansa has nothing to say here


  • all other teams were reinforced, except us ( and now we'll loose Demichelis also)...really i can't think we will have no income!!


  • Jep, as you said. Didn't read it too in the german press. But they can keep on dreaming. Barcelona bought Mascherano today, and they had last season a loss of 70M euros. Against modern football !!!


  • I hope Bayern can sign a worldclass central defender before the end of the transfer window and sold Demichelis for some decent price. Then, we would have a much better team than right now.

    I dont think the idea of just promoting youth is great. In fact, one of the most successful cases, like Arsenal, isnt able to win titles in years. Beside, a football club shouldnt be trying to accumlate on wealth. Instead, they should pay their fans back with worldclass stars and great performance.

    Although Barcelona is highly debted, they offer the best football in the world right now and has more fans over the world than we do. We are not managing a financial firm.


  • i dont think bayern will sell demichelis though... recently rummeneige said that we need demichelis cos he s a central defender, so there will be no departures in my opinion... if lufthansa want some reinforcments im sure bayern will get them BUT when they`re needed! i think this year`s philosophy is to check how the team will go with only kroos as addition, then if needed we ll buy someone in the winter transfermarket...

    we dont need to buy 5-6 players per year, last year our club was very consistant, so we just need to reinforce where needed, our only need i think its in the defence... with breno i think it would work out but he s still injured, and it takes a while until he s fully fit..


  • Bayern definitely needs some enforcement in central defence as both Van Buyten and Badstuber arent capable to defence against ultra defensive teams like Kaiserslautern. We have shown that in the past few seasons


  • @ chrisco :

    Mon ami, Bayern have a contract with Lufthansa if they don't follow it
    the airline will simply stop paying the club 50 million a year for sponsorship.... It is all about the contract that is all !

    The contact states that Bayern will be bringing in stars...
    they haven't done so... therefore Lufthansa can if they wish sponsor
    any other team !!


  • Well, let them sponsor another team. Sponsors should not say what we should do. Sponsors just have to pay, not more then that. The knowledge of football doesn't come from sponsors.


  • Bayern need to spend, they earned 45 millin Euros from CL only last year! Please spend it, my dream was to see Vidic wear the Bayern shirt :(

    unfortunately it cant happen, i guess we'll have to survive with buyten and badstber till January atleast!


  • So the transfer window is about to close, lets hope we see SOME movement from our management. With Micho acting like a little bitch I think this is the time to buy a worldclass CB. I will not give up until the window is completely closed :D


  • im with u charlievarela, though its a bit diffiuclt now: / i dont think bayern will get some players while the league is already underway


  • It is just unbelievable of what Nerlinger, Van Gaal and Hoeness are thinking. Look! Last season, we completed two domestic double and was in the final in Champion League. Therefore, we can say we do have a solid fundation. However, we need a few other worldclass players in certain areas in order to make this squad perfect.

    With Audi and Lufthansa chipping in 100mil Euros and 50mil Euros accordingly and with the help of getting into the final in Champion League (an extra 50mil Euros), we should have plenty of resources to spend on transfer even though we did renew both Mueller and Ribery's contract which takes a bit of our capital as well as paying down the debt for our stadium.

    I think we could afford to spend at least 40-50mil Euros to attract talents in central defence as well as central midfield


  • If we can't get a super striker , & world-class central defender and sell or loan Gomez surely Bayern will loss a lot of points in the bundesliga & lose the first match in CL against Roma (no Ribery for suspension & Robben for the injury). >:|