Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Yes, from a business standpoint, Rafinha looks like a better purchase, but again there are some assumptions that could be false. First, Rafinha did have a fine display with Schalke; however, his performance at Genova has been quite medicore if not terrible (1st of the season). Yes, we bought him because we remembered his days with Schalke. However, if you looked at players like this could be quite damaging sometimes, like Adriano, Ronaldino and plenty more when were worldclass a few seasons ago and cant even establish a regular place in most of the European leagues right now.

    Secondly, without signing a top class player for too long (last was Robben), Bayern's image will go furthur down players' mind. If that is the case, even if we do have budget in the future, players will still want to go to Man Utd or Real Madrid. You can kind of sense of the departure of Ozeil and Khedira is kicking on the back on us. I am sure Bayern can seriously offer 12-15mil Euros on either player but we didnt act on it because they prefer to play aboard and play at a bigger club.

    I am not saying Rafinha is a bad player, but he could be a gamble for us. If he can retain his old form, thats great because we used 6mil Euros for a 15mil Euros player. However, if he plays like we played at Genova, it means we have wasted 6mil Euros, just like we did with Breno, Sosa, Dos Santos, etc


  • what crap..we cant buy every player that wants to leave the bundesliga lol..
    and we cannot pay 30m for a leftback..
    hell, we need to pay 15-20 mill for hummels/subotic/any good cb..and they dont want to because they feel its silly..

    we should...but thats FCBayern..

    we like to play tymoschuk in centerback in the champions league..hehe


  • this thing with neuer is making me crazy, he is coming, "we have agreed a fee but we didnt accept it, yet" , this is move of a retarded movie in my point of view.......

    why should we pay 30 mil for coentrao i dont know, did he win anything with benfica to really stand out of the crowd? i have seen him at the WC, and in the europa league, and let me tell u, he is not a world class player.

    the rafinha busyness is great, he knows german football, and we know he confirmed here, that was a dilemma regarding coentrao if he confirms.

    playing lahm on the left.... why not, we saw him @ the manschaft, and he did good on this position.

    nils good backup for the team, olic is on his way back, klose is leaving ( i think ).

    the vidal rumors, i dont know....... he is good but, why did we get gustavo, alaba wil be back......... also kroos, schweinsteiger, pranjic......... the middle is full, we need 1 maybe 2 center backs, hummels ( i dont know why we lost him in the first place ) wont come, subotic neither........... howedes SUX, breno is okay but he is still young, badstuber is good but still young, we need an OLD MAN back there, a player that knows his thing, and i have a solution................. cloning patrick anderson :D or matthaus :)



  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">cloning patrick *LEGEND* anderson</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Best idea i've heard in a long time :D


  • Coentrao might not worth 30mil Euros and thats why Real Madrid hasnt take that bid yet. But Coentrao is definitely one of the best left defenders there are in the world and he has lots more potential than some of the older ones.

    Yes, we definitely need reinforcement in central defense, but I doubt neither Hummels nor Subotic will join this summer or ever.

    I understand most of the Bundesilga clubs are running their clubs healthy and keen on developing young players which is a very good sign. However, we also need to build the league to a next dimension so that the young developed stars like Ozeil, Khedira and Sahin will stay within the league and make our league and teams stronger in long term

    Although Bundesilga has overtaken Serie A now, it seems to me that nobody in the professional football world or even relatively bigger named players have taken us seriously yet. I guess the clubs (meaning ex-Bayern) really need to step up and have a constant present in the Champion League quarter-final or semi-final. Otherwise, within the next few years, Bundesilga will be back in the No.4 spot.


  • Sad, sad sad... no top transfer so we'll be looking forward to another season with no major trophies and more CL humiliations....

    where is that top CB and a top LB/RB along with some great midfielders to allow for a proper rotation plan when Robbery is out with injury ?


  • I think is quite stupid that Bayern is going to spend most of our transfer budget on Neuer and maybe Vidal which both of them will certainly want to join and their contracts are both expiring in a year time. We could be potentially spending 35mil Euros to acquire players. In constrast, we are restricted to get 2nd tier defensive players like Rafinha and Boateng.

    Yes, Bayern is linked with a few attractive winger/striker and I am sure that Bayern will add one of them before the transfer window ends, but it is unlikely to be Aguero. We are also linked with Gervinho, Reus, Bendtner, A.Sanchez, and even Falcao and Nasri...


  • guys enough with this pessimism ... It's ok if we didn't sign Coentrao , it wasnt gonna change things completly out here . And Rafinha is not that bad, and with a bargain price it might turn out to be one of the best transfers .
    We don't need to buy overrated players for big money to win trophies! it's all about the philisophy and the unit.


  • simsam87 : Actually, "about the philisophy and the unit" is what we are missing for the past decade. Dont you see that Bayern goes from a top elite club probably alongside with Real Madrid, AC Milan and Man Utd to a 2nd tier top club in Europe now? Over the past decade, Chelsea, Inter, Barcelona and even Arsenal had somewhat caught up with us and Barcelona could even surpass us in Europe as of today.


  • From UCL Final, it's clear that we can't underestimate full back, wing backs position. Modern WB should be good in both defense and attack. I think the main reason that MU lost was because their full backs failed to contain Barcelona attacking unit. You can say that most of Barcelona chances initiated from Evra's side. This is definitely the problem we are facing as well, and I don't think buying the likes of Rafinha, Clichy which are good at attack but doubtful in defensive area will boost our chance to win UCL (They may be good enough for BL, though).


  • Arsenal hasn't caught is, they didn't win a trophy for over 5 years and their last good performance in Europe was 5 years ago.
    => Arsenal didn't pass us (their history is also nothing compared to our history)

    Chelsea may have passed us, but they still only reached 1 CL final which we did also. They spend in 1 Mercato what we spend in 4 mercatos.
    => Chelsea didn't pass us (their history is also nothing compared to our history)

    Inter is as corrupt as the rest of Italy, they weren't punished (when everybody knows they did just the same as all the other clubs). They thank their success to the calciopoli, before that their last title was in 1989 and they didn't have a name in Europe.
    => Inter did't pass us (their history is also nothing compared to our history)

    Their are only 4 clubs which are bigger than Bayern, and 1 of them (Milan) didn't get a trophy the last 5 years (besides their title this season). We're not the biggest club, but you shouldn't act like calimero 8-)

    @Seto: You think Coentrao is good in defense? He's a natural winger, turned into a wingback.


  • chrisco : I didnt say that those clubs have passed us but most of them (ex-Arsenal) have leveled with us in Europe status if not passing. Some of them have won 3 Champion League titles which we have 4. So, I would have to say that they are considerablely leveled with us.

    As for Arsenal and Chelsea standpoint, both teams can attract quality worldclass players to join if they are willing to spend the cash, but sometimes, I dont see the same here. Yes, both Robben and Ribery are willing to join (apart from the German players). But Robben was dumped by Real Madrid and chose to join us within a few days or maybe a single week. At the same time, when Ribery joined us, he wasnt worldclass yet.


  • The really sad thing is that Barca will be buying the likes of Fabregas and ManU will transfer Wesley Sneijder and a few other top players but Bayern will invest into 2-3 second hand players and maybe Neuer if that doesn't fail because top players refuse to sign for Bayern.

    Good luck in UCL and Bundesliga with Badstuber, Breno, van Buyten or Tymo as full backs and Contento or Pranjic as left backs, not to mention not having any backup for Klose, Olic and Robbery which are out 50% of the season anyhow.


  • Let them buy Fabregas and Sneijder, those are all players they don't need. And if they'll play it will be bad for the equilibration in their team. Let us buy the players we really need to grow as a team (keeper, wingback, centerback) and we'll have a better mercato then them with their big name transfers


  • So far, we have only bought Rafinha and Peterson. I would say that Peterson is someone who we might not need and might not play more than 10 games this season. Rafinha is someone who we think could play at a high level on the right side like he used to be at Schalke. Therefore, so far, two of our signings are given a lot of hope instead of performance in the past season in a big club.

    Hopefully, we could secure Neuer. But even with Neuer on board, we need a stable defensive line to help him out. Otherwise, we could still lose 3-4 goals per round in Champion League.


  • Rafinha's transfer will be confirmed on Wednesday as 5.2mil Euros for 3 years contract with Bayern.

    Neuer's situation- Schalke 04 is still playing poker card. So far, rumor is saying that Bayern is willing to pay 18mil Euros plus 7mil Euros on performance

    Boateng- Man City is unlikely to sell him to us at a reasonable price. Man City is asking for 20mil Euros and we are willing to pay 9mil Euros

    Vidal- He is unwilling to extend Leverkusen's contract and wants to join us. But Leverkusen doesnt want to sell him to us. So they are already speaking with Napoli management

    In addition, we are linked with a winger/striker. There are plenty of names coming up, recently as crazy as Aguero but there are plenty more that we are considering like Gervinho, Reus, etc