Transfers - suggestions/rumors

  • Yes, some has suggested that Sammer will pull off Adriano's transfer. I still believe Bayern is interested in Adriano and Barcelona is willing to sell him because they just signed Alba. However, is he worth it? Adriano probably wont cost anything more than 10mil Euros. At this price tag, Bayern is definitely affordable. On the other hand with both Alaba and Contento capable to play there. Will Adriano be a surplus? If he comes, he will have to loan Contento out for a few seasons to gain match experience.

    Personally, I would rather Bayern sign a top central defender/central midfielder like Martinez. His price tag is around 40mil Euros and we can afford it. However, if we offer 40mil Euros, we could have gotten Khedira too and he is one of the best central midfielders in Euro12. So I am not sure if Martinez's move is the best option out there although he will be the only value transfer of this season as I have mentioned in the other post that all our current transfers are pretty much surplus and will only add depth to the bench instead of adding quality to our first team lineup


  • Van Persie has confirmed not to renew his contract with Arsenal as I have predicted months ago. Arsenal will definitely look to sell him if there is suitable buyer(s). I think Bayern should not wasted time and try to sign him. Man City is now the highest bidder and they always had been for the past few seasons. However, their bid is only 20mil pounds. But since Arsenal fans has a history with Man City. I doubt Arsenal will sell him to Man City unless their bid is comparably higher than the others. If Bayern does offer a bid at around 15-18mil Euros, I think Arsenal and his fans will prefer to sell him aboard than selling to either Man City, Chelsea or Man Utd.

    Many has wondered why would we need four strikers when we already had Gomez, Pizzaro and Mandzukic. I think Van Persie's best position is actually behind forward, meaning our attacking midfielder role. Kroos and Mueller werent too convincing there last season, despite they are generally quite up to the task for most of matches except the crucial ones. With Van Persie there, we would have plenty more options up fronts as he can single handly destory a defensive line and with the supply of Robben, Ribery or Mueller, both Gomez and Van Persie will benefit. Beside, with a price of under 20mil Euros, a worldclass Van Persie is a steal.

    Some fans might worry about his age, but the crucial question is that is he worldclass. If he is and especially for a skillful striker like him, he can easily play for another 4-5 good seasons if no serious injuries. Look like Pirlo, Xavi and even Villa, they are well above 30 years old but still be able to offer worldclass performance at crucial stage. Thats what we need and thats what we were missing last season when we had our crucial matches against Dortmund and Chelsea.


  • If Van Persie is available, we must must sign him. Every year we miss big opportunities signing realy talented players.

    Well, apart from Van Persie, I think Bayern should also sign a forward with excellent foot-work and one who can be a very good subs for Ribéry since Kroos has shown pretty average performance last season. And also a excellent skilled winger as a subs for Robben.

    Why our management is not going for Higuain? I mean last season he was in the first eleven in very few matches ( even I doubt if there was any)..

    Though Alaba attacks quite well on left wing from defense but still we need a well-skilled subs for Ribéry.


  • Here I want to ask something about the Schweini-Khedira swap between Real and Bayern:

    How far this rumor is true?


  • I dont think Higuain is on sales unless Mourinho can find a better replacement. I wouldnt imagine Real Madrid going in the season with just Benzemen as the sole striker. On the other hand, Van Persie is definitely available as he has already declared that he wont extend his contract with Arsenal so he is definitely up for sales.


  • hmm...i recommend KAKA! yes KAKA ....everybody saw robben when he was in real...and about his transfer to bayern! and now look at his price again!...i think we can do it with kaka...he is not expensive ..and after a seasone or 2...will get alot of funds by selling him!


  • Of course, we can sign Kaka as his price tag would be less than 20mil Euros, however, I doubt he will make any impact here as he has lost his pace.

    On Martinez, I am not sure if he will leave the club this season, even if he is, we are against major clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid. I doubt we will sign him cheap. On the other hand, our latest target is Marchisio as his cost would be around 25mil Euros. He will be a value addition for our central midfield. Hopefully, we could sign Van Persie for 20mil Euros.

    With Van Persie and Martinez/Marchisio, we could really challenge Champion League title


  • Apart from Marchisio, Bayern is interested in his partner, Pirlo, as well. I think Pirlo will help us a lot in winning menality, since he has won Champion League twice with AC Milan. We needed his experience in big matches


  • Because I didn't find out how to qoute more than one I just qoute this and answer both.

    I can accept Van Persie if the transfer go under 20mill, but more than that is not worth it because of all the forwards we already have.

    Toni Kroos doesn't need a replacement, nuff said.

    And about a sub for Robben and Ribéry, we already have Shaqiri!

    I have nothing to say about the rumor Schweini-Khedira more than: I don't want that....

    (Excuse me for my poor english....)


  • I think Khedira is a better player than he was when he was at Stuttgart. Schweinsteiger has been underperforming for the past 6 months, however, when he is fit, he should be a much better player. But sometimes I think Schweinsteiger still lacks that winning menality to push him into a real worldclass player, like some of our previous German leaders.

    I think if Real Madrid can offer Khedira and Sahin for Schweinsteiger, we will take it.


  • Rummenigge has suggested that Bayern could be finished with their transfer and I hope not. This will be another mistake year if thats the case because Bayern basically doesnt have the quality to win the Champion League. Yes, we might be able to win Bundesilga or German Cup, but thats not what most of the fans want


  • considering our numerous injuries, I HOPE our board gets on the transfer market again and at least get a VERY GOOD striker (so that everyone is happy with him), and GOOD left-back so at least we`ll be covered in case contento gets injured, and alaba would play on the wing rather than at left back !!


  • I dont believe Bayern will get 2 new players just because Gomez and Alaba are injuried for another 6-8 weeks. We do have enough backup players for initial season start; however, I want us to improve on quality instead. We should get a 30-40mil Euros player to improve our squad quality instead of quantity.

    I would want us to spend 40mil Euros on Martinez to improve our central defence as Van Buyten or Boateng is clearly not good enough for worldclass team(s).


  • to tell the truth my wish is to get ozil but this will not happen for the moment, now if we get one of these three; bender martinez khedira will be good for us!!:|


  • With half a month to go until the transfer window closes, Bayern has already invested 30mil Euros in this transfer market, although many of us have again disappointed with Hoeness's talk up of at least spending our last season's CL revenue (50-60mil Euros) in this summer transfer failed through once again. Not only the management hasnt lived up to their statement, the fundamental issues arent solved. The only thing that has improved from this transfer market are that our team depth is better than previous season and we now have a much better sport of director. However, some of our structure problems havent been solved.

    1). Lack of quality in defence. Yes, in terms of quantity, we have enough backup players with the addition of Dante and the uprising Alaba and Contento. However, in terms of quality, only Lahm is worldclass (even so, Lahm sometimes makes mistakes in defending in crucial matches). Statisically, we are the best team in terms of scoring and conceding goals last Bundesilga season. However, our defence lacks quality in crucial big matches like the duels against Dortmund.

    2). Lack of strong menality/character. Traditionally, German teams are always good at that. Thats why Germany and German teams are able to win title even with medicore players compared to Brazil, Spain, and other nationes in the past. However, those times are gone. This crop of German players (esp Bayern's eight German players, except Neuer) are weak in menality in all areas- penalties, personalities, etc. In addition to that, our star player, Robben & Ribery, are another players who are worldclass on their day(s), but always turned out short in crucial matches.

    Unless those two structure issues are solved, no matter how many players are bought. Bayern might not win many titles in the next few seasons.