Champions League

  • peddi i was out of concentration when i wrote the comment, i wanted to say england and i said london, so hopefully its not a big mistake, though am good in geography ;)


  • We have to be at our best. Remember in 2001 when we lifted the throphy, we beat United home and away. Our attacking talent is better than that squad in 2001. It is high time to show Ribery what he is worth as now cause Robben has already upstaged him this season. If Ribery could not make a difference to the Champions Leauge game agaisnt United, he should be sold and we can bring more players next season to improve our team.

    I am so worried about our defence and with Rooney with such good form, we must be lucky to get a clean sheet. This is where our 12th man must come in. Let's get behind our team and cheer them on at the first leg. This is where we hold them, this is where we beat them. Give them nothing but take from them Everything!!!!!!!

    We have the best chance to be in the final. Lyon and Bordeuax are beatable and we can be in the final in Madrid. We have to believe that we can do it!!!!!!

    I am hoping for a 2-0 scoreline for Bayern in the first leg!!!!!


  • I think if we are able to win against Man Utd, we could actually win the Champion League because after this win, it will give enormous confidence to go forward.

    I think we need to be 100% fit for the key players in order to have a chance against Man Utd, including Ribery, Robben, Gomez, Demichelis, Van Buyten and Lahm. In addition, it would be nice if Man Utd's Rooney hits a bad form for a few weeks as well as their injury lists grow furthur in defence as both Ferdinand and Vidal arent as solid as they were from last season


  • Let me compare the 2001 team with 2010.
    Oli: A leader & gifted keeper

    2010 Keeper
    Butt: good performer but bit shaky

    2001 Defense :
    Linke, Andresson, Kuffor, Lizarazu, Sagnal
    All are rated the best of players in their position.

    2010 Defense :
    Slow reaction & mediocre performance against quick players.

    2001 Midfield:
    Effenberg A leader & fighter
    Scholl Creative with excellent passing & unselfish winger
    Jeremies excellent Defensive midfield.
    Basler very good winger

    2010 Midfield :
    Schwini A good as MF but miss passes, delay the counter-attack.
    V. Bommel: break attack but has really clumsy challenges.
    Ribery: Fast & tricky winger if he is at the best "nowadays performs less against big teams"
    Robben: Very good dribbler & menace to any defense but very selfish!!

    2001 Attack:
    Elber: Legend in attack
    Sergio : A good Attacking Forward.
    Jancker: Not impressive
    Zickler: Excellent Attacking substitute.

    2010 Attack:
    Gomez Mediocre Attacker
    Olic A good attacker
    Muller good finisher but still need more time
    Klose Not as good as two season ago but better than Gomez

    I would say Bayern with current performance has 1% of qualifying. They will not be lucky all the time.


  • I continue to read of Ribery's value to Bayern, what he and Robben "will do against Man U." or anyone else.

    Ribery isn't playing, people. He's injured. Constantly. Almost every game. For whatever reason including mysterious afflictions contracted on planes to Dubai. He's missed 2/3 of the games this year. In the games that he has played excepting several moments he has been essentially meaningless.

    Whatever value Franck Ribery might have brought Bayern on the field or in the bank from a year ago has eroded. He is basically irrelevant to this Bayern team. Bayern will play Man. U. in a week and a half with someone, at best, who can only play half of the game. If he is "healthy."

    Question: why was he not sitting with Gomez and Schweinsteiger in the stands at the last game? Why was he not standing up and cheering-as others-after a Bayern goal? When he has been on the field and Bayern have scored, is he usually one of the first to congratulate the goal scorer? Or second, third or fourth? Does he run away from other players when he scores or does he celebrate with them?

    Two years ago did he react differently to any of these?

    This isn't about his drama anymore. He is just not performing and might as well not exist-even when he is rarely on the field. It has become justly Robben's team. Ribery, for me, is a memory of times past. An incredible loss that I think we have to face.

    He exists on paper but not in fact. And, no, he is not going to play today either.


  • joeh

    unfortunately, :( i have to agree with every word u said about Ribery :x
    i think this is his way to convince bayern to let him go next season, but, could this be the way to convince the other teams to chase him any more? unless he already had the deal and it is signed some how, and his new team asked him to act this way to let things easier for him. but, i was happy after Rummineges speech last week, that even if he doesnt sign a new contract, he also could stay with bayern, and spend the whole next season not on the bench, but watching the games on TV, and then, he will beg to go to Munich 1860!!! >:|


  • Oh gosh, we are so finished agasint Manchester United. Our defence is really terrible. I don't want to give false hope to anyone. But our defence is really unworthy of being a Champions League team.

    But still, let's rally behind our team and do our best to support them. But don't expect us to beat Manchester United and go through the semis. That is a bonus.


  • Yea right! Look, half of our first team players are out of action- Van Buyten, Demichelis, Schweinstger, Gomez, Ribery...

    I dont think we can cope with Man Utd this time unless mircle happens.


  • Lets pray for that miracle, Bayern is a team with a lot of faith. It will be hard, but hopefully on central defender will be available and we just give it our best. There are options, its just a matter of faith and if Van Gaal plays the right cards.


  • faith has nothing to do with football....if the whole team, is going to pray before the match, it will still not matter, god won't come down and put a hand over us :-O :-O and utd states will still kick our asses :P


  • Faith is all, remember when we won the CL 2001 on penalties, was it not our faith that took us all the way. Faith in a great team that believed in themselves, Bayern is capable of doing it again and as their fans we must support them. If some individuals have lost faith in their team well thats their problem because Ive been a Bayern fan since 1998 and I believe in my team. Even when the times are hard I havent lost faith and neither have our players. Even when we had a rough start this season, even when we were humiliated by Barcelona under Klinsman, our team managed to pull it off. We got second place that season because the board placed their faith on Jupp Heynckes and he delivered. Van Buyten is going to be ready for the match against Manchester by the way.


  • @ charlie: okay, you stay with your faith and see how far it will take you :P the team in 2001 was an accomplished one, one at it's highest point, so success was inevitable, especially after the lost in '99.
    this on the other hand has nothing from that team: you have 1 committed superstar, one benched and dreaming away superstar, 4 kids, from whom 2 are gained their spot in the team, but still they have more to prove, and hard work to give.
    you have a sloppy defense, an overrated striker, and a weak link between defense-midfield-offensive. We're lucky with having robben, which isn't always enough, as eintracht proved us!!!


  • Agree with geoldes

    and must add:

    a list of "meant to be good" players...that are injured continuously and cant get their top form


  • I sure will stay with my faith because as a real fan I believe in my team. We are still in all 3 competitions, our team has accomplished a lot since the terrible season under Klinssman. Things are not always great, we did lose this weekend, but we are still on top. Say what you want, but sometimes faith is what takes a team very far and it can happen again. Lets see, which other teams are still in all 3 competitions, only Bayern, Bordeux and Inter, this proves the quality of our team. We can criticize all we want, but at the end its our players who will determine the outcome. Our defense is weak, but if we lose faith, if our players lose faith then our end is most certainly near. Players need to believe in themselves, we must believe in them because we are Bayern fans arent we? None of us can predict what will happen, bacause this is football and this is a sport that can be determined by just one goal. Van Buyten is ready for action and with him ready we actually stand a chance. Our problem is our defence, but they can manage. And by the way theres a chance Rooney wont be playing due to an injury caused in the game against Liverpool during the weekend. DONT LOSE FAITH.


  • I am excited! this game is going to be an all out war. i cannot see Manchester keeping us at 0 or 1 at our home. we will score goals i guarantee that! BUT im pretty sure they will too even with our home fans i see the score roaring at around 4-2 for Bayern and on the return to old traford a possible reverse #. and penalties will be the climax.

    yes very wild guess... sue me...

    that's how manU plays, they attack , and ooooh is Rooney on fire it scares the living hell out of me when i think about it. i cant think of 1 defender who can shut him down except for Lahm, but he cant do it on his own.

    but on the other hand this will be the the first team we will play against that will be willing to give us space. Van Gaals methods were ment for teams like ManU where we can pass keep possession and put pressure on.

    wich brings me to my prediction on goals. ManU will score because of counter attacks our defense is to slow to keep up with them. and we will score on a set piece or two, and a few good worked passing with Klose at the end of them.

    If you asked what would be the most intense exiting matchup.
    Bayern Vs Manchester