Champions League

  • With the morale high we must not lose focus on whats important, Lyon is a good team and we must aim to beat them with good football. Lyon has a list of players with injuries, but nothing is certain till Wednesday.

    "Lopez took a knock on the ankle and missed Sunday’s light workout. Puel described the striker as “doubtful” for the clash in Munich. Centre-half Jean-Alain Boumsong has been out for two weeks with a calf strain, while Jean II Makoun (groin), Mathieu Bodmer (back) and Dejan Lovren (knee) were all absent in Bordeaux."…4a2e0bd1b5c92ebd2ba7fcdea


  • C'mon guys... don't hope for a 3-0 win or so....

    Lyon is a very good side... especially their defense, remember how they stopped Ronaldo, Kaka and Higuain?

    So it will be REALLY tough for us... any win would be priceless... and now their are reports coming on whether Ribery will play or not... and remember we don't have our main player(i.e Van Bommel)... so don't get carried away by the 7-0 win...

    i think Contento will play in place of Holger Badstuber... and Pranjic will play for Van Bommel... i don't think Van Gaal is gonna start with Gomez because Muller recently scored a brace and impressed him...

    i hope we play well and a lot weighs upon Schweini.. as he will have to provide all the balls to our attackers...

    As for tomorrow's game, i predict a 0-0 draw...


  • We can beat them at home, the team has to focus on the game. Lyon just tied against Bordeux and we won a superb 7 - 0, or confidence is high and our playing has improved a lot.

    3 - 0 is somewhat exagerated, but common can you blame fans for being pumped up after the game against Hannover? Biggest win for Bayern in the Bundesliga in 20 years.

    I think we can beat Lyon with a 2 - 0 considering our superb offense and the fact that Gomis hasnt played that well for Lyon and that Delgado might miss the match. Lyons attack is mainly done by the wings so we have to close down the spaces and not let them through.

    Pranjic and Contento are the obvious candidates to replace Van Bommel and Badstuber. And Muller always starts, as Van Gaal said he is part of his strating XI, he only doesnt play when he is injured or due to fatigue. I think Pranjic can deal with the pressure considering how well he played against Manchester in the first leg, when he replaced Schweinsteiger.


  • Guys, we have to beat them here, because first, Lyon's confidence level isnt as high as we are right now. Secondly, we are playing at home- we both won against Man Utd and Fiorentina at home. Thirdly, Lyon has to travel to Munich by bus as the air traffic in Europe is not normal yet. Fourthly, we have a better head to head record against them


  • And I agree and we will beat them. We have the skill do to so, Bayern is at its peak and we must not fall, we have to keep the playing and win. Besides that as you pointed out there are many factors in our favor, plus the amazing win against Hannover, best score for Bayern in the Bundesliga in 20 years.


  • hope we win... obviously it's never easy to play in a semi-final of the biggest event in Europe... and i think Butt will have to improve his game... he has given away some simple goals... but i hope we win it :)


  • True about Butt, another reason why we should sign a new goalkeeper. The team has to focus and work hard, with our confidence high from saturday we can definitely score some goals. Looking forward fot the game :)


  • I would say a 1-0 or 2-1 win would be good. And you guys know what happens in the second leg if we win the first leg 2-1 ;-) But i wouldn't count on a 3-0 win because Lyon will play very very defensive and keep the wings tight so Ribéry and Robben will be marked by 2-3 players when in ball possesion. We will probably see a game like against Fiorentina, but this time Schweinsteiger has to take a lot of responsibility because we are playing without van Bommel and neiter Pranjic or Altintop can fill his shoes but maybe Tymoshchuk could, but i don't think van Gaal will let him play..


  • definitly bayern has the advantage for this leg................i hope they can be able to take that...

    FCB is going to have more time to rest and to prepare the match than lyon has, so my guess is that bayern is going to run more during the 90 minutes than lyon is going to, the mentality should be fresher than the opponent's one, the strategy for the game should be sharper and of course the morality is a plus for munich...

    A full crowded house is going to support them too, they can use that plus too...

    its do or die time, i think if bayern gives everything they got to win this coming matches (i'm sure they will), with hard work, cleverness and complete focus on the game, leaving all the mental bullshit and the media crap behind, they are up for something that could be great...Lets go bayern!!!!


  • In the CL domestic matches count for nothing, we can lose 4-0 and go into a CL matchup with a completely wiped mental slate focusing 100% on the match beacause this is a big game and nothing is going to be going throught those playeres minds exept "Win" they will not be phased by a loss draw or win in the match before.

    thats the wonder of european competition. its a whole new level. Lyon will be focused. and they will be deadly.

    We need to stay focused, and once again as i always say to make a home advantage an "advantage" the attendance should be louder and noisier then Lyon have ever experienced. We should be putting fear into the lyon players before they even set foot on the pitch echos of our german fans in the lyon dressing rooms.

    If we just play how we play We will win plain and simple.


  • Most factors are in our advantage, we play at home, Lyon came from a 7 hour bus drive, our morale is high, the football is good. Everything is set for us to take the win and we will. I believe we can win 2 - 0, our squad has the determination and passion to do this. We must also consider Lyons possible absent players:

    "Lopez took a knock on the ankle and missed Sunday’s light workout. Puel described the striker as “doubtful” for the clash in Munich. Centre-half Jean-Alain Boumsong has been out for two weeks with a calf strain, while Jean II Makoun (groin), Mathieu Bodmer (back) and Dejan Lovren (knee) were all absent in Bordeaux."

    Lets have faith in our great team, its time for Bayern to show its worth to all Europe once again.


  • Can't believe I now can't fly to München due to the dust cloud from the valcanoin Iceland 8-) >:-| :(

    I was looking forward to being at this game tomorrow night :(


  • football has become so unpredictable these days that i can't even think of predicting any score... a 2-0 win would be priceless... i guess even a 0-0 draw won't be so bad as Sagnol said but i hardly doubt if our defence will not concede any :P

    lets hope for the best... still 1 more day and some more hours to go... i'm finding ways to kill time... i guess watching the inter-barca game will be the best way to do it :P


  • I think Bayern will secure a win and I am quite confident that we would win by 2-0 or 3-0 or more. Normally, I am not very optimistic on these, but I can see this happening as Lyon is a very defensive team and I know we like teams like that than attacking teams sometimes like Man Utd and Fiorentina which we had quite a difficult going against.

    I think if Bayern can play like this tomorrow, we would be fine:

    Lahm---Van Buyten--Demichelis--Contento


  • i'd like to see mario gomez and olic up front tomorrow, specially if lyon is to play the defensive role...

    muller's performance on this kind of matches has been really poor...


  • sagthun : You actually have a point. Even though I think Van Gaal will maintain Mueller and Olic partnership after Hannover's match, but I might have to agree that playing Gomez as a starting striker could bring trouble to Lyon as Klose did to Lyon last season


  • In this kind of game , we need pace and Gomez can provide that. Gomez was a threat to Manchester United's defence in both legs when he came on as a sub although he did not score( he was unlucky in old trafford, when his header just flashed over).

    It is our last home game in the champions league this season. Our fellow fans are so wonderful at home. So raise the roof and scare Lyon into submission. This is no Hannover but it will be wonderful if we can get a clean sheet and score a couple of goals to take to France. Moreover Bayern needs no motivation to win.

    Let's get into the final. Even the neturals want to see a Bayern vs Inter/ Barcelona final. So come on team and come on fans!!! Let us book our ticket to the Madrid by a convincing win over Lyon!!!!


  • I dont think Gomez will start, Muller and Olic have demonstrated they can be a priceless attack duo. Lets see how Muller plays and if hes playing is poor then we can change him for Gomez. I rather stick to whats sure, the win over Hannover has proven that both Olic and Muller can score goals and work very well together.

    deisel : that sucks, that volcano ash sounds ike some crazy s***.

    bbjtin : I agree with that formation, Altintop should be part of the starting XI considering Van Bommel not being able to play (damn yellow cards).

    Contento plays quite well with Ribery, am I the only one who has noticed this, I hope not. The kid has a lot of potential and has chemistry with Ribery in the left flank.


  • Fans at home have shown their value constantly, the support they give to the team is amazing. Tomorrow is the day, lets all show our support for our great team, Go Bayern Munich!