Champions League

  • Its great to read that you guys from around the world are as hot as we are here in Munich. Speaking about Italian football you´re right that they often play dirty. Even though there are no Italians in Inters starting line-up the team has accomplished the Italian style which fits in Mourinhos philosophy as well. Van Gaal has turned our Team into a offensive minded beast that wants to dominate by possession. These Inter grandpas will have a busy evening running their ugly off :8
    Once again - thank you for supporting our team from whereever you´re living.
    Go Bayern!


  • to: waschdel
    thanks for appreciates us, far away from munich. i'm from east region of indonesia. the CL final match start at 03.45 am and i'll watch the match alone in my home, of course using the bayern jersey. i supported bayern for about 21 years. although the atmosphere here surely different with in munich. but my heart keep staying in estadio santiago bernabeu. my spirit always support my beloved bayern. go... go... go... this is our time.
    treble winner for the first time... you deserved on it.


  • We are just 4 hours away from Kick off!!!!! First of all, i would like to thank our fellow Bayern Supporters who are there at Madrid's Bernabau Stadium for cheering our team on!!!!

    Thanks for the Bayern team for giving us something to hope for today as we are 90 mins away from completing a remarkable season.

    Thanks to everyone here who posted their well wishes here urging our team on. Every one's faith in Bayern is important. No matter where you are, stand up and be counted. It is a proud moment for all of us.

    The odds are against us. No Ribery, refree Howard Webb who will side Mourhino and of course Mourhino himself. Great odds for any team to overcome. But we can do it. There is hope among all of us that Bayern is going to win tonight and write their name into the history of soccer.

    No matter what happens, we will be proud of a Bayern team that gave it's best. To have made this far when others have fallen, we are still standing trying to earn our right to be called the best in Europe and in the world.

    Tonight is the night we do it. Everyone we need, you. From Munich to Peru, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Singapore and all over Europe, whereever u are Bayern fans. Today will be our day!!! We must beleive!!!

    Go Bayern!!!!!!! and bring back the Champions Leauge title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I couldnt be more excited for todays game. I think I am really liking the fact that Bayern are the underdogs in this game. The game is going to be a lot closer than most people think it will be. Even with out Ribery, Bayern will do fine and they will prove that the team has the depth to be the worlds best club. GO BAYERN MUNCHEN!! Bayern 2-1 over Inter with goals from Olic and Robben.


  • you make a mistake, you pay....again demichelis seemed not to be able to take well the pressure...and again sneijder and millito proved that his slow and buyten even slower...
    badstuber wasn't anywhere in the game, contento might have proved more.Klose might have been more dangerous than muller and his experience might have been more helpfull but if van gaal is known for something, that's for him being consistent....

    Nevertheless, we have to score, even if we won't win! It's not Bayern's style not to score...


  • This game has shown our greatest weakness, our defence. I am completely devastated, but either way we have a had a great season. There is always next year and Im sure we can win the CL soon. We must sign quality defenders, worldclass to complete our squad. I love u my Bayern, always will, thank u for so much. Lets win it next year!!!!!!


  • Congrats to the Inter fans !!

    Congrats to van Gaal for the domestic double and a major disappointment for not being able to come up with anything new compared to the Lyon games or anything new from the tactic Barca failed with.


  • Van Gaal did the best he could, our team needs to improve and it will. Its not right to blame this on Van Gaal solely, consider the individual defensive mistakes. Demichelis on the first goal and Van Buyten on the second. I congratulate Van Gaal for this season, thank u for taking us this far, I have faith u will do it again next season.


  • No worries guys, CONGRATS INTER!!!

    Bayern played well, congrats to evryone related to Bayern too... a good season comes to an end and now lets watch the World Cup :P


  • Butt :was really great did not have any chances of saving any of the goals.

    Bad performance from both central defenders , V.Bommel & Schwini.

    Contento should have played instead of Baduster.

    Altintop efforts were decent.

    Robben tried his best but the Inter were more concentrated.

    Muller lost a great chance of equalizing in beginning of the second half.

    Olic was non-existence.

    Neither Klose & Gomez could add up any value.


  • indeed our defence is what brought us down, but nevertheless, we haven't scored which says quite enough about us tonight. Probably if van gaal had come up with sth to try and surprize them, the outcome would have been different. But as he prefered not to change there was no doubt our game will be predictable. Mourinho managed to find a way to stop xavi, messi and Co, so Robben would pose that much threat.
    Eitherway, we had a great season and a team that shows a lot of potential.Our future will only be the sum of our choices and actions, but statistics say a team is unlikely to play the final twice in 2 seasons, only juventus and valencia doing so, and losing both...
    I do not think we will win or manage to get to another final soon, as the following 2-3 years should be construction years.But you'll never know...
    Congratulations to Lucio, he moved to another team to have better chances to win the trophy, and he did it...

    And, lastly, deeply sorry for Bommel and Butt who probably played their last final....


  • we lost the trophie coz of the central defense we have been complaining about all season long. Olic wasnt there, Muller was not up to it, klose and gomes, it would have been better to stay in munich both. robben, may god help u, every one is waiting you to do sth. its devastating, but it could have been more devastating if we were beaten against man united or lyon and our season was over a month or two months ago.

    mourinho proved to be the best coach in the whole world, thats not negotiable.

    donno what to say....


  • Dissapointed loosing tonight, well played Inter.

    It has been a good season however next season we can get better, would be looking at bringing in 2 centre halfs.

    Is it just me or does anybody see what Thomas Muller has too offer? i thought he was poor tonight and it's not the first time i have thought that.


  • it's too much for him, at his first starting season to play 90 minutes in the most important match of all....he's still a kid, badstuber as well....contento though, didn't seem so...pressure prone like these two, and should have been given a chance tonight....


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic"> do not think we will win or manage to get to another final soon, as the following 2-3 years should be construction years.But you'll never know...
    Congratulations to Lucio, he moved to another team to have better chances to win the trophy, and he did it... </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Comeo n man show some faith and support for ur team! Bayern has gone this far once and they can do it again, we dont need to lose hope just cause we lost the CL final, we have had a great season and we should be proud of it. Im very very very sad right now :( But I will never lose hope, we can do it agian guys, this is Bayern we are speaking of!!!!!!!!


  • Mueller is just a kid, but he did his best. And as for Badstuber Contento is much better as an LB, wish he had played. Whats done is done, w emust focus in the future, we can do it again, reach the final!!!!!!!!!!