Champions League

  • If no further injuries, I expect the following line-up:

    Lahm - Boateng - Tymo - Contento
    Schweinsteiger - Kroos
    Robben - Mueller - Ribery

    Contento played against Stuttgart last Saturday and played well. Heynkes would not want to transfer Lahm to the left and bring Rafinha, since that would mean to "destroy" both functioning sides....


  • I think the lineup would be

    Lahm Van Buyten Boateng Contento
    Tymoshchuk Schweinsteiger
    Robben Kroos Ribery

    Our defence has been weakened by the suspension of Badstuber and Alaba therefore, for our next season, we need more backup players in case this situation happens


  • Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (Preview)

    This is the real deal, the Champion League title! Obviously with home advantage, Bayern is in a favorable position as we have won all our 7 home matches so far this season and Chelsea has only won 1 away match. Therefore, statistic is on our side

    Chelsea has four players suspended and maybe two injuried, but Bayern isnt much better with three key players suspended and Van Buyten is still a doubt. Chelsea's old guards, Lampard, Cole & Drogba are on form and I still remembered Drogba knocking Bayern out in 2005 Champion league season.

    Tymoshchuk is probably not the best choice for central defender as he lacks the speed and the physical toughness against Drogba, so I prefer us putting Van Buyten and Boateng as central defender and probably Kroos and Schweinsteiger in central midfield


  • It's really sad that Gustavo and Alaba won't play in final.. it reminds me the absence of Ribéry in 2010 final.. i think if Ribéry were in that match, there could have been a different result..
    well, we cannot cry over the spilled milk.. but we can of course lock the stable door after the horse is stolen..

    the aggression we showed against Real Madrid, is the key factor to our victory.. and of course the defense.. an excellent defense. This is the final and there MUST NOT be any room for any single mistake. May be according to the statistics, we are ahead of Chelsea, but football is so unpredictable a game that it always leaves new surprises.

    Drogba and Torres must not be unmarked for a single moment.. I still remember the 2008 final match against Spain.. and the goal by Torres.. the last moment goal against Barca almost was alike to that of 2008.

    and German side has always been having the customary of digesting goals in the last 10 minutes of the matches.. so CONSISTENCY throughout whole 90 minutes is a MUST.

    I just know one thing, our boys could defeat the huge star squad of Real Madrid with our small squad.. so, it will not be very difficult to win in finale..

    So, ALL THE BEST BOYS !!! We are all with you..

    Mia San Mia !!!!


  • It will be a tough match for Bayern as Badstuber, Alaba and Gustavo are all left footed players, so we would only have Contento as a left footed player stand by. Otherwise, our entire defensive line is all right footed. Beside, Van Buyten had a horror show against Milito in 2010 Champion League final and I hope he wont get fooled by Drogba or Torres again.

    Our attackers have to be full on attack but when we are against an ultra defensive team, we sometimes do have problems in Bundesilga matches. And Chelsea has a better bench than us if Cahill and Luiz turn healthy


  • Our defence against Dortmund was all over the place and gives Chelsea a good way to break down our defence. In addition, three of our key defenders are suspended for Chelsea. I think with Drogba, like Lewandowski, can hold off Bayern's defence. We need to be determined to keep the ball away from Drogba because he would be a dangerous man for us.


  • Ribery, Robben and Mueller/Kroos definitely need more running and switching positions in order to confuse opponents. OW, it would be too predictable. Beside, Gomez needs to improve on his vision and passing otherwise, Gomez would hardly touch the ball during the entire match and his contribution is needed for a big match. Sometimes he cant hold up the ball for Ribery/Robben/Kroos to create chances


  • Cahil & Luiz have resumed training for Chelsea & we don't a really a good CB in the Final!!

    Their coach might play Drogba along with Torres. This means that he will play attacking football to finish Bayern early in the game...

    Everbody saw Bayern vunrablity at defense speicallly after the Cup match with Dortmund.


  • Yes Chelsea has a slight advantage as they have a deeper squad than us. Drogba, Lampard and a few of their stars are on form after beating Liverpool in England's FA Cup. However, their away form this season in both domestic and European matches arent great. So far, they have only won 1 away match in Champion League.

    Bayern will be without Badstuber, Alaba and Gustavo. All three are important players for us and are quite irreplaceable due to the lack of depth in our squad. The good side is that all three didnt play well against Dortmund.

    Chelsea will attack us early and will not sit back and relax. That will help us to find a bit more space in the middle hopefully. Finger crossed for Bayern


  • I think BVB have almost become our bogey team so as much as we were poor I think the CL Final will prove to be a different game.


  • Yes, I think we can grab our fifth star against Chelsea. We definitely have a slight advantage. It is now or never


  • It'll be a tough match for sure, but I think we can make it. Our team has made great progress since the beginning and we deserve the 5th star. I strongly believe the outcome of the game depends on who scores first. Given that we score first, Chelsea will have to open up in order to equalise the score. With their defense now unorganised we can put pressure on them with both Arjen and Franck to finish them off pretty quickly.In case they score first , we'll have a difficult time, breaking through their strong defence (see how good they repelled any Barcelona attacks in the semi-finals). Not only that but they can break our weakened defence easily especially with Drogba. Contento and Tymo are not ready for such games yet.


  • Just some hours ahead to decide the destiny.............

    Anyways, I wont go for any fantasy.. lets get this very straight.. If there has not any lesson been taken so far, we not gonna make it today.. no matter what even if we will be playing in home..

    Though Ramires, Ivanovic and Meireles won't be playing today's game but there will be Essien, Kalou and Luiz.. and above all the absence of Terry won't matter because both Luiz and Cahill are much faster than Terry.. we all know about Essien and Torres probably will be let to the ground after second half..

    Though statistically Bayern is ahead of Chelsea, but this is football and if we try to predict it, we are always so wrong..

    I really don't worry about Badstuber's absence.. what is making me so worried is Gustavo and Alaba not playing today.. anyways, Tymo and Contento will be there.. but they have to be just making no mistake consistently all 90 minutes..

    One thing I would just say, there MUST NOT be any room for a single mistake today.. If Drogba, Kalou and Torres MUST NOT be unmarked for a single moment in the game.. and we MUST DEFEND today.. defense in true sense of the term.. If we can do it, we win.. or else we lose..

    And its really hard for us Bayern fans bearing this humiliations of defeat for past many years..

    So Go Boys!!! Give your 200% today... We are all with you.. :)

    Mia San Mia !!!


  • From Bayern's practice, it looks like we would be playing with Kroos and Schweinsteiger in the middle with Lahm, Tymoshchuk, Boateng and Contento at the back. I think it is a risky move, but Bayern is trying to tire Chelsea's midfielder and attacker by having Kroos, Schweinsteiger in the middle to hold off the ball.

    Make sure that Tymoshchuk and Boateng dont have any mistake in defence. We should have a safe victory as Bayern is very strong at home so far this season.

    Van Buyten would be a good option if things go wrong as Chelsea's defence has suffered from Carroll's height many many times during both matches against Liverpool. So Van Buyten could bring in as a striker at the end if we are a goal down. And if we are up, Van Buyten can come in as a defender to strengthen our defence.

    The key is to score the first goal in the first half, if thats the case, we will have a good chance of winning the match