Champions League

  • Bueh... entonces no le digo nada mas. No tengo ganas de hablar de Ballack. Que se quede en Chelsea con este tio ruso. No lo necesitamos aca.


  • Never say never in football, but for now, Ballack will not return. I do think Bayern is possible to win in Champion League, but we have to improve on our defence first


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    how many people can that stadium hold fcbals.will it be a combat zone like when european teams play in turkey.pros should not be affected by the crowds but its in places like this where murphys law applys.if anything can go wrong it will. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    the Ramat-Gan stadium (which will hold the the match Haifa vs Bayern) can hold 45000. its a good stadium it has running strips so the crowd is little bit far from the pitch. but it has the ability to produce one hell of atmosphere. also i advise anyone that has a car do get early to stadium traffic will be JAMMED!!!, there is a very big shoping mall in the same complex of the stadium just 2 mins walk so you can spend a couple of hours there :D enjoy fellas we gonna fire the pitch Here!!!


  • Bayern can have the possilbility of getting into the semi-final if they are able to get lucky. But we have to improve on our defence first as we have seen weak defence in some of our previous Bundesilga matches.


  • I totally agree with my friend *Deisel* that the draw could have been much much worse... nevertheless it is a tough group.... Having said that.... we need at least 12 points to secure second spot.... which could possibly translate to a win in Haifa and 3 wins on Home soil for example....
    On the other hand, Juventus is lethal and Bordeaux defends really well... My personal outlook has changed into a very much more positive one since the Wolfsburg game....
    Therefore, Let's ALL Cheer FC BAYERN on Wednesday, Because they are the Best Team in Land (and the World if you like!!! hehehehehehehehe !!!) Past - Present and Future... :D:D:D
    I just love my club and I am proud of it.... If I were a kid again I would pick FC Bayern as my favorite team.... all the legacy behind this club is magic.... whereby it is treated like a family where former legends: Beckenbauer, Rummenigge, Hoeness, Breitner, Dremler, Aumann and many others that I didn't mention run this club like a family and run it as if it was their own :)

    Ok enough Romatacizzing talk ! lol ! I am launching a prediction of the score in Haifa..... My guess is 1-6 for Bayern ... 2 goals in the first half and 4 in the second.... Tipping the young Diamond Thomas Muller to shine in that match and score too :))

    Can't wait for Wednesday and the start of the Champions League.

    Regards to all my fellow Bayern Fans from around the World,
    - Sari :D


  • I guess the goal difference could be the determining favor of the winner in the group. Therefore, we will have tried to maximize our goals against both legs vs. Haifa.

    I dont want to set the target too high, but I will have to say that quarter-final is a minimum and getting into semi-final would be a plus


  • Mueller plays great as a central midfielder or an attacking midfielder and comes from behind to score goals like that. He is also very fast and can score a goal or two with vy little chances.


  • Juventus will be a tough opponent as they have the quality to get into the quarter-final this season


  • I don't think we will receive any goal with Haifa, I'll go for a 2-0 for Bayern.

    We need to win this group. After all we are a top class team who want to win CL. We can't hide behind the finger forever. WE NEED TO BEAT JUVENTUS, not lamenting so much about it. We have what it takes to just do that.


  • Danke Sari :D:D

    I think we will get a 0-2 win away to haifa and win 2 or 3-0 at home, we will beat Bordeaux home & away, a draw in turin against Juve & we will win by one or two goals at the Allianz in the return game. :8


  • Bayern definetly has the quality to pose a real challenge to the Cl this year. But we need to be modest, do not think that simply the names of the players sent on the pitch will do the job, i have confidence in van gaal, and in this new attitude from Ribery, training hard and swet a lot, we will do good.. And i am really happy that Bayern is promovating new and young players like Badstuber and Muller......... I LOVE YOU BAYERN, i love you even if you lose 22-0 with the Vietnam national team...........:D


  • I think Bayern will win 2-1 or 3-1 as our defence is the problem where we always let in a goal or two. This is a must win for us. We need to win this as Bordeaux and Juventus would be much tougher opponents


  • so the result was better than everybody expected, but honestly we didnt play that well, and it was some how boring. the good news is the Juve wasnt successful in getting 3 points in his home tonight, which is good, but could it be the bad news that Bordoux is really really tough? Robben and Ribery tonight didnt do much actually. so ist muller our new joker now??? :) anyway good luck and congratuations for the 3 points and the 3 great goals. :D finally our goalie did very well tonight as always :)


  • I think today we sucked. its good that we won. we were just lucky in the last minutes. there wasnt any chemistry between the players. no1 had vision no1 was passin.. the passes were to on the right to ribery or to the left to robben n they werent doin any good. instead they were doin worse they should play with the strikers pass the ball... play 1 2 but i didnt see that with them. i hope they will change eventually!


  • I think it is nice to get 3 points that we needed away from home and also our main opponent, Juventus, got only 1 point at home. So I guess it is the best result for us.

    The problem that we have is that none of our strikers really perform including Gomez and Olic and Klose. So far, it has only been Mueller, Schweinstger, Robben and Ribery scoring the goals. What is the problem here? Dont we have the best strikers in Bundesilga?


  • Last nights oponents are a stuffy team, hard to beat. They closed down our creative players very quickly, I won't be surprised if Juve & Bordeax find things difficult there & a good result in that game which suits us :D


  • Quick Summary:

    Butt: 7 not much to do but what he did do, he did well. Had a decent save to tip the ball over the bar.

    Lahm: 7 Good first half, second half made one mistake which could have cost a goal but overall decent performance as usual.

    Van Buyten: 6 Poor first half, ball distribution was poor and was caught out one or twice by the quick forwards. He improved after scoring, settled down and started tackling like we know he can - maybe needs some self-belief

    Badstubber : 7 Decent ball distribution, good positioning and dealt with a lot of balls in to the channel. Still young and needs to have more of a presence on the field, but that will come.

    Pranjic: 6 Reasonably poor positioning which Badstubber had to cover a lot of & gave the ball away by trying to force the forward, more intraket passes when he had better, easier options. Reasonable performance but would hope he could do better going forward.

    Muller 8: Another good performance from the young guy, his work ethic was impressive, he covered a fair number of kilometers and kept possession and linked up quite well with other players, even got more goals.

    Tymo 7: Some wayward passes but overall his positioning, work & break up of play was again very good.

    Scweini 6: Again, he was trying to force the pass that wasn't on, gave the ball away a few times but his overall work and runs creating space for others was tremendous, but I would like to see him improve on the ball.

    Ribery 6/7: Didn't look fit. The haifa right back played against him well and overall he wasn't his usual influential self but could see that he had heart and was trying to link up with Robben & Olic as much as possible. I think it was credit to Haifas stuffy tactics & defending rather than a poor Ribery performance but a sharper fitter Ribery would have dealt with it better.

    Olic: 6/7 A lot of work off the ball but link up play needs to be better as does his shooting. Missed a good opportunity in the first half.

    Robben : 6/7 Like Ribery, a frustrating night due to the way Haifa set their stall out and just couldn't influence the game linking with Ribery & Olic the way which he should.

    I think overall, the team did a job which I enjoyed as before we weren't able to grind a result, it shows this formation is working, the team is coming together. Haifa were obvious in their tactics, which I believe are their tactics every game but it's hard to break down a team like that.

    Credit to LVG for knowing when to change things.

    Overall is was a stuffy, difficult game away from home that didn't show any startling performances but we were efficient enough and stepped it up a gear when we needed to. :8


  • * Great match Summary :))
    Thank you Deisel ! :8
    I agree with what you said mate :)

    Especially about Muller :D Olic and the coach...

    A job well done by the team as they got what is necessary that's the 3 points....

    Also when i saw the second goal go in, I was relieved that the points were
    in the bag !!!! On the third goal, the cross from Mario Gomez was perfect
    and the first time shot from Muller was most wonderful :))

    Ottl had a good impact coming into the game, whereby he initiated the
    attack on the right, then layed off the ball to Muller to thunder it in for
    the second goal... A goal that was decisive to put the match beyond any
    doubt.... I still have faith in Ottl, because i still remember his impressive
    first days with Bayern... And I also see him a much more composed
    player than last year.....

    Looking forward to the next round of Champions League !
    - Sari