Champions League

  • I think Mueller has had very good games since he has been promoted to professional. He could be a new star in making. If Ribery, Robben, Klose and Gomez have better form, our team would be playing at a much higher level with Mueller, Schweinstger and Van Bommel/Tymoshchuk in midfield


  • We will get there. Our team is fairly new, it will take a little time for the players to get used to the managers systems/tactics & to get used to players styles & habits etc.


  • no game is the same with the other so I think we will do better with Juve or Bordeaux.

    Although they are harder opponents we might do better with them than with Haifa, judging by the game of course, not by result...cause it's hard to believe a 3 nil with them :)


  • Sometimes is luck, as depends on when you play against the team. I am sure that even Barcelona or Real Madrid cant play well every single game in a season, so if we are lucky enough to go against them when they are weak. We can definitely knock them out. I still think that we have a good advantage in the group stage now, but we need to get 4 more points in the next 2 games and then we will be set for the knockout stage


  • juve dropped 2 at home to bologna.they are coming into the game with a negative result as well.they are still a good team but like us they are no longer the colossus they used to be.we can do battle with them.and i hope van gaal drills this into the players minds.especially the new additions


  • I want some of what you are on 8-)

    Bayern 1 0 Juve - at best, could even be a draw
    Man Utd 2 0 Wolf


  • my expectation is a tough match ! of course !!

    Best case 2-1 win for Bayern

    More realistic case 1-1 Draw

    - Sari :)


  • The mood is good, up beat & there is an air of expectancy. We all know it will be a tough game but I think we can get our desired win.

    I've been in Germany for two wek now & seen every game from the Nurnburg game :D

    Should be a good atmosphere tonight :8

    C'mon the reds :)


  • Some funny results last night oo. Liverpool getting beat 2-0, Inter drawing against Rubin who I thought looked a reasonable team. Good goal they scored.


  • I believe we have a good team, we have a good coach & a good all round structure but we won't hammer Juve. They are a gritty team, I don't they will ever get, "hammered". I don't doubt we can beat them but it's going to be a difficult game & we will have to be at our best.


  • usually i'm a bets player, so if i would have bet tonight it would have been on "how many goals will be scored?">2 or even more than 3...

    but as they are italian and play shit football(the result being all that matters to them) and as they will probably settle with a draw, but will keep counter attacking, an 1-1, 0-1, 1-0, 0-0 is more than probably....


  • and u should had bet my dear geoldes..u should have... the result was 0-0..and the game...we DESERVED to win until robben had to leave

    when robeen left, bayern lost the freshness, the creativity and we were back to relying on ribery, muller was lost without robben...ottl was nowhere since always...

    our defense didnt have much work, as juve stayed on their half...

    then klose...i though he would he couldnt..and lost SUCH A CHANCE int he second half i guess...olic was..more than mad...was a beauty assist from ribery...

    for me..was good overall..but..we could have won...


  • what a shame .... Ribery simply embarrassed the juve defence and even the best goalkeeper in the world ..... dribbling 2 defenders before chipping it over Buffon ... that was niiiiceeee ... too bad it was a bit high ...
    im very disappointed with the result .... home matches have to be won in order to qualify .... i think the double header with Bordeaux will give a clear picture of who will qualify ....

    Klose ... i can believe he missed that chance... how could he miss it ?!?!

    Robben ... its obvious his injury was serious from the way the doctors were checking him out ... i think they were checking for shin deviation .... which means either torn knee ligaments , or damaged meniscus .... both cases mean a minimum of 2 months injury :(


  • 1- Ribery was the center of our threat.
    2- Olic played good but not as good as left winger.
    3- Braafheid was playing his best match for Bayern.
    4- Klose proofed that he is 10 times than this hyped talent of Germany "Gomez" even if he did not score this chance.
    5- The rest of the team played good.

    Van Gaal relied too much on the youngster Muller who lacked the technique in such tough encounters "Hamburg & Juv", the coach should have played Altintop as starter instead.


  • What more can I say other than .....
    Wasetful ! :(

    The positive thing is that the team played well in the first half at least....
    12 shots on goal in 1st half .... only 3 in the 2nd half.... !!

    I believe we now have a system in place, but it is not well balanced.
    Hence we are not capable yet to battle with Barca and Real and other.....

    The 4-3-3 is working great against bad defensive teams....
    But my concern is that this extra winger/attacker seemed like a waste,
    during the Juventus game, given that there were gaps in midfield .....
    with Schweinsteiger galloping everywhere senslessly in order to cover ground....
    I wonder if an extra central midfielder and a 4-4-2 can give the team
    more ball possession in order to create more chances ???!!!!
    That's for the coach to determine, because he knows what he has on hand.
    I think it would be wise to concentrate more on the players fitness....
    all the players were visibly very tiered in the second half.....
    That's why the tempo slowed down to almost a freeze.

    We now have to worry about Robben's injury....
    Van Buyten was playing on one leg, and he must be saluted for that.
    I would have substituted Van Buyten in order not to aggravate the strain
    he has..... now who knows if he is available for the weekend.

    Best Players were Ribery, Butt, Badstuber and Van Buyten.

    It is a dissapointment no matter how you look at it and try to pull any positives out of it !

    - Sari :(((