Champions League

  • This result could be turned in our favor. The thing that bothers me much is Roben's injury. We all saw that we are unbalanced without him. Olic was far worse on this position.
    And as you said, Muler was a bit of a lost bet even if he didn't played too bad, but I think he is not capable yet to keep a high pace over many important matches


  • I wouldn't be disheartened after last nights game.

    Yes we only drew, at home but what really encouraged me was the performance and how we made Juve look quite ordinary.

    The first half, we were outstanding in all departments, constantly a threat to Juve. We controlled the game, the pace & the attacks.

    My only concern is how we stepped off that pace once Robben was replaced by Olic. We didn't have the same spark or ingenuity and became frustrated.

    For me the result wasn't as good as it could or should have been but I take a lot of heart from the performance. It shows we can mix it with the best of them.

    I reckon we will have a better chance in Turin of beating Juve, they may come out to play more where at the Allianz last night they banked up their lines & defended, playing anti-football as most Italian teams do.

    One player I really have grown to hate even more so after last night was Diego. His constant whining to the ref to get our players booked, constant niggling trying to provoke a reaction from ourt players. 8-)


  • Muller not good? He was our best central midfielder. Very dangerous infiltrations, ran his socks off. He's not a technical midfielder a la Marchisio or Felipe Melo, but he has his qualities and is already a full first 1 player. Same for Badstuber, we'll enjoy having them. Really talented those 2 melons!!

    Very good first half with a bad second half, it's sad that we didn't make profit of Diego who is just back from injury and the same for Del Piero. Return could be much heavier.

    Ottl didn't play that bad, but of course he's no Van Bommel. Don't expect too much. Except from Camo his one moment, he did his job. You can't expect him to rock the midfield of Juve. Defense was good, with a strong Butt. Van Buyten with one of his worser performaces, but not bad.


  • To be honest, Mueller has been one of the best performers for us in Bundesilga and Champion League. It is quite disappointing that we didnt make any win. We again in a tough position as we have two crucial matches against Bordeaux. Obviously, if we can win both matches, we would be set up to the next group. But Bordeaux has provided to be a tough cracker especially when both Ribery and Robben are injuried.


  • "Camo"...that fother mucker... hes nasty... thats not a way you stop a player (gainst ribery several times)..thats was unecessary rough.. if u have skills u dont need that..
    hate that guy...

    and ottl..WHERE WAS OTTL?? he barely touched the ball!! nobody is waiting a van bommel but at least touch it!

    and muller..agree was one of the best..but he disappeared with the team when they lost creativity and we fell again in the "ribery way" vice

    lahm..he could go much forward as juventus as most italian clubs stayed "like rats" sticked to their didnt need much to defend...

    bad thing bout robben..and terrible striking bad luck...gomez was "un muerto"...a zombie...and klose terribly wasting chances..but at least he was closer...and olic... was good but thats not his place..

    u not a big fan of van leats...he could get a tie against the strong rivals
    but...theres...this lack of clarity for changing guys, like never letting in a guy that may change the game bring sth new, that..falling into old practics, and that sever ness he has almost in every tries new stuff true..but... with no base for it..changing lahm fof side its been such a mistake! olic yesterday..that wasnt his position!.. why not brining up altintop instead and letting olic striking... dont know... it bothers me that...thtas what i think at least...
    it doesnt mean i dont like him..but..i cant agree with some of his decisions...


  • I agree with you wisita. Van Gaal did a lot of good things but that's what I don't understand. He try to reinvent hot we putting players in awkward positions, like Ribery in central midfield, now Olic on the doesn't surprise me if I'll see Lahm replacing Gomez :)


  • * Totaly agree with bogdan and wisita.

    In fact this was a topic that I wanted to write about, because I noticed
    it in more than one match.... Especially during the 3 match spell where
    we didn't score....

    Players playing out of position !

    Sometime in an outrageous way.... Pranjic was playing central midfield
    while Schweinsteiger was feeding the ball to him from the LM !!!!
    it sould be the other way around .... (during the Koln game..)
    That's why you have specialists in football....
    that's why Beckham is known for his free kick and crosses,
    Messi for his dribbling and Etoo for his accuracy in front of goal ! -For Example !

    you folks got the picture by now.

    The importance of tomorrow's game is grand.
    We should try not to lose any games from here on.
    If I were the coach I would play for the win.

    Cheers all,
    - Sari


  • Lucio has continued his owngoal scoring spree. This guy has good skills going foward but he is a liability in the back line. He scored 2 own goals in back to back games against chelsea at bayern , 1 in the uefa cup and now he buried 1 against inter.
    I may have missed a few in the bundesliga as well.


  • it will be a group determining games ahead of us against Bordeaux. Unforunately, we are without both Ribery and Robben. So I hope that we could still win the group with the remaining players. I think we could play with Gomez and Toni up front for once and move Altintop to right defender and put Lahm back on the left. We need to get at least four points from this two coming games in order to qualifty in this group


  • I dont believe Bayern will be pretty hard to be beaten. I am hoping that Bayern can score at least 1 goal and win those convincing 1-0 game


  • Last night held some shocks, even Rangers getting humped at home, Stuttgart are also struggling and look dismal at best.


  • we will do fine!! we have super mario gomez and luca toni. if we score with a corner and defense, that would be great!! :8