Champions League

  • As I said earlier that the problem of the formation is having two defensive midfielder and puts Schweinstger on the left wing. Look at who productive Bayern is when Schweinstger plays in the middle and at the same time, Pranjic plays much better on the left midfielder role than left defender role. I think I should be the coach of something for Bayern


  • Just woke up in Turin with a blooming stonking headache !!

    I'm glad I made the trip from Scotland to Turin. One of the best games I've seen.

    The two best players on the park were Van Bommell & Schweini followed closely by Olic.

    Deeply impressed with our resolve, charector and heart shown by each individual and the team combined.

    After dominating and losing what can only be discribed as a wonder strike we could have easily thrown the towel in thinking we were finished.

    That is the Bayern we all love.............. :8

    I'm away to find some paracetamol for my hangover/headache :-[ :D


  • Haha deisel, hope you'll get some paracetamol in Turin. Don't go with your Bayern shirt on to the chemist's shop, otherwise you won't get any. Juve fans are bad losers. ;-)


  • why cant they play like this every time, i mean its not like they have jobs or any hard stuff to do.... just go in give it your best, and see what happens....... GOD DAMN IT, you all have huge salaryes.



  • spielmacher10 ye, tell me about it. They are pretty sore losers it must be said. :D

    Never taken my Bayern top off :D


  • next friday :) hope its not man united or chelsea....

    i had this written in my mind all the time , i used to say to my friends that bayern will pass and everybody was laughing at me , they said we dont have a good team this year, now it looks like the page has changed for us :D


  • It wasn't that we had a bad team, we just didn't click thats all.

    It said on tv this morning that we can be drawn with Man Utd, not sure what our other alterantives are, not had a chance to have a look.


  • It doesn't matter. Now, after we've beaten f***ing Juve, nothing is impossible!

    deisel : They are truly sore losers; they are from North Italy, you know... ;-)
    Hope you've got your paracetamol. ;-)



  • LOL - that is true mate :D

    We had a great night drinking beer and singing, great atmosphere within our little group of Bayern fans but could tell the locals were none too impressed :D

    Feel like I was playing last night, no voice, sore all over from jumping about & a headache like no other due to the beer !!! :-[

    I love European nights like this, it's what makes everything worth while.

    If we perform like that every game, I don't fear many teams. That's not to say that we are the very best team in Europe because of one game but I would be happy losing if our team had the same enthusiasm as they had last night, if that makes sense.

    Off course I would like to see further success and I'm sure we will but at this stage in one off games, any thing can happen with a little lady luck or a little misfortune that can tip the balance either way.


  • Chelsea , Man Utd , Real Madrid , Arsenal, Sevilla .... today Barca will also be there ( hopefully not ) .... Lyon/Fiorentia.... its gonna be a tough opponent in the last 16 ...
    but the best for me would be :
    1- Lyon / fiorentia
    2- Sevilla
    3- Arsenal
    4- Manchester United

    i would be really really bad if we get Barca .... its a bit better if we get Real madrid or chelsea ... but those 3 ( Barca , Chelsea , Real Madrid ) would be really hard to beat......

    i personally think either Barca or Chelsea r gonna win this year .... chelsea have been really impressing me lately .. i like a team with strong defence... that says to the other team : come show us the best u got !! attack us !! .... ( somewhat the 2000/2001 Bayern Munchen )


  • woooooooooow !!! that was a great match ! we were simply awesome ! nice tactical match! that was real bayern! we played very well,german style! nice short patient passes ! and no give up! i wanna see bayern always like this ! but we should accept that our deffence still have some problems...
    butt was just awesome on that penalty kick! when refferee whisteed i just thought to myself that who should take the spot now,i was thinking about olic himself but sundenly i saw that there is butt and i said "oh my god! why i forgot him!!!" :D:D:D niiiiiiiiiiiiicccce penalty kick ;-)


  • I agree that it is a great match, but at the same time, I think we should definitely look forward. To me, since we are unable to get the first place in the group, it is very likely that we will face one of the gaints in the knockout stage. I hope that it wont be Barcelona, Man Utd or Chelsea and even Real Madrid would be tough for us right now


  • Viva Viva FC Bayern :)
    The 4th goal was a beauty !

    To all those who doubted Butt last season, this is how grand this keeper is :)
    I was glad that he finally scored for Bayern :)

    Bayern's best players on the night were: Schweinsteiger, Ollic and Lahm.
    They ran themselves off the field.... non stop for 90 minutes !
    Now that's an effort :))

    I hope we get in the second round any of: Fiorentina, Sevilla or Arsenal...
    The others are far more tougher !!!

    - Sari 11


  • Bayern's the best... yet again!

    If you love Bayern and want to live the moments of Tuesday night again, watch this video I strongly recommend:

    Bayern's CL Group Stage - Best Moments


  • Lets see if we are lucky enough to get a draw. I wish we could group with Forientina. We destroyed them last season although they are more confident and mature this season.


  • Hopefully bayern get chelsea so they can defeat chelsea and Ballack will then return to bayern(the better team) after the world cup. :D

    If bayern can beat chelsea then they can go on and win the champions league