Champions League

  • yeah...either lyon's well organized team, or messi will end our luck....things have to improve in our defense, and in our attack as well...if rafael hadn't been sent off, we wouldn't have been in the semi now....


  • Geoldes say what you want but we made it and you will not bring me down, we dominated second half and went for the goal. All fans and the team itself had faith and we made it, Robben should his quality once more. I never doubted our team, not like you did on the first leg, and because we never lost faith we passed. The team worked hard and we did it, so I just say good job Bayern Munich. Now lets beat Lyon, we have done it before and we can do ut again. And besides that Barcelona never plays their best when they are away, the final is in Madird and this factor might give us the victory. So fans believe in your team, show your support and have faith that we can go all the way.


  • We are in the semis, which is very important thing. But what a start again!!!I I almost died watching this game. Our DEFENCE SUCKS, unbelievable! We need good summer transfers so badly. Funny feeling to be happy and disappointed at the same time!


  • Say that again, I know what you feel. The defence was pathetic, but we showed what we have and went for the goal. Manchester decided to play defensively and we took advantage of this, attacked and had faith that we could score that golden goal and we did. We have to improve our defence thats for sure, hopefully Van Gaal will learn form his mistakes. Badstuber was a mess and the rest of the defenders didnt do their best, but then again we went all on attack. We should have waited to play either Robben and
    Ribery and played Pranjic. At the end we did it, so thats what really matters :)


  • 1. Very poor defending & specially from the righ flank (Bad & Demi).

    2. Shcwini lost easy balls.

    3. Too many balls are sent back the keeper, which made nervous & angry.

    4. Hard challages from Van Buyten on Roony foot.

    But I am celebrating we broke the heart of Man United!!

    Now we will play Lyon without Bad (Conento is in!!) & V.Bommel who absence is a big blow to Bayern.

    If we play Barca in the Final, it will catastrophic with such defence. :(


  • Exactly, having faith in our team. Believing that we can go very far :) The performance was weake, but thats the Champions League, sometimes the least favorite goes through. We have achieved a great thing today and should be proud, but we must remember our flaws. Recognize our mistakes and work hard in order to improve on them, now we have to beat Lyon. Lets keep believing and having faith in our team, GO BAYERN MUNICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I am out of words !!!

    Robben's goal is goal of the century :))))
    He is better than Messi and he is the best player in the world now.
    He is much faster, smarter and a better team player !

    Bayern Fans !
    and the extended FC Bayern family :))

    Celebrate for this is your day :)
    But be humble, don't be cocky and bashful if you communicate with
    Manchester United fans on the web..... For the Victor should be grand.
    Bayern is a legacy, its fans represent the respect and value this club
    carries :)

    Didn't I predict the score for you guys again !!!!! (check my post)
    Georgio wassssup my man ! I predicted that score again eh mate :))

    * Our Patience has finally paid off....

    Good things come for those who wait... This is an accumulative effort
    of all the previous seasons and aggonies !! :)

    My Regards and Congratulations to the moderators who help us alot
    here and do alot for FC Bayern :) I salute you all, especially sana :)

    ViVa ViVa FC Bayern !!!!! Celebrate - Celebrate - Celebrate :)))

    - Sari 11


  • I agree, the performance could have been better but the team will learn from their mistakes. That is what makes a team great :D


  • Lucky? In contrary, we were unlucky with that miserable goalkeeper. United played with the enthusiasm of the early goal but in the total of 90 minutes Bayern deserved to win, because they NEVER GAVE UP! You can't go so far only by luck. If we go to the final and lose to Barcelona, that would be no disaster, they are simply the bestest of the best. Without Messi they would be just better than the rest, with him they have no match.


  • badstuber was miserable tonight...

    two of the three man u goals came from his band... on the last one valencia just made a fool out of him...

    he has commited several mistakes over the season, painfully ones, so i think van gaal should re evaluate the situation...

    our defence needs help for the upcoming matches, i believe it's time to play tymoshuk next to van bommel at midfield, so he can help them...


  • 1. Robben is one of the best 3 players in the world, and he scored a brilliant goal, and he and Ribery, fooooooled MANU (manu from now on) in a terrible way. all the defenders were busy watching Buyten and Gomes and no one in the world thought that the corner will be played in such a way.
    2.Ribery is not much less than him regardless that he was not brilliant today, but the corner he delivered to Robben was the best corner i ever see.
    3.Van Gal whom i dont like at all at all, is world class manager, and he made high heels over the head of Ferguson tonight, and in last week`s game, esp. in the 2nd half of tonight`s game, where it was managers` game, not players game.
    4. Van Bommel and Swieni were our defense in midfield, simply coz the defenders were not there at all. Esp Lahm in the first half who was out of confidence 100%, and Badstuber who is reponsible i think for two goals.
    5. Ferguson is ****** ****** since he was claiming up to today that Rooney is completely not fit,(now am watching a recording of the game, and few minutes before it starts the commentator is saying that Rooney is not playing), but God punished him for lying.
    6. Olic is a world class player, and i was reckon, that Olic will score a goal, and either Robben or Van buyten will score the 2nd goal. his goal in the first game showed which kind of player he is.

    Even when we were 3 goals down, i had a feeling that we will go through, and without Olic`s goal at that timing exactly, it wouldnt have been possible. I always like to be optimistic with caution, and thank God i was right,
    if u ask why i say Van Gal is world class, simply coz the second half of the game was completely managers` half. and he proved that he is a hell of a manager. our players did a great job in passing, keeping ball position, and in wasting time after we scored 2nd goal, and they made manu crazy. boooooooooom, i still cant believe that we`ve beaten united and went through, so plz dont wake me up, and tell me i was dreaming.


  • :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D



    thanks to some of our players that have given all in the field..pure heart we are where we are... in DFB pokal, in BuLi, and in CL...its epic...its the epiphany of some players that brings us the case of champions...was...sth..of the grroup...the change in second half...thats sth for a psycoanalist to watch more than for a coach...dont you think??

    was...attitude what brought us to semis...which worries me..i mean..we look bad in field...but still we win...becuz of sb pulling the rest out...

    our attacking pitbull is OLIC the man that never rests...schweinsteiger...that sb else with a huge athletic heart...robben...killer shots...

    hope we keep this dream on...but we need improvement in many areas...we cnt keep on with this ..craziness..

    DAMN IM HAPPY...but on the other hand...i want a winner bayern...but playing good...


  • Simply amazing, the game completely changed on the 2nd half. Manchester backed down and it cosr them the match, just when Oshea came in you could tell they were trying to defend the lead. Our defence has proven to be too weak, specially Badstuber on the left flank. Van Gaal is indeed a great manager, I wonder what kind of talk he gave the players during the break because they went for it all the way. Thats what I like about Bayern, even when they are losing and all seems done for, they never lose faith and go all the way. Again we have done it,our dear team has given us such a joy. Robben is in fact priceless, he is without a doubt the best player in our squad. Ribery played much better on the 2nd half and as you say nark, what a corner! My God it was superb, just simply fantastic. And Rooney playing, Fergie really did a magic trick on us, he lied to the world and for it he failed. Never thought Rooney would play, but I guess I was proven wrong there, anyways even with him Bayern showed their quality. Bayern has proven to be one of the best, a team that never gives up and fights till the end. Thank you Van Gaal, thank you Robben, thank you team, thank you Bayern Munich!


  • Have you guys noticed that the news section on the official website is always off, I mean you can find news in the spanish part that still havent been published in the english part. They should really improve that, just read the comments after the match and as Rummenigge said, a team with a lot of passion. Bayern thank you for making my day :)



    OH MAN, it was 3-0 and i was late to work but i decided to keep watching, my girlfriend said i was crazy and i should go to work, i kept watching and oh my did it pay off.

    Olic you little F'n maniac i love you! Hes our Mr Europe! all my years watching football i have never seen a ball at that high angle, struck that hard, be so accurate. Absolute godlike goal.

    SARII!I!!!!I!I!I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you man !!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work looool. again again again!!!!

    Badstuber... he looked emotionless out there i think van gaal should have grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him reaaaaly hard gave him a smack and said 'YOUR PLAYING MANCHESTER WAKE UP!!!"

    hes young and you cant be too hard on the kid, on the other side rafael from ManU is 19 he left the feild after 2 stupid offenses and made our job much easier in the second half.


  • I think generally the defence didnt play well. Luckily, we have Ribery, Robben and Olic at the other end. But in the final against the like of Inter and Barcelona, this kind of crappy defence will not come through.

    All defenders actually gain faith as the game went on, but the first 15mins, they were horrible.


  • Thats true bbjtin, our defence was too shaky and those mistakes can cost a lot in the final. And yes, the defence, as well as the rest of the players, gain faith and believed in themselves. We showed Manchester that Bayern is still one of the best teams in Europe.