Champions League

  • charlie slow down man :) every page there are 10 posts or yours.... gg bayern, i never doubted you, THE CUP OR BUST!!!!!!!!!


  • well well well, very well very well very well, excellent amazing outstanding
    Olic is our Achilles. a goal addict. and very very wise esp in his first goal. Altintop is the best player this evening, and he made great great effort and helped in one goal. and he is a fair subtitute for RIBERY, even on the long run :-O Robben our best player and one of the best in the world ever (as Juninho said) was more than fair tonight, but i think Lyons defense made a good job on him, and just for being there altintop was free to do what ever he likes. he made some good shots and crosses. Lahm great. Swieni great, Bommel very good. defense very good, but this is completely not what u r going to see if we play Barca or Inter. Muller was very good except the ball he missed in the 2nd minute, it could have changed the result to 7 or 8-0 if we`d scored in the 2nd minute. Butt one good save, other than that he was drinking a big bavarian beer all night ;-)

    forgot one, Van gal, genius.
    Lyon: i dont know how did u beat real Madrid and Liverpool! u wont be able to beat Baeryn II with performance of tonight.

    I like what my friend told me about Guardiola, he said "dont think that the one who reaches the final between inter and barca would win the CL, dont forget the great team of Bayern Munich who have THE BEST MANAGER IN THE WORLD!!!
    lets not forget that Josip was assistant coach for van gal once!!! :)
    I respected him alot for his saying.


  • said:


    Butt – 6.5: Had one save to make, and did well to make it. Otherwise, he really was not given much trouble at all. There were long stretches during which he was a surplus to requirements.

    Lahm 8.5 – : Completely nullified Bastos and Cissokho. Lahm's marking and tackling were, as usual, immaculate. Going forward, the German international completed more passes (65) than any of his team-mates, and played a perfect cross for Olic's third goal.

    Van Buyten – 6.5: Clumsily conceded a free kick to Lisandro in the first half, but otherwise put in a solid shift. Had to be withdrawn at the half, most likely due to an ankle knock.

    Badstuber – 7: Beaten once by Govou, but otherwise was rock-solid at the back. After his terrible performance against Manchester United, the young defender looked much better today.

    Contento – 7.5: Van Gaal should seriously consider starting him in the final. The 19-year old fullback did very well to defend against Govou and Lisandro, and was exceptionally accurate with his passing.

    Altintop – 8: Played an unfamiliar role on the left flank, but adjusted very well. The Turkish midfielder covered more distance than any other player, and cleverly dribbled out of danger. He should have scored at the death, but tried to be a bit too fancy.

    Van Bommel – 7: Alongside Schweinsteiger, the Dutch enforcer played well, but was overshadowed. He was, nonetheless, always first to the ball, and surprisingly, did not commit a single foul.

    Schweinsteiger – 8.5: Silk and steel in midfield. Olic may have scored the goals, but Schweinsteiger played his role of ball-winner to incredible effect. Even when surrounded by Lyon players, he always seemed to find a way out of danger. Made one mistake, and nearly scored a stunning goal from distance.

    Robben – 7.5: Always looked like Bayern's most dangerous attacker, but could not quite beat Lloris today. The Dutch winger brilliantly distributed the ball in attack and forced two great saves, but this time was not the match winner.

    Mueller – 7.5: Should have scored early on, and perhaps lacked a cutting edge for most of the game, but was a powerful driving force for his team. The young German was only outrun by Altintop, and used his strength and skill to break free of defenders. His ability to stay on his feet and cross for the opener was exemplary of the kind of player he is.

    Olic – 9: Brilliantly won the ball off Cris early as he set up Mueller early on, and while he had a few poor misses, he did manage to net a hat trick.


    Demichelis – 7: The Argentine defender had to scramble to make up for his team-mates' errors on more than one occasion, but somehow managed to beat his opponents to the ball every time.

    Klose – N/A: Came on for Robben when the result was already decided.

    Alaba – N/A: Replaced Schweinsteiger when the game had become more of an exhibition than anything else.


  • Great oerformance indeed, the team was amazing today. With this kiind of performance we cna go on winning the CL. Now lets see who our rivals will be, Inter or Barcelona. Bayern has shown, determination, passion, faith and precision tonight. Bayern Munich can go very far, lets have faith in out great team. Thank you Bayern for such a great win!


  • BAYERN!!! There are many heroes tonight: Obviously IVICA OLIC, free transfer from Hamburg goes into CL final being second in CL score sheet together with Ronaldo only one Lionel Messi ahead of them.
    I also want to mention one Altintop, and I’m sure you, my Bayern brothers and sisters, will sing your songs for other heroes I have not mentioned!!!


  • ya....i calmed down already...too much yelling u gave me a bungee rope 40 mins ago i would have jumped hahahah

    Butt: he missed one thing: a chair... hahaha nothing to do,...besides 1 or 2 saves...had to jump for a ball once...recieve the ball from one pass from badstuber...nothign else

    Lahm: my favourite wonder...hes the best :P im really always really subjective with him... but..what can i say...he ahs never let me down :P today... Cissokho and this argentinian dude... looked.. almost funny :P

    Van Buyten: well yeah... was good...but reminded me from time to time why on earth i was always complainign about defense

    Badstuber: i like this kid... i dont mind what anybody me...hes fair enough.. and a workign player...i like him.. and he looks better when defense plays like a SYSTEM (bayern before: no system, bayern today against lyon SYSTEM mr louis van gaal... today i yelled a GRANDE VAN GAAL.. and thats becuz he showed today what everybody expects from bayern :))

    Contento: he has improved...a lot...hes got future...hes not at all a super player yet...but with minutes in field.. hes doing fine and becuz of (see above :P)

    Demichelis: micho...hahah he was smiling all second half...i can beat he was already hearing guitarras madrileñas y castañuelas :P but was cool..even if he was with flu according to fox

    HAMIT ALTINTOP: why on earth isnt he played more often?? he played.. excellent today if u relate it to the time hes been in bench... thats what i call team spirit..just like van buyten seasons ago..was benched...almost always..but when he had to play..was there with the right attitude...i liked hamits assists and even hes last minute goal attempt...tryign until the end to score

    van bommel: :P its always fun watching he is used to play..harder..but....:-O he didnt fouled!!! hahaha wasnt that "main character " of midfield..but did helped a lot the defense

    schweinsteiger: hes been all this season proving he has matured and showed a radical change to the one he was last season..hes playign better, more eficient, accurate.. i would say and repeat..cuz i said it once..its one of the good changes of mr. van gaal..oow and he tried one shot from logn distance that really... made lyon fans smell like crapp...i know many of them had a digestive urgency with that shot :P

    robben: DANGER MAN :P even if he couldnt score and wasnt like in the home game..arjen robben smells like goal... everytime he did any attempt..always ened on sth decent...and assisted... if he is a bless when he does his solo runs...hes a miracle when he shares...sth he should repeat...and minute 2...she showed us why all defenders must fear his left

    Müller: WORKING PLAYER...a fighter...kept tryign even if he lost an UNBELIEVABLE assist in the 2nd minute... he was there always trying and providing..he has a great future..and hes doing excellent... Gomez looks ridiculously over paid, and a complete bluff if u compare him with what this kid could do (hahaah kid...hes my age...this dude :P)

    OLIC: nothing to say...i love his style...always had...thats what i call a goal beast :P pretty goals...elaborated...he never just "pushed" the ball...he made them! excellent!

    alaba.... dont know hahahah

    louis van gaal: if he plays all the games liek this, meaning with this style..this type of organized display and smart changes...raise his voice to bring players we NEED...and i change my avatar with a pic showing me with a t-shirt that says "VAN GAAL I LOVE YOU" :P you all read it!!!


  • <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">louis van gaal: if he plays all the games liek this, meaning with this style..this type of organized display and smart changes...raise his voice to bring players we NEED...and i change my avatar with a pic showing me with a t-shirt that says "VAN GAAL I LOVE YOU" you all read it!!! </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Well said, with this playing style we can go very far. I knew since the start of the season that Van Gaal was the best choice for Bayern, he began with a stumble, but managed to create a well organized and discplined team. Our players are doing great, they have faith that they can go all the way and they will. I would say that no one can doubt Van Gaal now after this display and that all of u who doubted Bayern had it wrong all along. Lets hope we see this kind of football in the final, Madrid here we come! Vayamos a ganar carajo!!!!


  • * One of the sweetest victories for Bayern, and one of the prettiest tactical
    displays that I have seen for my beloved club :)

    * How can I forget this great team spirit this great team effort.
    AND the Ever so INDUSTRIOUS Ivica OLIC :))
    He has honored the shirt number 11 at Bayern and deserves to wear it
    with all pride.... what he did for the club today is phenomenal.

    This is our day, congratulations to all (including myself !)
    congratulations to all my friends here on the site :))

    * This is the fruit of patience, hard work .....
    It is also the fruit of accumulated effort for the last 9 years...
    We waited, now we are there and We deserve it :)

    -- Thank You for Every Player for every inch of effort they gave, every inch of turf they ran and every combative spirit they showed :)

    -- Thank you for every player that played and thank you also for the players that didn't play.

    -- Thank you for every coach in the coaching staff for their steadfastness, their patience and their resolve in hard times :)

    -- Thank you for every member in the board for their guidence, wisdom and brave leadership. For having a vision, and for having a principle and sticking with it :)

    -- Thank you for every member of the FC Bayern Family, from the grounds keepers to our honorary president :)

    -- Thank you is not enough to express my feelings and gratitude.
    Danke from the bottom of the heart !

    * Proud to be an FC Bayern supporter and will always be proud to be one.
    I hope my kids will take after me the love of the "Stern de Sudden" !

    Many Congratulations,
    - Sari E.J.


  • I love to see this kind of passion for he team, we fans have to show this at all times. Bayern, our team, is making history and we all are a part of it. Thank you Bayern and to all u fans, lets keep having faith in our team. Now lets see who we face in Madrid, we can beat anyone, let it be Inter or Barcelona. Danke indeed Sari, lets enjoy this victory and win many more :)


  • "While Arjen Robben has been without a doubt Bayern's star performer during this season's champions league, Bayern would never have made it this far without 'Schweini'. Converted into a central midfield player this season by Louis Van Gaal, Schweinsteiger has become the true star player the Bayern brass always thought he could be. By using not only his physical play but superb technical ability, he is the perfect combination of guile and strength in the Bayern midfield. But what truly makes him a vital component of this team, is his ability to attract the ball. For the majority of Bayern's games this season, Schweinsteiger has dominated possession and allowed the Bavarians to dictate play. If Bastian Schweinsteiger can do more of the same on May 22nd, Bayern will be a true contender, as with him, they are never far from possession."…e-champions-league#page/1

    I recomend to read it all, we have the chance to make history!


  • wow.

    just wow.


    was just.


    It seems everyone has said what needs to be said, no need in going over the tally of wonders in the Bayern "TEAM".

    yes team.

    Bayern Munich was a team today people.


    I never predicted this to be the scoreline ill tell you that much.


    GO BAYERN!!!


  • A real team performance, now lets focus on the Bundesliga. Lets beat Bochum and Hertha then we will show our power in Madrid, let it be against Barcelona or Inter. BAYERN MUNICH FOREVER!!!


  • Might put in my $2 worth. Woke up at 4:30am to watch the game. Well worth it.

    Impressed on how Lahm played both semi finals. I think he has taken that next step.

    Olic - where do you start - the guy never gives up. He proved that against ManUre. Deserves the hatrick.

    Butt - an appropriate name - really could have sat on his butt all night. Did nothing meaning a good night for the defenders.

    Really liked Contento too - he is a player to watch out for.


  • I think Bayern has showed an excellent display last night because they played as one unit & fought really hard for the ball.
    It is the team spirit we need to get the trophies.

    Their performance last night was the likesdestroyeding Juventus 1-4, shocked Manchester in Munich 2-1.


  • charlievarela i was joking man, of course you have the right to be the happyest fan ever......

    i predicted this score, but still you know, the ball is round, and never know what might have happen, i am thrilled that we are in the final of the champions league again, after 10 years, even if we lose in the final,i will still be happy....... thank you bayern, thank you my fellow fc bayern community users, for a wonderfull night........ love to you alll


  • Hi everyone!!! What a awesome night for us Bayern fans!!!! The whole team played fantastic!!! Bayern took control of the entire game. We owned Lyon!!! Maybe the weekend off for Lyon is not enough, next time, they should take 2 weekends off to prepare for this kind of game!!! It is time to give my thanks!!!

    First of all, thanks to the Bayern fans who made the trip to Lyon to support our team. You guys are fantastic and never stopped cheering for the team. How I wish I can be there at Madrid!!!!!!

    The whole team worked their socks off. Thank you so much guys!!! In the last 14 yrs as a Bayern fan, this is our 4th European final (3 CL,1 UEFA cup). So proud of this team. Esp Olic, Lahm, Contento, Altintop, Schweinsteiger and Muller who gave more than 100% in this game!!!! You guys deserve to play in the Final!!!!

    Let’s give credit where it is due. Thank You Van Gaal. I admit that I was one of the guys who wanted you out given by our bad start. But you made me a believer. Thank you so much!! We Bayern fans waited a long time for this!!! Regardless of what happens in the Champions League final, just try to enjoy the moment , fellow fans.

    Thanks to charlievarela, nark, wisita, sari11 and bbjjn for their posts. You guys remind me why it is so awesome to be Bayern fan!!!!!!

    Now we got to win the Bundesliga!!! We are 4 wins away from a historic season!!!!!!!


  • I'm wakening up with a hangover "AGAIN", after being out celebrating our win :-[ :D

    Awesome, we played very well again