Champions League

  • I like Italy as a country so it's no slant on Italians, I too just don't like their style of play. Inter typified it last night :-S


  • If Inter plays the way they did today against Barcelona then I think we can beat them, our wingers can break their defence with their speed. Italy is a great country, but their football is highly overrated I would say, no wonder why Germany is about to pass them in Uefa conefficients. I will always prefer my German football :)


  • Not sure, but if going to the semis means 50 million without considering advertisements, sponsors and TV rights then going to the final must be much more.


  • I think we are at our prime economically and now we will be able to buy worldclass players and complete our squad. Its a great achievement, but we still have a final to win. I have complete total faith in Bayern and I believe we can beat Inter!


  • Its amazing all the ups and downs this season, lets end it with a great final. I think we can beat Inter 2 -1, our attack will come from everywhere. We should use the same lineup as for the match against Lyon.


  • “We have a little bit more of a chance against Inter than against Barcelona,” commented FCB coach Louis van Gaal after watching his team beat Olympique Lyon 3-0 on Tuesday: “Inter are not as attacking as Barcelona.”

    Van Gaal is especially looking forward to crossing swords with “my friend José Mourinho.” The Inter boss was once a member of Van Gaal’s staff at Barcelona. “That’ll be a lot of fun,” the Bayern coach declared. For a number of the players, there is also the prospect of a reunion with former Bayern stalwart Lucio.

    Looking ahead to the final in Madrid on 22 May, Van Gaal sounded an optimistic note: “In a final, we’re capable of beating anyone.”…978954c58f5d007de3461f3c9


  • Financially, Bayern has already gotten more than 60mil Euros from Champion League this season. If we do win the title, we could potentially pocket 80-100mil Euros.

    Beside, I think this is one in a life time experience to play in the final. The players will give their all! Mourinho is a great tactican, so I guess we have to out-smart him and thats difficult.


  • well well...its inter now...
    as i said befor i kindda preffered barca caz i totally scare of mourinho and his tactics and their TOTALL DEFFENCE system,while guardila is nothing,comparing to van gaal. but i should honestly say that in the last minuets of the inter-barca game,i was scared of barca goal too :D i dont know exactly why but when they scored that second goal that wasnt count,i totally pissed off!!! :D i think my heart preffered inter !

    btw as i said before i though barca system was so better for us caz they are the ONLY team that wont play totall deffence against us and so we can score against them more easy than inter,but btw its championsleague final and u cant choose between this two team.both of them are so powerfull and we should have a lot of respect for them.
    btw it will be a very tough match,and im completly positive about it!!! whener van gaal is in our bench im totally relax and it doest matter that a very very veryyyyyyyyyyyy big coach like mourinho is in the outher side...



  • @ charlie: the final isn't over yet; like i've always said, if we won't focus enough, and won't give in our bests, we will end up like leverkusen in 2002;

    we're in a great position now, but the players should figure out that the hard work only now begins....


  • Nothing is won yet, but 5 seasons?? Come on man, even u have to admit that comment was over pesimistic. And Leverkuesen is a complete different team than Bayern, we are in a better position than they were and have a more talented squad. We still have to work hard, but we shouldnt doubt our team, I think everyone will agree with me on this. A real fan will not doubt his/her team and bet on the rival, thats just simply wrong.

    I think Inter will be a tougth opponent, but we can beat them. Their defensive system will be their doom, because our wingers will break them down. They are faster than Inters defence and have great skill to score (Robben for example).

    I think we will se more of this Bayern in the coming years, te team is coming into place and there will be significant new signings for next season.


  • Bayern Munich's players say they are happy to have Internazionale as their opponents in the Champions League final.

    "I was hoping that we would get Inter," said the German club's midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger.

    Philipp Lahm also was pleased that Bayern will not face Barcelona. "Inter fits us a little bit better," said the defender. "We are still not at the end of the road – now comes the best part of the season."

    Van Gaal had been hoping for an Inter victory before yesterday's second leg. "I think we would have a bit more chances against Inter than against Barcelona," he said. "Inter doesn't attack as much as Barcelona."

    The Bayern defender Diego Contento, who has Italian roots, said he found "Inter weaker than Barcelona", while Arjen Robben said he was looking forward to a reunion with his Holland team-mate Wesley Sneijder from Inter. "We both had to leave Real Madrid," Robben said.


  • I dont know why everybody is so happy for getitng linter liek they just got Jena or sth like that!

    cmon..they are italians..they play dirty, hideous, extremely defensive oportunistic football..they will got for counters and stay like dogs guarding their half...forget about relax or else!

    if we focus and play an organised display like we did against lyon sure we can do a lot..but we must watch out with defense..they must be really awake for every move
    what can i say..there could be a shower of fouls against robben, olic and Müller...and everbody

    so... lets keep being enthusiastic..but realistic please "en la puerta del horno se quema el pan" dont know if u know that saying charlie...(in the oven door, bread can be burned)
    but its really true

    van gaal is also calling for calm hes happy becuz its inter and it may fit us best..but he still says its goignt o be a tough game


  • No one says its going to be easy, Im just saying that it seems like the majority of people, including players and staff, prefer to play Inter. We can beat them, it wont be easy, but if we play like we did against Lyon then Im positive we can win the final. And I think its quite realistic to believe that Bayern can beat Inter, we have the quality to do so. We have to show our support for our team, as I said before, we can crack their defensive play with our wingers. Speed and ball posession will be key in the final, Van Gaal knows how to play against Mourinhos system. El que no apuesta no gana, the one who doesnt bet doesnt win.


  • "Bayern are an example to many clubs," said Mourinho following the 3-1 aggregate win over Barcelona that ensured the Italian side's place in the final.

    Mourinho praises his master

    The Portuguese was keen to emphasise the work of his former mentor Louis van Gaal, under whom he worked as assistant at Barca. "He's a fantastic coach, and I should know," said Mourinho. "Bayern didn't start well this season and found themselves in a difficult situation, but they stayed calm and now they're in the Champions League final, the cup final and they're first in the league. All thanks to Louis van Gaal."…bayern-muenchen/index.php