Champions League

  • Nobody is cheered about facing Inter, but it is at least better than facing Barcelona. But I think we are capable of beating Inter in the final. It will be a 50/50 chance game


  • Exactly, I completely agree. The game is for any of both teams to take, but my faith lies on Bayern. If the team shows the same passion, determination and desire it has been doing then we can beat Inter in the final :) It wont be easy but we will fight till the end!


  • 'Trap' has coached both sides during his career and sees similarities in their style and stature.

    "The DNA of the two teams is very similar. At this level only results count," he continued.

    "Bayern are a 'Nordic' team and not just because of the many Germans and Dutch players. Without [the suspended Franck] Ribery, Inter have a slight advantage.

    "However, [Bayern coach Louis] van Gaal and [Inter coach Jose] Mourinho have equally great experience, tenchical depth, and ability to motivate."…bayern-munich-is-a-worthy


  • I agree with wisita. Inter are the favs. Mourhino knows how Van Gaal thinks. We are the underdogs in the final. Now Mourhino is hailed as a hero in Italy for Inter beating Barcelona. Now everyone besides Bayern fans think that Inter is going to win the CL title.

    But i love FC Bayern too much!!!!! No matter what happens, all of them are heros. I am thankful that i get to watch another CL final again. 2001 and 1999 seems so far away!!!!

    I hope i can enjoy the final. As long i don't suffer another heart attack in 1999, i am happy enough. I don't mind losing 3-0 than to lead 1-0 and then lose 2-1 in 3 mins. Go Bayern!!!!


  • Manchester were favorites too, but we taught them a lesson. Mourhino knows how Van Gaal thinks and viceversa, Van Gaal taught Mourhino. I say its 50-50, anyone can win the CL. Bayern has passion, determination and desire. Besides that we play better football, Mourhinos style is based on defensive play. Underdogs, I hear this word a lot, but we beat Juventus, Fiorentina and Manchester. Bayern is no underdog, those days are over. Its going to be a great day May 22th, history will be made. Bayern forever!


  • um...i think i agree with charlie while i agree with geoldes too!! ye geoldes ur right,all of ur words but look at our side and mr van gaal!! they all know this and they know wht to do! its the reason that i feel relax! so u havent to call van gaal and tell him,hey take care!nothing is over yet! :D he is the master!! master of mourinho(the best manager of decade!) too! :D

    btw...its seems that im the only one that preffered barca,not inter,huh?! :D

    and i should say that,hey guys! we are fav,not inter,and our biggest problem is this! if our opponent was fav,like man u,it could be easier for us!(btw,they played total deffence in first leg and second half of second leg while they was fav!)

    we will see another totall deffence team,and it will be hardest one...mourinhos inter...i have lots of respect for them and i hope ollic and robben break their deffence easy and micho and van buyten play with ful concentrat,whithout any mistakes(specially without slliping! and sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!! :D )


  • I think is going to be an even match. We still have a few weeks before the final (3 weeks), so we will see how the injuries situation looks for both teams. Beside, Inter will be a bit more tiring than us as they have more matches than us in the next few weeks (just 1 more!).

    It is a shame but it is the truth that the final will be down to luck, mentality, and possibilly the referee.


  • i have to disagree with you bbjtin: i think our biggest problem will be mourinho; if he wants to end a game 0-0 he'll get sure his team will do exactly that, and they will force the extra time or will leave it to the penalties. but if he bets his chances on counter attack then he'll make sure they will score, cause he knows we will score...
    as for robben, he knows him, and as he proved he can stop xavi-messi, he can also figure out to stop lahm-robben,bommel-robben,schweini-robben...
    in my opinion, we shouldn't be too desperate to score, but to keep possession and kill them mentally with our passing and ball movement.....

    i guess we'll live and see, but one thing is sure: like it or not,what mourinho is best known for, is his ability to get his objectives done, and barca matches prove exactly that....


  • What about Van Gaal?? You keep talking about Mourhino, this and that, what about our coach??? Hasnt he accomplished a lot, isnt he taking us very far? I think we should give Van Gaal more credit, he has formed a great team that can beat anyone! The key in the final will be ball posession and our wingers. When it comes to speed we can beat them, Barca didnt win because they played bad, Messi was the only one who really wanted to win. We need to stay focused, keep the ball and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

    This will be an even match,

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Manchester were favorites too, but we taught them a lesson. Mourhino knows how Van Gaal thinks and viceversa, Van Gaal taught Mourhino. I say its 50-50, anyone can win the CL. Bayern has passion, determination and desire. Besides that we play better football, Mourhinos style is based on defensive play. Underdogs, I hear this word a lot, but we beat Juventus, Fiorentina and Manchester.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    PS: Geoldes if u like Mourhino so much then maybe u should consider changing teams :P


  • @charlie, don't try so much to be a smartass :P

    i don't like mourinho, i respect him=two completely different things.mourinho won a champions league title in 2004 if i can recall, with a bunch of "no-ones", van gaal didn't say anything in european football since the 90's till last, i'm sorry if my suggestions that mourinho is our biggest danger dissapoints or annoys or whatever it does to you, but i keep my opinion until the final.

    for the record straight: i am a bayern fan in my own way. you call me pesimistic, i'll say i'm realistic :P
    yes we play on the 3 fronts, yes we have a good position on all, yes we can do it, but we haven't done anything yet.
    at the end of the season, if we won't win anything, nobody besides us, the fans will remember that we played 9 finals of UCL, besides the 4 titles.history doesn't give a damn about second place :P


  • @ Geoldes: try supporting ur team for a change instead of constantly doubting it and betting on the opponents, I just think a real fan doesnt do that kind of s***. :P

    You say ur realistic, well being realistic doesnt mean to bet on the other team, to say things like we are DOOMED and just assume we will lose when things are going bad. U seem to support Bayern when it wins, well a true fan is behind his/her team at all times, even when the odds are against us.

    Mourinho is a good coach no doubt about it, but didnt Van Gaal teach him? Van Gaal did the same with Ajax, a team of unexperienced young men (including Van Der Saar) and took them to glory.


    Porto (2002-2004)
    Portuguese Liga (2): 2002–03, 2003–04
    Portuguese Cup (1): 2002–03
    Portuguese SuperCup (1): 2003
    UEFA Cup (1): 2002–03
    UEFA Champions League (1): 2003–04

    Chelsea (2004-2007)
    FA Premier League (2): 2004–05, 2005–06
    FA Cup (1): 2006–07
    League Cup (2): 2004–05, 2006–07
    FA Community Shield (1): 2005

    Internazionale (2008-)
    Serie A (1): 2008–09
    Supercoppa Italiana (1): 2008

    Van Gaal:

    3 × Dutch Eredivisie: 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96
    3 × Johan Cruijff Shield: 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96
    1 × KNVB Cup: 1992–93
    1 × UEFA Cup: 1991–92
    1 × Champions League: 1994–95
    1 × UEFA Super Cup: 1995
    1 × Intercontinental Cup: 1995

    2 × Spanish League: 1997–98, 1998–99
    1 × Copa del Rey: 1997–98
    1 × UEFA Super Cup:, 1997–98

    1 × Dutch Eredivisie: 2008–09

    They are both talented and have achieved a lot in their careers and you can keep ur opinion about Mourhino, to be honest I really dont care I just find it odd to see a " fan" say things like the ones u say, Mourhino will always come at top, anyone who heres such a comment will immediately think that u bet on Mourhino and thats something a true fan would never do. :P


  • mate, when you pronounce the word "bet" do you think on money betting? cause i do, and excuse me, but i would prefer betting my money on the opposite and bayern to win, than putting my money on bayern and not winning. the last years,especially after porto, thought mourinho more than van gaal could have done in 50 years having mourinho as an assistant or a second coach.
    so, yes, i would put my money on mourinho because he's the kind of guy who doesn't give a sh*t on anything else but winning what he has to win and get his job done :p
    as for van gaal, i've said it once before: the best thing that Bayern and him have in common is the desire/ambition/desperation to win trophies and prove we're still there on top, with our unconventional methods,ideas, and way of being.and this can only be useful to matter the "faith" of this season, i'm proud of this team, as a TEAM, and there should be only room for improvement....

    and charlie,if i had been supporting bayern only when we were winning, then my friend, i would have been long gone :P
    after chelsky-bayern 4-2, milan-bayern 4-1, zenit-bayern 4-0, barca-bayern 4-1 and so on....
    i'm still here, always had, always will, but in my own way :P


  • Yeah in a pesimistic and odd way I must add.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">the last years,especially after porto, thought mourinho more than van gaal could have done in 50 years having mourinho as an assistant or a second coach. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    What are u trying to say here? More than in 50 years, hahahahahah. Van Gaal did it in 95, at least take the time to look at the stats.... They are both experienced and have won several tittles.... :P

    Look theres always room for improvement, but come on man, with the kind of comments u say it seems like u always think Bayern will lose. Atleast try to be less pesimistic, Bayern is doing great and we can win, u shouldnt doubt that. Oh and Im glad to see u mentioning faith :)

    So tell me, who do you bet on the final??? Ur team or ur idol? Bayern or Mourhino? :P At the end a true fan will know the answer, BAYERN!


  • hahahahahahahahahah

    charlie..conoces la doctora polo de caso cerrado?? un caso para ella

    geoldes: hahaahahahahah too hard they can understand...but u cant blame them..everybody is so excited on this apex we are...and i admit i wish we win all...but im too scared of a huge dissapointment.. like a cruel triple frustration..


  • first of all take some english lessons(i know someone here on the forum that can offer some, and not expensive at all); maybe then you'll understand the meaning of could have done ??
    stop always reading behind the lines: i didn't say that bayern can't win it, nor that i'm doubting that;my point was that celebrating what we haven't yet won is a kids joy....i rather remain "pesimistic" as you say it, till after the last match when we will add something in our hall of fame...
    and if not, it really doesn't matter, because this team wasn't supposed to win anything but the bundesliga title(our main objective), but proved sth much more: with more hard work and a bit of improving, we will become much stronger and feared in the next seasons. i would say that now we're in the position we were in the late 90's with a team near their apogee and a bright future ahead...