Champions League

  • Hahaha, alucina q si la conozco. Seria un buen caso para ella, no?

    I honestly think we can go all the way and we should be optimistic, not doubt our team and praise the other coach. I respect all people opinions, but it doesnt mean I like them or agree with them.

    Anyhow even Mourhino has said its 50-50, as well as Van Gaal. So even the coaches say its for anyone to take, we shouldnt just assume that Mourhino will win. Bayern can win and have the same chance to win as Inter.

    I rather think we will win the treble than lose it, what can I say Im an optimistic person :)


  • English lessons, hahahahaha excuse me, but ur the one who needs them mate,

    </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------the last years,especially after porto, thought mourinho more than van gaal could have done in 50 years having mourinho as an assistant or a second coach.<span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">

    What is that supposed to mean? :D Ur the one who needs the lessons buddy.

    The team is in a great position, glad u finally agree on me with that. Took u a while, because if I recall u said u dont see us winning the CL for atleast 5 seasons......

    Keep being like that Geoldes I really dont care, I just wish u would stop contradicting urself and start believing in the team.

    I have faith we can win and I rather be optimistic than a pesimistic guy who says one thing and then changes his mind and says another.....</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------


  • aaay dios mio hahahhahaha me van a matar de risaaaa

    no se si cachan pero en verda son un chiste hahah hace mucho tiempo que no pasaba esto.. :D


  • Que ahora sabes espanol? Si asi lo quieres perfecto, mira mocoso si te gusta ser asi adelante. Tu actitud pesimista me parece lamentable, no se que te habra pasado para que seas asi pero no te desahogues en el equipo. Un verdadero hincha no dice las cosas que tu dices, no duda siempre de su equipo y mucho menos idolatra al entrenador del rival. Asi que cuando crezcas y aprendas de la vida buscame si quieres y con gusto te ensenare lo que ser un hincha significa :)


  • Tarde o temprano iba a pasar, un pesimista contra un optimista. Ademas con toda sinceridad su actitud me enferma, dice una cosa y de ahi dice otra. Primero que no vamos a ganar to CL en 5 temporadas, de ahi que empataremos con Bochum, toda persona tiene el derecho de cambiar su opinion pero con humildad, si me equivoco lo admito.


  • okay, 'hincha significa', thanks for calling me mocoso, and for being such a truly astonishing fan....
    you're one of the greatest :p

    just for the record: i haven't called you names, not here, nor as a response to you pm's, so, if you like to call me mocoso, or what else your imagination let's you, send a pm :P no need to do it in front of others :P

    and no, unfortunately i don't speak spanish, yet!


  • charlie, both my champions league and bochum presumptions were based on certain facts: 3-0 against man utd states, the game against moenchengladbach, and that we had a problem with bochum last year....


  • I know I should not to mess with this situation you two have created between you, but it is Labour day celebrations going on here , and I’ am bit drunk. So, charlie, really if you bet one team, and that team loses, but you happily loose your money, what explains this apparently paradoxical reaction. Is it not that you does not care losing your money, because you are a devotee of the team that actually won? And, moreover, geoldes seems to say, that he has been around: he have seen some horrible low points of Bayern, and he is still here. Who would do that – a devotee, perhaps! And geoldes, it seems that charlie have a religious world view, which makes him little bit edgy with concepts like ‘faith’ and so on, maybe you should not be so confrontational about things around that concept. And Charlie, I like your enthusiasm, but I am little bit uncomfortable with the idea of “real” fan you time to time seem to implicate when you react to something geoldes have said. And the problem, obviously, is, who really have authority to make distinction between a real fan and something else.


  • Hahahahaha, in front of others? Well thats not what u said when I send u a PM, ur exact words were "Why the heck do u private message me? If u have something to say say it in the forum". Oh and by the way mocoso is not an insult, its like saying ur a child, a kid so learn ur spanish before u assume someone is insulting u, ok?

    Oh and ur ironic comments smooth, what are u going to do next? Dissapear for 2 weeks just like u did last time we had a similar discussion?

    A real fan doesnt constantly doubt his/her team and doesnt assume we will lose, thats something u should learn.


  • charlie of course, has the authority and common sense to make that decision, especially because he has been such a mature and distinguish person around here in his....4 months?

    say it in the forum doesn't mean, by any chance to call me names "in public" if you want; if you want or like to do it, use the pms, but don't use it with discusions that can be held on the forum topics....

    we're kind of offtopic btw now, but it feels 'great' to be a 'mocoso' again :P

    PS: happy celebration jkuusela :) unfortunately i'm out of beers now....


  • Anyhow Im done with that, now going back to what really matters our final in Madrid. If we win the Bundesliga and DFB Cup then we will go to Madrid with a lot of confidence and desire. The treble is in our reach, just 4 more matches to go and we will see what happens.

    Im a fan since 98, since Im 12 years old and I have seen it all as well, but I dont let that affect me because Bayern will always be in my hear the best. I just think that a fan should doubt his/her team, eben when we are losing 3-0, a fan will not lose hope.

    Bayern is about to make history and we should support the team, I dont think no one will disagree with me on that.


  • yeah charlie, whenever we have our discusions i'm going to dissapear after because i'm such a kid and have no 'cohones' for it....

    sorry for spending my time in anything else that doesn't concern you and the forum, like: uni, friends, classes, home at work and other things that do not deserve to be mentioned here.....

    give me a mail address and i'll promise i'll make time, at least 1 hour/day, especially for you...or per night considering the time difference....


  • So what Geoldes u have more right because u have been in the forum longer than I have? :P If u put it like that then look at my # of post and my constant support for the team. As I said before learn spanish before u assume someone is calling u names....

    Sorry I rather say things as they are rather than say:

    if i would call you stupid, you'd think that i'm a jerk, so i won't do that....

    and i hope everyday, i won't have to ran into stupid people everyday but gosh...that just doesn't happen to me....

    Oh and about spending ur time, I really dont care what u do :P
    I like to give my opinion and Im lucky that in my job Im in front of a computer all day. And my email is on my profile so if u want to write then do so, if ur so eagered to do so.


  • As I said before:

    </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------Anyhow Im done with that, now going back to what really matters our final in Madrid. If we win the Bundesliga and DFB Cup then we will go to Madrid with a lot of confidence and desire. The treble is in our reach, just 4 more matches to go and we will see what happens. <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">

    On another subjest who would replace Motta in the final? Stankovic perhaps?</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------


  • Say what u want kid, Im trying to change the subject, but it seems u cant let go. Oh and you can keep criticizing my english, but at the end its much better than yours buddy :P

    Now lets go back to what really matters, the final, does that sound good with u Geoldes? Are u ready to move on?


  • “I know both clubs very well. The players may change, but their characteristics do not,” continued Trap.

    “Bayern are a northern European team, not just because their squad is made up of German and Dutch players.

    “Inter are a mixture of champions and mental strength. It will be such a tough one to call in Madrid.”…ilan-bayern-munich-805201

    Its a fair game for anyone to win, there are no favorites, no underdogs, just 2 great teams.