Champions League

  • What helps in games in possesion. It allows us to build momentum. That was evident against Juve & Man U so if we can keep the ball that would be a huge point to raise by Van Gaal, to keep the ball & not give it away.


  • inter is a verry different team, the can defend as good, and turn a pass to the keeper to a pass for a striker in the blink of an eye... we will need to crowd the midfield, this would be the key, eto is a threat, milito is a major threat, the only one i am really scared is maicon, i think that in any day he can "kill" a young left back as holger badstuber. i have faith in this bayern squad, and if we lose, we will lose to the best team in cl so far.............


  • True, Maicon is a big physical, gifted player. Sneijder is an obvious threat as well but I'm hoping VB can cope with him.

    I know that the midfield is critical and VG may well play a 4-5-1 with our two wingers dropping in as the 5 so in escence it would be a 4-3-2-1 but with the two acting as our right & left midfielders / wingers.


  • We have to attack and win this match. That is our style.

    Wow Charilevera, you have planned well for this match esp the amount of Beer. I will be only getting a Six pack , i be drinking a couple during the match and want to toast the team at the end by finishing the rest.

    I am from Singapore. I lived in Munich for a yr when i was 4 yrs old when my father was posted there. In Singapore, the ppl here support mostly EPL clubs since Singapore once belong to England before World War 2.

    I supported Bayern when i was 13 yrs old when i saw them thrash Notthingham Forrest at the UEFA Cup. They went on to win the UEFA cup.

    However next season, it was Dortmund who took the CL title.Bayern were like 2nd best but i still never gave up.

    I went through the horror of 1999 CL final in a land infested with Manchester United and Liverpool supporters. The United fans were gloating about their win, while the Liverpool supporters gave me hell since Manchester United to won the CL. But i still proudly said that Bayern would get their revenge while making all Liverpool supporters my sworn enemies in football

    It took 2 yrs but Bayern did it and no one was more happier than me in Singapore on that day!!!! This club is so special to me. The fans, the football culture that Bayern possess will last forever!!!!!!

    Inter Milan may have the special one. But to us Bayern fans, Bayern is a special club. I have plenty of faith in them. I went plenty of ups and downs supporting this team, esp at the start of this season is another fine example.

    If i lived in Munich for a yr can feel so much passion for Bayern, just imagine the rest. Even our dear friend Charilevera is good example of Bayern fans who rally behind our team. Come on people. From where ever you are, we will prevail over Mourhino and his Inter Milan team.

    GO BAYERN!!!!


  • Sivaram for such an event of course Im fully ready :D My girlfriend and my 2 best friends will be joining me, not all the 6 liters are for me :D Just 3 :D

    The game is going to be intense, I expect a great game. Bayern will take home the glory!!!!


  • Nark ! I liked your 300% effort comment :)) and I subscribe to your theory too ;)

    Wisita ! Whata song, it is hope that keeps us going in life,
    and it is hope that keeps us going in Football too. Hope was the motivator for Olic to keep pushing against Man Utd and his efforts were rewarded in the last minute.
    Seriously, without any hope there is no life. And I personally have very optimistic hope no matter :)

    Masupufos ! You called it correctly as it will be a clash of the Titans :))


  • Sivaram in my country people are mostly fans of Spanish teams, like Barcelona and Madrid, maybe because we used to be the main colony in South America of theirs (hahaha, that could be the reason :) honestly donr know).

    Im a fan since 1998 after the World Cup. Saw our fall (1999) and rise (2001), I was quite young, but Icfell in love with Bayern :) My favorite player was and will always be Oliver Kahn, the legend.

    I also have a lot of faith in our team, I believe they can win and bring us all glory. Im a proud Bayern fan and my children will be as well, Bayern forever!!!

    Masupufos ur right about the midfield, by crowding it we will cut down Inters attack. Our defence has to be in top form, because as u say there are serious threats and seriously Maicon can crush a young LB :D Lets hope Badstuber and Contento are in good shape. I would prefer to see Contento, but I have the feeling Van Gaal will decide on Badstuber.

    Deisel, thats a good idea, exactly what could stop Inter.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic"> know that the midfield is critical and VG may well play a 4-5-1 with our two wingers dropping in as the 5 so in escence it would be a 4-3-2-1 but with the two acting as our right & left midfielders / wingers. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Lets hope for the best, I know the team will give it their best and I have faith we can win :)


  • Matthäus predicts 2-1 win for Bayern
    Lothar Matthäus knows everything there is to know about both Bayern and Inter. The 1990 World Cup winning captain spent a total of 16 seasons with the two clubs, and will personally attend the Champions League final at the Bernabeu in Madrid. “It's a very special final for me,” said Germany’s most-capped player, offering a prediction for the clash between the German and Italian double winners: “Based on the football they’ve been playing recently, Bayern are favourites. They’ll win 2-1,” said Matthäus: “I think the Bayern forward line can get the better of what is probably the best defence in the world.”…5551f334b93aa2b9addc37dea

    And I completely agree :)


  • I think Bayern can win 1-0 or 2-0. I dont think Inter can score against Bayern Munich as they arent strong in attack for most matches even against the like of MSKA Moscow as well as their domestic form. So i do think we do stand a chance against them


  • Inter not strong in attack? They scored against Chelsea and Barca in the 2 games. And against CSKA they scored in both games 1 goal and didn't concede one. That's enough to win. If you don't concede goals, why should you score more then 3 goals to win? Inter is a strong team which has and a rock solid defensive and a strong attack


  • Bayern has the chance to achieve the greatest season that any german club had never before!!

    A Treble is on the sight, so LET'S GO BAYERN MUNCHEN!!!!!!! play the game of your lives!!


  • Inter is a strong team no doubt about that, but Bayern is as well. We have more character and passion than Inter and that will be a determining factor. Bayern will go for the glory and will fight till the end, Go Bayern!!!!


  • lol... the place where i live, i'm the only Bayern Munich fan... and i'm very very proud to be a fan of this fantastic club...

    can't wait for the final, only two days now... and after that we have a whole World Cup to watch...

    hopefully Altintop will play well in Ribery's position... its gonna be a tough game but the confidence is high and thats a VERY good sign :D


  • well, for me this week started so good that it makes me a bit worried about the match on saturday. We have already won 2 titles, manchester lost premier ship, real lost the title in spain(2 of our rivals going down), ballack got injured and will miss the World Cup(his luck finally got to an end), ribery won't play in the final(because everyone who could see things clearly realized he doesn't deserve to play), so it already sounds too good....

    Hopefully the coach will manage to get the players attention and will make them give more than everything they've got, on the field on Saturday, cause they will need it.I would say it all comes down to moral strength, ambition and desire to prove you're the best...Anyway, the team have what it takes to win it so we should all be hopeful.


  • A shame to not see Ribery play in the CL final, a player who scored the first goal in our victory against Manchester United. His actions were wrong, but we must understand he was going through a rough time. Im sure Altintop will perform just like he did gainst Lyon.

    I have faith we will win, the team has character and passion. Van Gaal is preparing wisely and Im sure he has his tactic to beat Mourhino. Inter is a strong team, but Bayern is stronger. Lets go Bayern!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Don't know if this was posted:

    [code:1:dea2d116b1]Inter are forced to travel to Madrid by coach after the dust kicked up from their European trophy cabinet renders Milan a ´no fly zone´.[/code:1:dea2d116b1]