Champions League

  • Well most of my friends call me The German even though i only lived in Munich for a yr becuase of my passion towards Bayern and the German national and maybe becuase of my height, I am 1.90 m t

    But there are some advantages of supporting Bayern Munich in my country. The Bundesliga is telecasted free whereas the EPL supporting fans have to pay US 20 dollars a month just to catch EPL matches.

    But i stand alone here and but still feel united whenever i log on to FCB website to share my passion with all Bayern fans. Here in Singapore, there are many camps of Supporters. I am in friendly terms with all besides the Liverpool supporters who are the largest in terms of no of supporters in Singapore.

    I will be watching the Final with my best friend who is a AC Milan supporter. However he will be rooting for Inter Milan and Mourhino due to the fact that he wants the Serie A to keep the 4 places for the Champions League.

    Here in Singapore, they did a poll and over 60% voted that Inter will win this sat's clash due to the fact that Inter Eliminated Barca and Chelsea the spainsh and english champions whearas Bayern got lucky till the semis. But i am not worried. We are facing difficult odds. I know we can do it.

    Just saw that Howard Webb is officating the match. He will do us no favours and will be siding with Mourhino's Inter. I will be placing my hopes on the team to contain Inter and Robben to knock to missiles towards goal.

    The team needs us more than ever. Everyone counts!!! No matter where you are watching this match in the globe, don't lose faith and beleive we can do the Terble!!!! GO BAYERN!!!!!!!!


  • Ur completely right Sivaram, we must all show our support and healp our team with our chears and screams. They must know we are fully behind them and that they will not face Inter alone.

    Over here in Peru most people watch the Spanish league, luckily we have Gol Tv in the general cable package so I get to watch Bundesliga games there, but when it comes to the DFB I have to look on SopCast.

    Altintop is ready is ready for the match,

    “I’ve always been around for the match, even if you weren’t aware of it,” Altintop told the press, according to the Bavarian side’s official website. “We’ve all laid our personal feelings aside for weeks and months now. And that’s why we’ve scored the crucial goals when we needed to. That’s what it means to be collective; you all pull in the same direction.

    “We want success as a team, and we want to make history. I’m delighted, because we’ve spent the whole season working tirelessly for this.”…ready-to-step-into-franck


  • over here(i.e in KSA), Bundesliga is shown on Dubai Sports whereas DFB and Champions League are shown on AL Jazeera Sports...

    Only one more day now... i'm really nervous!!!

    GO BAYERN!!!


  • mourinho always have surprises from those outside the pitch. The important thing is not to surprise van gaal with something...


  • Van Gaal will be ready, Im sure of this. This is no ordinanry match, its the CL final!!! We will see quite a game and Bayern will show their dominace throughout it.


  • I am very glad to see al this support from around the world,

    “Millions of Indians will be rooting for FC Bayern Munich on Saturday – and many of the fans have put that promise in writing,”

    India is not the only source of pre-match goodwill, as good luck messages have been arriving at the Säbener Strasse in huge volumes from all the Asian cities and countries visited by Bayern in recent years…1af342f5b1e4b40607f8e6ca5


  • did any body read what van gal said? he said we are in the final because of referees faults. most analysts say that its for moving the presssure from his team to inter milan. every body says its wise and van gal is a fox. i think the game will be like a nuclear war. i think tom van bommel and swieni as CM`s will play a major role, offensivly and defensivly, esp that they will put alot of pressure on Robben. Altintop should work hard as a LM tom, coz he will be free compared to Robben, and am sure he will be successful. i also think that tom each player at least will run 12-13 kms, while in usuall games they hardly reach 11. i dont know why i had this feeling that the game will be closed and no real and dangerous opportunities, and it could finish with penalty kicks. but any way, van gal should not be fooled that they want to reach the penalties, and lets all remember germany italy game in 2006 when klinsman already was writing the names of the players to shoot the penalty kicks, he conceded two goals in the last 120 seconds. so be careful guys. be lions, be foxes, and let inter be chickens! i dont know, but i feel its wise to start robben as LM, and altintop on the right, this could mix up moron sorry morinho ha ha ha :) i wish to see pranjic tom with his nice shots and crosses to olic.


  • Yeah I remember that WC match, how could i forget. The fist goal was Grosso, I have hated him since then. Its going to be a great game, as u say Nark, a complete fullout nuclear war :)


  • charlie varela i am mad at u, how come u only hate him and the italian teams since then? i disliked italy since 1982 he he he :) i hope tom bommel have a big beer before starting the match to make him relaxed, but hopefully only one, coz with two he will even foul the referee ha ha ha :) and its not only nuclear, but i wish it to be chemical, esp when we make the shit out of italians ha ha ha ha and we make them suffocate with their own shit smell ;)


  • HAHAHAHA, very well said my friend :) What can I say, I wasnt born yet :D Nuclear, chemical, biological a fullout blown war aginst those ultra defensive bastards. Bayern will prevail and Im sure after the match Van Bommel will drink more beers than anyone in the team, besides the ones being splashed at Van Gaal :D


  • mmmh...careful with the words against italians...i also detest italian teams...and italy national team..oow and..most italian players as well :P becuz they play antifootball...sth ugly, dirty ultra defensive...they get cances simulating..and create games into a bad rugby game... and then comes a counter and they score... 8-)

    nooo dont hope van bommel or any of us make fouls!!!
    we have to keep the team complete...and dont go down to their level :D


  • We are only talking about Italian football.....

    The team will play great, everyone is ready and Van Gaal will have his game plan ready. I have faith we can win and all of us fans must believe in our so beloved team. Go Bayern!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • My God I just watched Van Gaal on Gol Tv speaking spanish :D He did a pretty good job (he learned it while coaching Barcelona), I have never heard him speak my language :)

    Right after that Gol Tv also confirmed Riberys contract extension :D

    Just a few more hours, I cant wait!!!!!!! Go Bayern!!!!!!! Lets win a historic treble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I think the match is within 12 hours now. The first goal will be crucial as ever and also Bayern needs to have full concentration especially our defence is the first 10mins. I think thats when Mourinho can really surprise us


  • And we can surprise Mourhino, ur right the first ten minutes our defence must be in top form. We need to score that first goal and force Inter to attack, then we will catch them off guard and score our second. Just a few more hours guys, lets show our support!!!! Go Bayern!!!!!!!!


  • yeah man !! today we gonna win the title and hey!!!my friend!!! u all gonna be THE CHAMPION OF THE EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!! from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D

    damn yeah!!it gonna be my best gift just 4 days before my birthday!!! :D