Champions League

  • Come on guys, changes need to happen, but we are not losers. We have won the domestic double and we can win the CL nexst year, we still have a lot to show, dont lose hope.


  • We do, but we shouldnt lose hope and assume we will win the CL in 5 years, none of us know what will happen. I have faith we can win, we have a great squad and we must complete it with some worldclass signings.


  • well wisita, i am okay, considering...... i trully believed in this team till the and..... im not dissapointed, just frustrated, cause we got here and we didnt push harder...... im happy cause we are back on top of the world..... and i am glad to say it was a good day.


  • Hi everyone!!!

    Like everyone i am devasted that Bayern did not win. But we have every reason to be proud to get to the final. Inter played to win, while we try to play our usual football.

    Charlievera is right. It will take some time for us to be Champions of Europe again but at least the Hunger to win the elite title will be passed on to some Bayern players who played there. I hope we can be in the final in another 2 yrs time when the final is held at Allianz Arena.

    We still had a good season, so pls not bicker among ourselves. If someone asked me that If Bayern would have won the double and runners up in the Champions leauge in November, i would have gladly taken it.

    We still need to buy players to improve our defence. I have been saying that all season. Still it is a memorable season. The team gave all it could but Inter Milan knew how to shut us down.

    Be proud that Bayern is truly back and no one will take us lightly next season!!!! We must continue to support our team and encourage them. Congrats to Inter Milan. Louis Van Gaal knows what this Bayern team is capable of and i am sure he will be driven to win the Champions League title. It has been a wonderful journey although it did not end the way we wanted it. But still ,our season had some remarkable matches. Be proud of our team!!!!!!!!!!


  • I think the team as a whole plays alright but it is down to every single details in a final. Our defence is particularly weak with both Van Buyten and Demichelis. Both goals didnt come from a build play, it was mostly a direct pass to Milto on a 1on1 against Van Buyten and Demichelis and they basically lost the battle and lead to the goal. Hopefully, if we are able to address the central defence problem and lack of high profile striker, we will be able to win Champion League if we have a bit of luck


  • Pride in defeat, its a real shame, but we have gone very far this season. Van Gaal has guided the team well and we can reach the final once again. As I have said before this is just the beginning of a new era of Bayern.


  • Congratulations to the team. We got the domestic double, so achieved our minimum targets. Nobody thought we'd get out of the CL group after an hour against Haifa in November. A CL final appearance was a great bonus, and with a stronger squad, there's no reason why we can't win it again in the near future.

    This year we regained our superiority in Germany, and won back our self respect in Europe. A very successful job done by everyone.


  • Hello! I just want to say thank you to all staff and players of FC Bayern for the season 09-10!!! Anyway, we`re rising and, I believe, the next season`ll be European season to us. This season is founding for the team, however we had enought power to make double and to participate to CL final. It`s a very good result!


  • Van Gal Sucks.


    Klose in - Altintop out

    Gomez in - Olic out

    Have caused defeat.

    Van Gal did not lead this team to the finals of the CL, Robenn and Olic had done so, Van Gal was only bothered ..


  • Come on... Why do people always complain about the manager when Bayern lose a match?!

    The better team won the final, basta. Congrats to Inter. we were not good enough.


  • to all those who are saying Van Gaal sucks can shut their mouths, Inter are a team that defeated Chelsea and Barca... Van Gaal has done so much for us... we didn't win a single trophy last year, now we have two...

    we lost one game and some of you are blaming Van Gaal, others are blaming Olic, Muller, Altintop... i think people who are writing this shit aren't true Bayern fans... i'm sorry but thats that!


  • Typical, when we lose Van Gaal is a loser???? Come one people grow up!!! Van Gaal is agreat coach, I dont recall people calling him a loser when he delivered the Bundesliga or the DFB Cup. Its a shame to see people turn their backs so easily :P

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">to all those who are saying Van Gaal sucks can shut their mouths, Inter are a team that defeated Chelsea and Barca... Van Gaal has done so much for us... we didn't win a single trophy last year, now we have two...

    we lost one game and some of you are blaming Van Gaal, others are blaming Olic, Muller, Altintop... i think people who are writing this shit aren't true Bayern fans... i'm sorry but thats that! </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Ur right oninekid, wish people could realize that its not over, that this is just the start for Bayern and Van Gaal.


  • I was one of the fans who asked for Van Gaal's resignation at November when things are going bad for us.

    But he has turned it around, gave us the double and we went to the Champions League final. We lost to a Inter Milan side which had more experience and they spent much more to capture the Champions League title. We can be proud of team Bayern's attacking style and tradtion.

    Do you see any Italian players at Inter Milan?? We had youngsters Muller and Badstubber playing in the CL final in the starting 11 at their very first season at the club.

    Now Van Gaal knows what he can do with this squad. We need to get few more players and i hope we can win the 2012 Champions league title in our own stadium. That was my expectaion this season, do well in the Champions league so that we can bulid our team on to win the title in 2012. They did that. It feels sour to lose a final but now we will be driven to win the title even more.


  • I really enjoyed this season despite the CL Final loss. Bayern did very well. Thanks to all the folks here for their comments, pls keep on posting. I wish all of us can one day meet up and catch a Bayern game at the Allianz Arena.

    I never get sick and tired reading about this amazing club and their wonderful fans worldwide.

    Our rivals at domestic level and esp in Europe will be strengthing their squads esp after the World Cup. I am looking forward to a more stronger Bayern squad next season where we will have more depth.


  • well...i must tell searching for a decent t-shirt to write "van gaal i love you" on or white is the question :P

    cmon! no winning the CL is...a straw in the crop field...hahah already that we reached the final with a team that was only building and by the corageous games of our players its epic!

    and i was also one that claimed for van gaal deprature not soooo long ago... but you know..there was a sudden change in the BuLi specially... that made me think that was the result of a vast work

    loser... that wasnt what all fans at marienplatz were feeling...

    ribery staying...that says a lot...i think i will meditate about it more than comment anymore about it...

    what do you all think about it?

    egal, great!, awesome!. why didnt he leave?
    what do you think?


  • Its been a great season, even if we lost he CL. We have a lot of potential and Van Gaal is the right man for Bayern. We cant be influenced by our emotions and feelings, it was devastating to see ur lose on Saturday, but this is only the beginning for Bayern, I see great things in the horizon.

    “I thought I was dead this morning, but you’re my gladioli. Unbelievable. We’re alive again,” the coach told the massed Bayern fans from the Town Hall balcony a short time later. The players were equally moved by the reaction of what Van Gaal called “the best fans in the world".

    Why Ribery is staying, thats simple because we fought for him, we showed him that he can very far with Bayern and that this club will not give his back to their players. The whole sex scandal and red card situation gave Bayern an opportunity to help out one of their players and show their desire for him to stay. Im glad Ribery is thankfull with Bayern and has shown his loyalty by signing until 2015.