Champions League

  • i think micho & van buyten will be the CBs against roma, or maybe badstuber for daniel. as for our wingers im sure Kroos will play and altintop too of maybe pranjic, but it more realistic that altintop will play.

    I just wish muller plays like the muller we all know & he gets back to his shining days :D even if we don`t have robbery we still have a great team !! maybe our only lacking is the defence but last year all know where we lasted in this competition : )

    i wish this game serves us as a big bounce to our great winning streaks :)


  • I am pretty sure that both Demichelis and Badstuber will start as central defender and then Mueller-Kroos-Altintop in midfield and Olic up front


  • yes i think so too bbjtin, i finally wish we dont play with only one striker up front, i saw roma have several key players injured (up to 6 players).. this should be a huge advantage for us.


  • At the same time, we are without two of our best attacking players too- Ribery and Robben. So I think is more even out. But we should be better physically compared to Roma as Serie A just started a few weeks ago.

    In Champion League, after both Werder Bremen and Schalke's match, I have some thoughts about the Bundesilga. Even though Bundesilga has topped Serie A this season and probably overlap La Liga next season of becoming the No.2 league in Europe statistically, there is plenty of gaps to be closed against Premiership and La Liga. Bundesilga is much more competitive league. However, that hammers the chance of having 2 or 3 top teams to challenge Europe from Bundesilga.

    For the past 5 seasons, we have constantly changing the three Champion League teams and most of them cant even get through the group stage in many cases. I think that tells me the quality of the league compared to others. I hope that there will be a constant force in Europe apart from Bayern.


  • I think it's because the other teams have trouble keeping their best players. Just take a look at Bremen, the last few years they where forced to sell players like Özil, Diego, Klose, Micoud and Pizarro(Even though he has returned). They have to replace their best players almost every season, watch Marin, Mertesacker or Naldo leave the club in 1-2 years.

    So if the German teams could keep their best players, we would probably see the same teams compete for the first 4-6 places in the Bundesliga and thus compete more constantly in Europe..


  • Exactly. Unless we are seeing something like this continuing, I dont see another German clubs who can compete in Champion League's quarter-final beside Bayern Munich.

    Even though the German youth players are coming on aggressively, I wont be surprised that many of them will follow the like of Oezil and Khedira to transfer aboard. If thats the case, Bundesilga wont improve its image. Beside, the clubs arent selling their prize asset for expensive right? Oezil, Khedira are all selling for relatively cheap price


  • a team i would bet on besides bayern as a german team would be leverkusen, they ve got a great Young team.... on bayern i just hope we start our CL this year with a win AND that this win serves us as a stepping stone for the future


  • I think both Leverkusen and Dortmund have great talents there, but the problem is that if they are able to get into the top 3 (which most of the time, they wont, as those talents are quite inconsistent throughout the season), elite clubs will put up a 10-15mil Euros bid and steal all their talents. Thats the problem with Bundesilga clubs. They cant even withstand 15mil Euros offer.

    On Bayern, this is a good summary of our team in general. Worldclass attack but average in defence. None of our central defenders give us confidence throughout the entire season, but each of them can give a worldclass performance once in a while.

    To me, Bayern's quality is probably behind Real Madrid, Chelsea and Barcelona and on par with AC Milan, Inter and Man Utd. Hopefully, we can build on this and challenge the like of Real, Chelsea and Barcelona for this coming seasons…gue-profile-bayern-munich


  • First half against Roma:

    It is probably the worst Bayern match that I have watched for the past year or so. We basically didnt even get a shot on goal. Yes, we probably hold 70% of ball possession, but half of the match is played b/w Van Bommel, Schweinsteiger, Lahm and Van Buyten.

    I dont understand how the management thinks Van Gaal did a good job here. Have they seen how Chelsea, Barcelona been playing? Our attack is really predictable even I know where Altintop, Kroos, and Contento will do their moves. They have no gut in dribbling past any opponents. If they see somebody, they just pass backward again.

    I have seen Schweinsteiger and Badstuber moved forward when they are playing for the national team. Altintop is defintely more of a right midfielder than left midfielder as everybody expects that he will cut inside so is very easy to tackle him

    Seriously, I do blame the management for not investing in the summer, but the majority of the fault comes from Van Gaal as his philosophy only bases on mistakes from opponents' defence. If they dont make a major mistake like Werder Bremen did against us, we basically have no way to score goals.


  • it was a really good match from our team, with minor defense problems(as usual) and lack of concentration and clearance in front of goal. But we had a good midfield line(except for altintop), and with klose in, our offensive power increased.
    Why the hell didn't they sell gomez this summer, beats the heck out of me! And Altintop should really pull himself up, playing like that will only get him back on the bench!
    All in all, danke Muller!!!


  • Finally we saw a win and saw goals! the moment Miro and Gomez came, the game changed completely!!!

    Butt was excellent and yeah there was concentration lacking but 3 points will do for me without Robbery playing!


  • Great game from bayern tonight :) first half was a bit frustrating just passing the ball around and not trying some shots, but then in the second half the team went well out in front,

    great game from all players especially the defenders which didn`t have problems today exept that borriello chance just after muller`s goal. also to mention was the great game from Butt which i think deserves to be called kahn`s successor at bayern (despite his age) :) also i liked kroos which is proving why they wanted him back here, and obviously muller with his great pace in front of goal, and finally Klose which will be one of my favorite attackers in all time for sure :)

    i just wish van gaal gives some more time to Gomez which today proved he s got talent, however he s been not playing so much time now, he just needs to get back to the level he was with stuttgart or last year were him & olic where always deadly :)


  • The second half was quite strong from us! Roma could not do anything. I also were very pleased to see that Kroos was showing signs of founding his skills and place in the team!
    And of course: Danke schön Muller und Klose!


  • Actually, it was that good of a performance from us. Yes, we were trying to wear Roma down in the first 60mins. But when you look at Mueller's goal, it was basically a moment of worldclass talent and nothing more than that. It is not because their defence got opened up. It is simply because of Mueller's worldclass talent. But if even he got 10 chances to try to score a goal like that, it probably will only get one or two in.

    On top of that, Butt and Badstuber played a relatively good game even though Roma's attacks are numbered. Van Buyten, on the other hand, has lost grip of borriello on two occasions which is quite disappointing as Roma probably only had 2-3 chances for the entire match.I strongly suggest that Demichelis should replace Van Buyten in the starting lineup

    Beside, Bayern is extremely weak in heading, cornerkicks and freekicks. Yes, our second goal comes from a freekicks but Klose was lucky to slightly change the directly of the ball. Opponents used to be scare when they lost a corners or freekicks. However, I dont even remember the last chance of us scoring from corners.


  • The main reason for that was that we lacked players who can take a corner or free kick. Ribery, Robben, Schweinsteiger, BAdstuber: These are not the players for those tasks. But now with the return of Kroos, we finally have someone who can paint a cross on someones head


  • I think the last player scoring a goal from a corner was van Buyten last season. Not sure though..

    On the other hand i feel like people are a little naiv about Contento's performance. For me he played a good game, a rock in the defense and with some pretty decent crossings. Sure he didn't play that offensiv, but Altintop didn't really contribute to that either. Kroos also played a great game and he should be in the starting 11 for the next match!


  • if bayern aren`t one of the favorites for CL , im sure we are one of the best in producing young talents, yesterday we had like 5 players from our youths, contento was surely one of the best yesterday, it would be a pity if we let him go...


  • My point is not who really did score the last goal from cornerkick, but again similar level opponents who know who to defend (like Inter), the match can be determined by freekicks or cornerkicks in which we probably have any advantage against any elite teams in Europe.

    Compared to Altintop, Kroos did well. But to me, Kroos is well below my expectation, because he is lack of speed of breaking through defence and his movement isnt great either. The only contribution of him is his mid-range shots (in which they are quite powerful with both feets and quite accurate) and his contribution for corner and freekicks.

    Being a loyal long term fans of Bayern, I always love to see home talents breaking through the rank. But thats enough for most of the fans because all of us want Bayern to win titles. Because if tomorrow, I take charge of Bayern and filling the entire Bayern II team and lose most games. I will get fired immediately and fans wont be satisified with the coach's decision. So everything is a balance!