Champions League

  • Napoli vs Bayern Munich 1-1 (Full time)

    Overall, Bayern played slightly better than Napoli, but again, we are unable to convert some of the chances. Gomez missed a penalty and then Mueller couldnt take advantage of the slip ball from corners.

    Ribery, Schweinsteiger, Van Buyten and Boateng are the better players. Lahm is definitely the worst player as he did mis-pass many balls as well as partly blamed for the goal conceded. Mueller and Gomez wasted a lot of opportunities up front


  • Bayern Munich vs Napoli (Preview)

    Bayern needs to win the home match in order to take a giant step towards qualification to the second round.

    Luckily, both Schweinsteiger and Van Buyten are declared fit. Boateng will likely to regain his starting role ahead of Van Buyten against Napoli


  • I thought first half we looked really good and tore Napoli apart. Why we decided to knock it down a few gears I'm not sure and it made it difficult to then kick it up a gear again when we had to.

    Feel both red cards were very harsh and not merited and gutted about Schweini who is instrumental for us. Hope he makes a speedy recovery


  • Yes, recently, Bayern is able to win matches in the first half and always switched down a gear in the second half, but the problem is that if we continue to do that, the team and players might get use to that and unable to switch on the gear again when needed

    In addition, both Van Buyten and Badstuber are exposed by Napoli's counter attack and thats why there are so many freekicks conceded against us.


  • I feel it's Van Buyten's psotioning that causes Badstubber to make rash decision based on panic rather than remain organised and compact. When Boatang plays beside Badsttubber there is not the same fraghile feel to our defense.

    I don't dislike Van Buyten but just sometimes I feel his starting position is poor (last night was a prime example for Napoloi's second goal). That striker should not be winning that ball end of !!

    Badstubber is still young and hopefully with more experience will adapt and improve his own positioning


  • same old story which could cost us again in the later stages our defence is just not strong enough ive seen oil tankers turn quicker than van buyten


  • Van Buyten is unable to turn into good performance during big matches, so Bayern should consider signing a worldclass central defender this winter


  • I feel this year out best defence has been Rafinhia , Boetang, Badstubber & Lahm. More pace, strength and positional sense and overall works far better as a unit.

    Hummels would be just the ticket to sure that up even more.

    I do like Van Buyten, I just dont think he learns and makes things more difficult for him self and his defensive team mates by really poor starting positions that teams will just slide a pass through gaps left which then has our defense scrambling and making further mistakes. Van Buyten unfortunatly has been the catalyst for these issues for a while and doesn't seem to learn.


  • I completely agree with Deisel. I think our first defensive line would be Rafinha, Boateng, Badstuber and Lahm. However, due to the lack of depth in defense, players do get tired, injuried or suspended during a long season. With only Van Buyten being the most experienced and capable defender among Breno, Contento, Pranjic, etc, Heynckes has no choice but to rely on him on a regular basis

    Therefore, I strongly suggest Bayern to sign a quality central defender during the winter period and then go on to sign Hummels in the summer and let go of both Van Buyten and Breno this summer and Pranjic during the winter period.


  • Bayern vs Villarreal 3-1 (Full time)
    Ribery, Kroos and Tymoshchuk are worldclass. Although we won comfortably against Villarreal, Bayern hasnt been able to show the dominance that we had during the first 10-15matches this season.

    I guess is because of too many matches, Bayern players are generally tired and thats why Heynckes takes Mueller off as a sub first. I hope Bayern can sign at least one more winger/striker and a central defender during winter transfer


  • the German clubs that qualify for the CL or Europa League should fight hard to keep their best talent. it is a pity vidal left leverkusen & sahin left dortmund. these players will better Germany's ranking in european football.

    right now Germany are no. 3.

    it is only Bayern that keeps it's best players, let the rest follow suit.


  • Under Heynckes, even though he stressed on the importance of rotation, but he hasnt really involved too many players (15-16 players for all matches). Players like Contento, Breno, Pranjic, Olic, Usami and Petersen are pretty much ignored. If they arent good enough to play 2nd tier matches for Bayern, we might as well sell them and buy more quality players pieces by pieces.

    The unforunate problem for Bundesilga is that we dont have a Big2 or 3 or 4; therefore, it would be extremely difficult for clubs to hold onto their star players like Khedira, Dzeko, Ozeil, Sahin, Vidal and possibilly Podolski, Reus, Gotze following the move. Beside Bayern, there isnt any club at Bundesilga that star players want to join and Bayern cant join every single player.

    As a result, Bundesilga could eventually be like a feeder league like the Dutch league which exported many talent players to the Premiership and Serie A over the past decade. I remembered there was a time when Ajax and PSV were a force in Europe and at least for the next decade, I dont see either team getting into the semi-final of Champion League. Thats the reality