Champions League

  • I'm going to assume this is the english speaking area lol. Anyhow looking massively forward to this game, Should be an open and exciting match. Go Bayern!


  • I can not believe what happened this evening.
    36:2 shots, 19:1 corners, total domination, offside goal, post, missed penalty. And in the end Chelsea wins. Unbelievable...


  • My hear & sympathy goes our Captain Lahm, Muller & Ribery they played a great game but were betrayed be the like of Botaneg, Robben & Gomez.

    It is hard slap in the face to Honess & the Management.

    We Gave it up because we could not convert chances.

    The Coach was good but did a big mistake (he will regert) by making Robben shoot the penalty.

    Robben was lucky with Real madrid penalty but his luck ran out & he was sulffish.


  • Mr. Hoeness, Please quit Bayern.. Please Please Please

    Club comes first, not you..

    Friends, to be telling the truth, we really don't deserve to be champions.. With this defense line up and back ups, it was so lucky that we even reached to the final..

    This cup could have been ours if there was some really strong back ups for Gustavo and Alaba.. and our attacking mid-field too.. though the defense yesterday was okay but not an excellent one.. and as for attacking mid-field, I still wonder, were our players sick last night? got any fever or diarrhea ??? If no, then what was the reason for so many mistakes.. so many misses of chances????

    I never seen a German side with such poor penalty shootouts before except for the away against Real Madrid.. Lahm missed that day.. Last night too he could have missed it - the ball touched Cech's hand but it got in fortunately

    And Robben !!!!!!!!!!!! that was a Golden opportunity for us!!!!!!! not Golden, a platinum or diamond opportunity as one can name it!!!! truly saying all the shots except the first one taken by Chelsea in tie-breaker, were awesome.. when shooting penalty, shots should be taken like those.. and the German side was always great at it.. and last night I couldn't believe my eyes.. how can it be so poor??

    We were given chances after chances.. chances after chances.. but we missed them all because of lacking STEADINESS.. it was like everyone there predicted after Müller scored that we gonna win.. and Drogba left unmarked!!!!!!!! Pathetic !!!!!!!!! FOOTBALL CAN NEVER BE PRDICTED.. If we predict it, we lose.. this is the fact!! and it has always been like this... So, no wonder we lost..

    Anyways, if that Hoeness hasn't understood yet the necessity of some good quality center backs and back ups for the attacking, then the CL title will always remain an IMPOSSIBLE..


  • Hoeness & Nerlinger should really resign. They are a big failure. Bayren bride has been hurt deeply.

    Robben is a shadow of a player that used to be 3 years back & is not strong mentally because:

    1. A flop against Inter in the CL final 2010.
    2. Lost two golden chances against Spain for his country in the World cup final 2010.
    3. Lost a golden penalty in this final.

    Solution: Sell Robben (was mistake to extened his contract) & Bench Gomez (to teach him a lesson). Get two world class strikers, a right winger, 2 world class Central defenders.


  • there`s nothing we can do now, except hoping that this summer bayern spends BIG and creates on hell of a the past 3 years bayern have been in the champions league final twice that should mean something....there`s no point in remembering yesterday`s match now it was really un-lucky...all bayern players gave it there all...the loss of yesterday should be our motivation for tomorrow


  • mulhim there`s no point in pointing fingers now ! everyone did all he can to sure robben didnt mean to miss his penalties...and after all if there`s a player which deserved to be in the final that`s surely robben...he helped bayern more than one time during the course of this CL....same applies to gomez and all other players...we were just unlucky yesterday, our only fault is that of leaving it to should have wrapped all up in 90mins


  • A horrible final and I still cant get over it right now. Bayern and Germany were constantly in the Champion League, Euro and World Cup late stage but neither is able to win a major trophy. In the past, the Germans tend to squeeze out even the favor team and win the big event. However, our recent crop of Germans is the exact opposite. We were often labelled as a better team but failed.

    This is more disappointing than losing to Inter two years ago. In 2010, we dominated the ball possession but lost due to Van Buyten's incapability of keeping hold of Milito. In 2012, Chelsea didnt almost created a chance throughout the 90 or even 120minutes. The corner came out of no where and conceded a goal. Drogba was unmarked, thats just unbelieveable.

    Yes, I agree that Robben should never have taken that penalty as Schweinsteiger and Lahm should have stepped up. In fact, they let Robben takes it. Beside, Heynckes should have never taken Mueller out. He should have subsituted Kroos in midfield instead.

    For next season, if Hoeness wants us to be in the final again. We need major enforcement as Gomez has wasted so many chances against both Real Madrid and Chelsea. We were lucky against Real but paid the price against Chelsea. A worldclass striker and a worldclass defensive midfielder are probably needed right now


  • bbjtin : this is even more bitter than in 2010...i just saw the statistics bayern had 43 shot attempt while chelsea had only 9...that should say something...if only bayern managed to defend in that corner...i dont agree with you about the german team though. there`s been a lot of games germany lost in late stages, i think the current squad is one of the best german squads ever... in earlier years germans used to play with physicality only, now they`ve got technique as well as phyisicality...let`s hope at least our bayern stars can get to cheer at the euros :x


  • Bayern deserved to win, we did played football yesterday... and chelsea did the mega defensive crappy style... and they had drogba... who killed us...things must change ofcourse... i dont know if the board or what... i dont know... but things must change.. our defense should be world class...dont you think?
    what hurts the most of precisely that... that one player ruined our night.. and that cannot happen
    still im proud of being a bayern fan, of a team with history, a team which is made up of players and people, that its not a bank account of some rich ass from somewhere, of a team that did play in a final, a team that is not just one outstanding player...

    about robben.. he is a selfish as*, just like beckenbauer says... he doesnt feel bayern colours, he just feels his name on the back.. he screwed the penalty.. and he took it personal.. and tried to score himself to show he is not falling in level.. instead of assisting some clear chances we had.. what an idiot...

    and schweini... i still love him.. because he was exhausted.. but kept running all the game.. and doing all he could...


  • wisita

    Bastian was really emotional as he was in Euro 2008. I felt sorry for him. He gave the best as he can in both matches.

    We need to think for the future (both invest in young talnets & bring on great attack & defensive players) but these come at price (Money & management need to be changed).

    I hope this match does not impact Bayern players in Mannschaft & they can take the Euro Cup.


  • well said girl, well said. I don't know what to say. I've never been so dissappointed. We were so close. 90 minutes in their box and still they managed to score. Can't believe it. Robben has again proven that he's not a leader he just can't make it through tough games just like Ronaldo. We don't have the Leader who will take the team in the most crucial of times and score the big goals. Lahm, Robben, Ribery? They're amazing players but they have not the mentality of Kahn , of Effenberg etc. We have to keep our heads up high now and support our beloved FCB more than ever. Not for Hoeness or Rummenigge or anyone but for München and it's great history as a team.
    Greetings from Greece and Kopf hoch Stern des Südens!!!!!!!!


  • I dont think we need to bring on any more young talented players as many have failed like Petersen, Breno, Sosa, etc... In fact, I want us to upgrade our squad's quality both defense and offense. Our midfield and ball possession is good with Kroos and Schweinsteiger there, probably the best central midfielder this season so far. However, Gomez and the defenders are often the ones who let us down.

    Gomez had plenty of chances against Real and didnt score and forced us into penalty. Against Chelsea, same situation but luck isnt on our side this time. I am very bittered now with us screwing a huge chance to add another Champion League trophy. We were so close this time compared to 2010.


  • Yeah I'm with the consensus here as I feel for Schweinsteiger. He was so gassed at the end of that game and with the injuries he had he was clearly not 100 percent fit. I'm massively disappointed we lost, but I'm not ready to blame management. We need to build some depth in the offseason and work hard and stay healthy next year. Trim the dead branches like breno and pranjic and get on with it. I predict a spending spree and at least a double next year.


  • Absolutely devastated after Saturday in a match I thought the players did the club and all of us proud. We played exceptionally well and made Chelsea look poor. I am just so fed up with teams like Inter, Chelsea playing this anti-football crap. I for one have never ever seen one team have so much luck from the group stage onwards. They didn't deserve to beat Napoli, Benfica and certainly not Barca or us. I feel this is a hurtful defeat for us and a negative defeat for football. Chelsea with their billions buying success and even at that had to "park the bus" for 120 mins and feed of nothing other than luck. Any other night, any other game we would have smashed them 4 or 5-0.

    It saddens me that Chelsea had so, so much luck ..............nothing else, just pure luck.

    I feel bad the the fans, the club and especially the players .........Scwheini in particular.

    I still feel absolutely devastated


  • No point in being bitter or looking to blame any individual player. We not Chelsea had huge expectancy and pressure on us to win this game, the players were bound to be nervous. Gomez's goal tally speaks for it's self and as frustrating as he can be when he tries to complicate things he can still be a potent threat.

    Supporters support fans blow air ;)


  • One thing that got me really disappointed is that we know how hard it is to get to Champion League final. We are able to get a place in the final twice in the past 3 seasons, but we are unable to win. We could have level with Liverpool on their historical 5 times easily against Chelsea. Yes, Chelsea didnt play football against us as many of us would have predicted. We have every chance to beat from open play but we didnt. We should be looking at a few of our players and wonders why they cant put in one or more chances with 35 goal attempts and 20 corners.

    Is it normal for a winning team not to score goals in corners and free kicks? Thats we are. We hardly score any goal from corners or free kicks. Bayern and Germany used to be really good at those situations but we are not anymore, given even Gomez hardly score a goal from header even with his height and physcial presence.

    I hope Hoeness can open up the pocket as we have made over 60mil Euros just in Champion League and only spent 15mil Euros on players so far. I hope we could sign a few quality players and not just backup players as Robben, Gomez and even Mueller occasionally shows that they dont deserve a starting place in every match