• haha...thanks Joseph.. but im not.. im always learning ;-)

    hmm against Nederlands, lets say it was a bit more from what i saw in WM10, some.. draft of it... but still too slow. I think Podolski did a nice job defending, but it was missed sb faster like SCHÜRRLE for attack..
    Defense standed quite good, the incorporation of Hummels was a great idea. Boateng.. was the man of mistakes but misses next match.. i wonder who will they choose to replace him...
    about gomez... it kind of hurts me, dont get me wrong, im supporting germany.. but im Chilean so.. :P the list of priorities for this case is bayern, then germany... and it hurts that gomez did such a great and skillful play with Schweinsteiger...for germany.. and isnt capable of doing that for bayern.. that will to score.. wish he had the same in important games for bayern..:(
    both goals were impressive...

    Nederlands... oh well... lets say they were willing Robben perhaps did sth knowing most of the players of the squad?? who knows.. all i know is that Lahm and podolski kept him neutralized..

    we could summarize the game like "a momentaneously bright Germany (or a well organized) won against a dark dark Nederlands"

    i hope this keeps getting better... who do you think the quater finals rivals will be?


  • We should not be so content already.. No doubt nationalmannschaft is playing very good.. but still we need much pace in our team especially in our defense.. we should gain much more speed if we face Spain this Euro too.. those Spanish forwards seem really fast and dangerous throughout their games so far.. and domination over the ball possession and control is a must to win against team like Spain.. they have many goal factories in their squad.. We must focus on how the 'Tika-Taka' can be foiled from now on..
    anyways, i'm always with Die Nationalmannschaft.. All the best boys!!:)


  • Oh and as for the quarter finals.. if statistically considering the matches so far, may be we will face Czech Republic.. but as Poland is the hosting nation they will play really hard game against Czech, so may there's a chance of playing against Polski too if they make it through..

    anyway, football is so unpredictable a sport.. it always ends up with surprises.. lets hope for the best..lol


  • Loew shouldnt rely on Podolski on big matches. Yes, he likes him because of his physical strength and could help Lahm in defense. However, I do prefer Reus or Schurrle on the left side.

    Obviously, against Denmark, we could try some of our "2nd team", like Klose, Reus, Gotze, Schurrle and probably Kroos in attack and Howedes and Mertesacker could get a start too


  • I entirely agree with u bbjtin.. besides Poldi seems lacking bit fitness and steadiness throughout his matches so far.. if this year too we have to face spain, either Schürrle or Gotze should be in the first eleven.. Reus will also be a very good option.. but my first choice would be Schürrle.. and in today's match against Denmark, Schürrle should be in first eleven.. I think Howedes will be in squad for sure tonight because Boateng won't be playing..

    But still we need to be faster and even more faster in terms of passing the ball - playing one touch passing with more pace to be specific. we must be having at least 85% of passes complete and having at least around 50% ball possession. The lesser we accomplish this, the harder it would get to break the spanish confidence playing.. and defense is out of discussion if playing against that "tiki taka" side.. Lahm, Hummels, Boateng, Badstuber (i really have a doubt how compatible Badstuber will be against spain) and all the subs will have to be faster and much more faster and consistently steady against Torres, Silva, Fabregas, Iniesta Xavi and all..

    anyways, Jogi is far more concerned with this things than me.. so I hope he will be having his best plan against spanish squad if we will face them in this euro. Let's hope for the best :)


  • Against Denmark, we could rest some of our key players as we can grab a draw or win, our next opponent is Greece, one of the weakest teams in the tournament. We should be able to handle them quite well, although they did knock Russia out.


  • Hey guys!
    in my opinion today was the best display the german team had so far. Was an interesting game, Denark put lot of pressure.. though defense was well organised... I didnt like that come out Neuer had... too risky... and there was no need i guess..

    FINALLY Löw used Schürrle... funny that it was when Podolski scored only... dont get him.. anyway...
    i liked how Bender played... defense was well organized.. standing well.. midfield was nice.. though still khedira looks too slow too heavy.... wasted chances today... Gomez too...

    özil was quite decent today, Müller wasted an incredible chance!! that was germany's first goal!!!! but still helped in assistance...


  • Though the Germans won the game, but still they lacked aggressive playing throughout the match.. Denmark was not at their form, so at least 2 more goals could have been scored.. the chances was created too, but we missed the opportunity.. To mention, Müller and Khedira missed two beautiful chances of scoring.. here again I will drag the Spanish references- those Spanish players seem much more accurate shooting the ball on target, even most of their long free kicks taken within radius of 25 meters to 30 meters get on target..

    and in last nights game German side seemed in kinda relaxed mode playing especially at the beginning of the 2nd half. Still we need much more steadiness and pace in our playing.. With this relaxed playing, I doubt we would be able to defeat the strongest opponent in semis or in finals..


  • There's a chance of facing France in semis if we make it through quarter final.. Nothing can be assumed so in advance though but considering matches played so far, either of Croatia and Italy would be playing against them.. well after tonight's games, it will become clearer.. Because France is playing really good in comparison to Italy or Croatia.. anyway, tonight's matches will decide..

    this assumptions can be taken place if no blunder happens in the games ahead.. well, lets hope for the best..lol


  • we must think first about Greece. Germany cant waste so much chances against Greece, since they are mega defensive and wont give many chances. Other thing Löw must corrrect is the centralization of the attack, there was a alck of offensive display in the wings, they kept attacking down the center.. against the greeks that will be like falling in the trap all the time.


  • hey that's a cool and funny pic..lol

    I think Schürrle should be playing from the start against Greece.. and we should not underestimate Greece for even a single second.. they are most unpredictable in football world.. we must consider Greece as a very strong opponent. Not a single chance should be missed to score.. Corner kicks and the free kicks should be very accurate and our attacking line-up must be most steady..


  • Only because of these stupid match officials, Spain was considered scoring a fair goal..:(

    and a deserving team is compelled to leave.. It's very shameful that the clear off-side was not given..

    HATS OFF to Croatian defense and their entire squad..

    and Spain is given advantages to move further in this tournament by the officials.. What a shame!!


  • More surprises !!!!

    Now we will have to face either of England and Italy in the semis if we make it through the quarter final..

    France should have won the match last night:x

    anyway, if no more blunder takes place, Portugal should be qualifying for the semis on 21st..


  • And considering the match results so far, I must say, the German side MUST NOT be over-confident about themselves or underestimate the Greek side by any means.. even not for a moment!!!

    especially from the match against Russia its quite evident that Greeks are very strong at their defense and apparently they are performing better. They will give their more than 100% against Germans..

    So, we just MUST play our best against them on coming 22nd.. From Jogi's speech in the press conference, it seemed that he is giving them profound importance.. but the game depends on the players.. so they should not be over-content from the last 3 consecutive victories..

    anyways, lets hope for the best..lol


  • Remember how most the Bayern fans underestimated Chelsea before the CL final?

    I hope now we became wise enough not doing that same mistake again..

    Greece has very powerful defense line-ups and if they score one goal first then it would be very tough to equalize it up..

    Remember 2010 final? Remember Milito? I hope this time the same story won't be repeated..

    anyways, let's hope for the best.. lol


  • I think Germany will get through Greece easily because Greece doesnt have the quality to play ultra defensive as his defenders are not as the same level as Inter's 2010 and Chelsea's 2012 defenders.

    However, I am worried that with the average showing of all Podolski, Ozeil and Mueller, Germany would have a tough time going against quality defensive team like Italy and England, especially Italy if they does pull through England.

    Germany almost never got a good result versus Italy in the past decades


  • was a good game for Germany!! the best ive seen so far this EM...
    i liked schürrle, klose and reus today... brought speed and a good pace to the game... Klose does what Mario Gomez can´t... build game...

    and Schürrle was much much better than Podolski!!
    schweinsteiger was standing well all game long...
    what a beauty was Lahm's goal!
    and reus... well he kept trying until he made it!

    özil was decent... but.. he is so cold chested... and khedira... did his job... was much better than in the previous games...

    the weakest point was Boateng... i think.. Bender should start in semis..

    Im worried about semis... i agree with bbjtin... Germany has never got good results against Italy... a match against England would be better for Germany....