• Italy doesnt have a strong team but Germany somewhat never has an edge against Italy. I think Bayern should send out the attacking formation like

    Podolski Ozeil Mueller


  • The German's lost against Italy again. Loew is the first one to blame as his formation in the first half completely lost battle versus Italy and performance improved significantly over the second half. However, Badstuber and Lahm kept being exposed by Italian strikers throughout the match as both players lack speed and 1on1 tackle to contain any worldclass striker. Just like at Bayern Munich.

    Ozeil, Kroos, Schweinsteiger all passing medicore balls. Only Reus, Hummels and Khedira lived up to the bill


  • I would like to quote myself... but its nonesense now... i agree with bbjtin... completely... in fact.. i saw the formation.. the initial.. before the game.. and i said "oh boy... "

    HOW you put Gomez... with 0 skills... agains italian defense.. please.. can sb give me a reason for sth like that?

    HOW you leave Balotelli with free will.... how.. when he is a really dangerous player.. IF YOU LET HIM!! england was the proof of that!! neutralizing him... leavign him with no space...why to discover the wheel again i say!

    HOW do you choose Podolski! tell me... how a player that has been all the season in a mediocre team, that descended.. who is slow.. that is outclassed...thats been proved to be worse than others like Schürrle or Reus,.. thats nonesense really

    Mr özil is a cold chested player...

    Even Neuer was more desperate to score!!

    Kroos.. being weak a complete season.... there are better ones than him...

    boah... how stupid... they should have tried the same formula as against Greece.. correcting some mistakes.. like boateng.. but why did Löw had to play sth that really brought the quality of game down... why does he lose control of his own tactics against important rivals? why doesnt he play what he saw went great...its nonesense really!

    another game against Italy in which the most of the team and the coach feel they are playing against a Boogy man


  • I like both Lahm and Schweinsteiger. I guess they have the luxury to compete in World Cup and Euro semi's at very young age. However, neither player turned up when the match matters. Just like when both of them played for Bayern. They are both good players but they arent borned leader. They are probably the most "nearly" man that one might ever seen in football history- WorldCup 06 third place, Euro08 runner up, WorldCup10 third place, Euro12 semi's and Champion League 10 and 12 runner up. Somewhat, they just dont turned up during the crucial match.

    Unless some of the match deciders like Drogba, Pirlo, etc... many had an average season but turned up worldclass during big matches. I think both Germany and Bayern are lack of those players right now.


  • Really unbelievable!!! I mean i have no word about the first eleven selection for today!!

    Poldi, Kroos, Boateng was in the first eleven !!! Müller was on the bench?!!? Reus was on the bench?!!? Why Bender was on the bench??

    Same thing those Italian attacking was so fast that it turned most the times to be a 2-on-2 situations..
    In our group leagues, Netherlands was not at all a team that can be considered a strong opponent. Even Portugal was stronger, so was Denmark. If talking about pace, Danish side had it. But their finishing line was not so good to score against Germans. Bender did well.. Greece was not so powerful attacking,but we still conceded goal from Samaras who does not posses that mush skills or speed as casano, Balotelli or D Natale.. I expected Bender today instead. Why Jogi didn't focus on it??

    German defense again went in failure.. And Schweinsteiger played very very mediocre game today.. Sorry to say but a midfielder cum game-maker like Schweini, should have been much much higher in quality passing.. The harsh truth is we fortunately didn't face Spain.. It could have been 4 more goals if we played against the Armada.. To mention, Khedira, Reus, Özil played well comparatively. As for defnese, Badstuber and Boateng both of them were very low in standard.

    Here I want to mention something about Schweini :-

    Though he made two very good opportunities against Netherlands, but he is still not the level of Iniesta or Xavi or Busquets.. at least his current performance says so.

    We saw many situations like Del Piero's in 2006.. Like Milito's in the CL final of 2010..

    Same mistakes again and again!!! really tired of this.. :(

    We had the talent.. we had the opportunity but it hasn't been utilized in the proper way.

    In 2010, Argentinian's was the finest organized upfront but their defense was a disaster.. so they paid for it.

    This Italian side could be beaten, if right players played and right defending was done. In today's match, Reus, Müller, Bender were really expected.. an if substitute needed, Scürrle, Gotze were there.. As for Gotze, he was on the bench almost all the tournament:x

    No use of crying I can say to all our German fans, if we don't play a victory oriented game, we can never be a champion.. Astonishingly, this German side always forget the importance of defense in vital matches.. So no wonder we lost.

    And as for the Spain - Portugal match, Portugal played way much better than us.. I could not believe my eyes how they stopped those strong Armada side from scoring a goal in 120 minutes. Hats off to the Portuguese defense.

    If there any shame left, our Nationalmannschaft should focus on improving the defense and fast-passing in next 2 years before the FIFA Cup 2014 starts. Or else we will have to be prepared for shedding tears then too. :x:x

    Anyways, there's no use crying over the spilled milk.. so it's better to try at level best improving from now on.


  • And Congratulations to Italy :) :)

    You Azzurris deserve to be in final, I must say.

    The final match would be mouth-watering... I am so forward to watching it..lol

    So, the Italy vs. Spain group match was not a fluke.. It was a classic one and now we gonna see another classic in final. Awesome!! EURO rocks !!:D


  • I agree that the trio were bad (Poldi, Boateng & Kroos).

    The coach was not consistenent in his selection of 11 players...and some players are not fully ready both mentally & physically after disastreous and disappointing season (for example Schwini).

    Also, to add to the weakness when Hummles could not recover mentally after Cassano tunred him to assist in scoring the first goal.

    The only players who were better were Khaderia & Ozil ..the rest of the team before 10-15 mintues toward the end were really dead and with no fighting spirit.

    There is hope in the young if given chances Reus, Gotze, bender but the coach need to strengthen his defense which Germany could not really bring the same quality as in the 70s.

    Germany are mentally haunted by Italy...that was really exploited by the Italian and will still do if we the team does improve on a mental & tactical areas.


  • To me, the worst player isnt Boateng although his crosses are always aimless, but he isnt designed to play as right defender. The worst player on the pitch are Badstuber, Lahm and Schweinsteiger.

    All goals are basically conceded on Lahm's side. In 2nd half, if Italy is better at taking advantage, they could easily be up by 4 goals. The lack of speed from Badstuber again got exposed. For the first goal, yes, Hummels has every reason to stop the cross even by fouling, however, Badstuber should get the better of Balotelli or at least jumped with him so that he wont head the ball so easily. For the second goal, it was again the mistake of an offside trap. Germany and Bayern should never use that as they have slow players. Miss communication in the middle when three German players cant get contain Balotelli, it was a joke.

    Obviously, Schweinsteiger has never established himself in this tournament and Loew still sticks with him. He should have used Kroos as starter and probably Reus/Mueller right from the start.

    Schweinsteiger and Lahm are once again the "nearly" man. The problem of this crop of German youngsters are talented however, they lack character during crucial matches, unlike Kahn, Effienberg. So just disappointing


  • CONGRATULATIONS to the Spanish team!!!! :):)

    You all really deserve the trophy. :) Iniesta, you did magnificent job buddy!! Fabregas, Silva, Xavi, Pedro, Arbeloa and others - Hats off to you all !!!

    Montes was absolutely right commenting on your football passes guys- truly ELEGANT passing style it is!! Truly truly elegant!! Hats off to the Spanish Armadas !!!

    Hope our German team will soon face you in a major tournament.:) We would love to play against the Spain. :)


  • It was a pity that the German didnt get into the final. We are probably the only team who will have a chance against the Spainish. It was just disappointing to see Germany fell through again even with so much talents this season.

    I think the German basically lost their winning menality and the Spainish adopt that. In the past, we always win title no matter what our team is. However, for the past few seasons, from Bayern and German National Team, you can see that we lost even with a better hand.

    Lahm and Schweinsteiger lack the menality in order to be the captain of any team. In the past era, they would never be given the captain armband


  • I think you are right bbjtin..

    Well here I must say, Ballack possessed much of that leader-like mentality though he had a temper. But his spirit was excellent in terms of captaincy.


  • Although Ballack might not be the best central midfielder for Germany in technical stand, I do think we could have won at least one tournament, either WC10 and Euro12, if he is available. He does possess the winning menality that both Lahm and Schweinsteiger lack. Both players are worldclass players but do lack when they are in for their crucial match