• Germans footballers are considered to be the most disciplined in the world..

    aside from it, their devotion towards football, priority given to the young bloods along with experienced players, a very good teamwork without any internal egos among players while playing, the spirit of never giving up and the determination of fighting till the finishing whistle of the match even after digesting pathetic goals- fetches die Nationalmannscheft such success..

    and above all, the fans' adoration is always with them no matter what it results in..

    well, these very few reasons among many may be considered as the key to fetch the German national team success..

    I hope this time the ultimate result does end up with some rewards instead of tears..


  • ;-)So, we lost the Ruro 2012...but i am sure that our young team will be cappable to come back from Brazil in 2014 with the Worl Cup


  • very disappointed with germany last night vs sweden, specially with badstuber, but really happy for klose and his goals ( 67 ), now is 1 goal away from gerd muller ( 68 ) ;-)


  • I'm also very happy for Klose! :)

    But otherwise... :( I'm sad for our team. They were underestimating Sweden... It's understandable when you've got a good match behind (against Ireland) and then take easily a lead against Sweden. But that's always a mistake to get too satisfied with your own performance. That's the only reason I see for the tie last night.