A little question

  • In August I'm going to spend 3 days at Munich (I'm from Israel :P ) and of course I'm going to a tour at the Allianze Arena..but I'm also want to go and see a training..somebody told me that fans can just enter there free..so maybe someone can give me information about entering to a training? like how can I know when it is and stuff? I want to get there first :P


  • Hi!

    On our homepage under "Termine" they give you the training schedule. But you should look it up in the German version: http://www.fcbayern.telekom.de…termine/index.php?fcb_sid - "Trainings- und Spieltermine".
    I am not sure if they tell you in the English version "calender".

    If you want to go to Säbener Straße and watch the training, you should check the schedule on the HP same day you want to go there, because times can change at a short notice or it might have been cancelled, and not every training is public.

    Have a good time in Munich und good luck with watching the training! :)