Bayern Munich 2012- CL, Bundesliga, German Cup

  • bate borisov, this is not going to be an easy game, they are really on the up. unbeaten so far this season just like Bayern. It's all going to be about patience just like the game against bremen.


  • Same story repeated again! and still we are not tired..

    Well, I will not make a comment, because taking this things seriously would hurt me a lot.. so it's better to remain just watching..

    anyways, now it's so clear that without signing some world class players, a CL cannot be won..
    Well, I should not talk on it anymore because it's already a much proclaimed topic..

    So, if it doesn't come out as a good result, we should not mourn over it because to achieve something good, we must spend something good.. If we are blaming our luck then I must say, we should quit it because this same luck thing is happening years after years and still we are in our old rhythm.

    Well, all I can say now is, better luck next time..


  • it's all good defeat came earlier than later. it's clear there are a lot of things to remedy. and pliz, the back line :( I have no words !!!

    this defeat is actually a blessing in disguise, it has brought the team down to earth.


  • Blaming the luck is unnecessary. It's not about luck when the result is 3:1. If it was 1:0 then it could be, of course... One lucky goal...

    Ok, but heads up! It was one game. I think all this hype around winning backfires now. I hope the guys will forget this soon and head forward and start concentrating on the next match. No one can win forever. But the most hurting is to lose the important matches. :-S

    But the world ain't yet stopped. ;-) I really really wish that our team gets just stronger after this black moment.


  • What We Learned from the Humiliation in Minsk

    1. Javi Martinez Is No Substitute for Bastian Schweinsteiger

    Jupp Heynckes opted to start the €40 million man, Javi Martinez, alongside Luiz Gustavo in defensive midfield on Tuesday.
    The pair had no trouble managing the flow of play, but neither contributed anything to the attack. Martinez attempted 43 passes on Tuesday, completing all of them. But none of those passes was at all ambitious.Bayern would have greatly benefited from the presence of a more versatile player like Schweinsteiger, whose playmaking ambition and ability to dribble by far exceed those of his lavishly-priced colleague

    2. Mandzukic Is Only Human. Bayern Need Mario Gomez

    Mario Mandzukic's scintillating run of goal-scoring form has prompted many to question whether he should retain his starting role ahead of Mario Gomez once the latter returns to fitness. Tuesday's result was a reminder that the Croatian striker does indeed have his limitations.

    3. Shaqiri Can Be Bayern's Saving Grace... If He's Given a Chance

    Franck Ribery did his best to create chances, but the Frenchman needed a partner to make runs and with whom to exchange passes. Kroos was not fast enough, while Thomas Mueller lacked the extra bit of technical precision to create a goal. Shaqiri, on the other hand, proved to be just the right complement for Ribery, and the two caused a world of trouble for the BATE defence.

    4. Crosses Won't Work Against a Parked Bus

    Bayern sent cross after cross into the penalty area, but precious few led to any danger. Over the course of the match, the Bavarians attempted 17 deliveries from the left and 16 from the right.The pitch may have been atrocious, but the visitors looked most dangerous when Ribery and Shaqiri dribbled in the centre. Perhaps with a different attacking focus, Bayern might have escaped with a point or more.


  • Exactly my thoughts too, ilicara!

    I still wonder why Schweinsteiger had to sit on the bench yesterday. It's obvious to me that the team from Belarus was thought to be the easy one. What a mistake to think so!

    And about Gomez... I know, there are people that disagree with me now but I see him very important for us. He knows how to score! That's what we've needed yesterday! Unfortunately it still takes time to get him back...

    Would it make any sense to play with two strikers, Mario x 2? I mean, when Gomez is back. I was just thinking... It's a big tactical change of course. I dunno if it would work or not...


  • The entire problems are basically two elements that we have always missed.

    1). Majority possession but failed to score.

    This comes down to our incapability to convert crosses, freekicks and corners. If you are a fans of Bayern over the past several seasons, we will see that Bayern doesnt even score more than 10 goals per season from freekicks or corners. When ultra-defensive teams defend against us, it would be difficult to play through or beautiful passes through packed defence. One way to unlock packed defense is header from set-pieces or direct chance from freekicks. Unforunately, we are extremely weak in that section. What I hoped initially is that with great header(s) like Martinez, Mandzukic, Pizzaro or even Dante, we could do better in this area. However, our crosses remain inaccurate- from Lahm, Mueller, Kroos.

    2). Lack of speed and concentration in defence

    Whenever we lose (normally not that often), we are hit by counter attack and thats the case against Bate as well. Our central midfield is unable to set up a proper barrier to slow down opponents' flow and this case is Martinez and Gustavo. Both players failed to slow down or steal the ball from opponents. On top of that, the biggest problem lies with Badstuber, Dante and Boateng. All three of them are just watching opponents instead of going for a tackle even though that results in penalty but Dante was basically just watching. Badstuber's speed is too slow in reaction to the first goal, ow, we should have cleared the ball.

    As a result, unless we sign better central defender(s), there wont be a big chance that Bayern can win the Champion League match, because we will lose another game like this in the knockout stage


  • Although we can still survive the group if we are able to win the next two matches against Lille, I think with this squad, we are still short of quality to win the Champion League title. I seriously doubt Barcelona will lose against Bate even if Xavi didnt play.


  • slightly different opinion...
    SPECIALLY about that of "Mandzukic is only human.. we need Mario Gomez" almost a joke... because the guy couldnt score in one single game he is now worse than Gomez?? im sorry but when super model gomez came to bayern had a goal draught that lasted for really long... and he failed to score in much more important games last year.. name me more than one (madrid game was when he scored a decisive goal??) crucial game in which he scored... because scoring against Freiburg when ur team is leading is very different to make the opening goal....
    second thing why i think super model is overrated.., he has nor the skills or the speed to get a ball from an oponenet and create sth...

    i agree on the second statement from bbjtin about the defense, way too clear Luiz Gustavo needs schweinsteiger alongside to remain in order. Bastian is needed to mantain the equilibrium in defense and the focusing..

    about the long distance shots, freekicks and corners:
    corners can be a trap against ultra defensive teams as well, they will close the lines there too and wont let those chance, long distance is sth L. Gustavo is constantly trying..and Schweinsteiger.

    yesterday mistakes were Martinez instead of Schweinsteiger (martinez still too new to replace sb with the weight of schweini in midfield, i would have tried schweini-martinez combination instead of the other way...) and SHAQIRI.. should start against defensive teams, him an ribery provide the speed and the capability to break close defenses...


  • start with Schweinsteiger against hoffenheim, make sure the 3 points stay in Munchen. take a 2 week break for the wc qualifiers, then start another assault on all fronts commencing with the dusseldorf game !!!


  • This has been the major problem with us for last couple of years and still remains so..

    and astonishingly no world class player has been recruited so far.

    and as for defense, like always we forget that it's also a part of the game, so did we this time too..

    So, i must say, there is no use being sad over it.. until and unless we change our old rhythm of play, our defeat will continue..


  • now that Contento is back, how about fielding a backline of:-


    I do not think Badstuber is comfortable at left-back like he is in central-defence.


  • a walk in the park for Bayern, it was all smooth sailing & a nice return to winning ways. I liked the Martinez - Schweinsteiger partnership in the heart of the midfield though they need more games to really get to know each other on the pitch.


  • Bayern Munich vs Hoffenheim 2-0 (Full time)

    Ribery is clearly the man of the match. For the past two matches, Ribery had been Bayern's best player. Mandzukic and Kroos' form declined a bit over the past few matches but still remain ok. Martinez isnt very impressive so far. His lack of speed and regular sideway passes dont show off his 40mil Euros price tag. Dante or Boateng is always a risk in central defense for us since the start of the season. Against Hoffenheim, both players dealt with opponent's attacker comfortably because they were only give a number of chances.


  • 5 points clear of frankfurt & 9 clear of dortmund. not a bad weekend at all. now it's 2 weeks break & then dusseldorf which will not be an easy game.


  • Bayern has the quality to go unbeaten in Bundesilga this season; however, to go a step forward than last season in Champion League would provide difficult unless our central defenders stood up in crucial matches


  • Contento has been back for a while, but I dont think Heynckes has much faith in him. In fact, I do prefer playing Contento there than Badstuber. Both Boateng and Badstuber in central arent that stable either, so I guess Bayern really need at least one worldclass central defender to lead either Boateng or Badstuber